To The People Who live The New Era towards Year 3000

The Mayan New Year Ceremony on July 26th, 2014

July 26th is the Mayan New Year. Three years ago, on July 26th, 2014, Venerable Grandmother Na-kin who is the spiritual leader of the Mayan solar tradition in Mexico visited the Konohana Family and held the ceremony to celebrate the Mayan New year at our sacred land – Miyanoshita Place by overlooking the Mt. Fuji. Since then on this particular day, the Konohana Family has held the ceremony every year to enfold the earth with a wave of prayer. In the early morning of July 26th, 2017, the Konohana Family members get together at the Miyanoshita Place, and after offered a song and a dance of Katakamuna, Isadon gave the following speech.


To The People Who live The New Era towards Year 3000

~ What We Encounter in Our Life Is An Evidence of Our Life ~

Right now, by attending this ceremony under the cloudy sky with misty rain, an image came in my mind that is the Earth floating in the universe space.

It rains on the ground, but it does not rain on the earth itself because the earth is located in the universe space. Here, at this moment, it is raining misty rain as if it is in consideration of the universe. This is the water of life that is the proof for us to live on the earth. If you think of that as an unpleasant thing, an unpleasant world will be developed on the earth. But, if you think the rain gives moisture to your life and can then receive it as “I am humbly receiving it”, you are given a very precious thing. Because with this blessing of water, we can weave and live our life.

It is July 26th today, the Mayan New Year. The reason we celebrate the Mayan New Year with this kind of ceremony is because we have lived our life to encounter this kind of thing. That is also a proof of our life.

We, human beings encounter various events on this earth as long as we are alive. Whatever you encounter in your life is all evidence of how you have lived your life, and you encounter it as a result of your life up to that point. Currently, there is so much stagnation that cannot be solved at the global level, and though world leaders have been exploring ways to solve them; the stagnation will not be solved with that movement. Because whatever the phenomena, it was given to them as a result of how they have lived their life up to that point. Therefore, it is necessary to change their (and our) attitude to life in order to change the phenomena. As a result of encountering the phenomena, if they realize what kind of their attitude of life brought that result and change it, naturally and automatically, the phenomena will lose its significance of being and vanish. When they do not change their attitude to life without learning anything, but keep exploring phenomena, it is called “Desire”.

This natural world and also the law of the universe consists of a system of retribution. There is a cause, and because of this there is a result. There, a suitable phenomenon promises to occur. There is nothing more thankful than this because a suitable phenomenon will emerge for that person. And now, why you are gathering here together is that you have lived the deserved life. I wonder how much consciousness you have to gather here together on this occasion. That current consciousness will appear as a form in every one of your future lives, and at the same time, this creates a society. That is a matter of course.

It is time for human beings to need to know about this. The era of looking at the surface of unpleasant occurrences, and then trying to solve them, has ended. How you will live from now on, depends on how you think of your own life and what you want in that life. This means your life is in your hands. Why we have not had it in our hands is because we ignored the system of life which we have been given from the world , and have instead lived selfishly by following our desires.

We gather here together today because as a people who understand the system, we have the awareness to be able to embody this in our life as a phenomenon. There is no profit-and-loss arithmetic or a desire to have a better life for ourselves. Living only as the era requires while the universe is also formed. By living so, at this major turning point, we can clearly show how people can live in the future era. You all stand here as people who are aware of it.

Now, rain comes down. On this ceremony day, is it a blessing of the universe if weather is sunny and dry? That is a human centric thought and desire. If the weather is always sunny, we cannot live. From the universe, this is the effect of the circulation of life on earth. We need to understand such a system as an evidence of why we live, and also to understand all happy and unhappy matters are part of the system of life. The people who understand that do not live their life for their convenience. This is how to live beautifully: by cutting off one’s desires, and instead living based on the law of the universe.

Every year is a special year and every day is a special day. Every moment, we keep moving forward to an unknown place. In that flow, July 26th, 2017 is the special day. To me, I feel “The time has come”. Because small oak seedlings were planted at the four corners of this ceremony site. These were planted just recently, but I was not particularly paying attention. The seeds were sown, spring came, rainy season came, and I felt sorry for these small trees which had grown a certain size to have to stay in their small pots during the summer. Then I wondered where to plant them, and inspiration came to me to plant them at the four corners of the Miyanoshita place. The significance of this ceremony place was then completed by planting them here.

Seedling of the Himalayan Oak

This oak I named the Himalayan Oak. When I was invited by the Haltora village of Himalaya to visit there three years ago, I took a walk in the village with an eye out for something that I can take home as a memory. There was an oak tree. This oak had some green immature fruits and said to me, “take me along”, so I picked some of them and brought them back with me. After I saw the seeds, only four of them have grown, and these four seedlings were planted at the corners of this ceremony place.

Even though there is no physical evidence, Himalaya is my spiritual birth place. When I came down to the earth about 1000 years ago as my first incarnation, Himalaya was the first land I lived. Then, my Indian friend invited me three years ago to visit Himalaya, I spoke to the mountains of Himalaya and declared, “I am home now”. That was the journey to confirm my roots. As a proof, I am currently at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Japan. Mt. Fuji is the spiritually highest mountain on earth, which is located at the center of a high vibrancy generator of earth, by two tectonic plates that are striking and rubbing against each other. That is the highest energy place, where natural disasters such as earthquakes and eruptions occur, which means rebirth of life is vigorous. This shows the reality of the universe and means that living is a repetition of destruction and rebirth.

Life always repeats change, transformation, and metamorphosis, circulating around, then moves forward to an unknown future. As we live 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, and 40 years, we have never stood at the same position twice. We are born into this world as a baby and since then, we have been living the ‘same’ life. Somehow, we forgot that we cannot exist in the same place more than once, because we are Life. Not only human beings, but the earth and also the entire universe takes that journey. We make an interwoven story of life together with the earth, the sun and the galaxy.

Well, do the current human beings on earth have such a consciousness in their daily life? Probably not. That is why people’s consciousness is at the human consciousness level, and people are trapped with their ego, living with emotion and desire.

Depending on the person’s consciousness level, they encounter the most suitable phenomena among all other possibilities. This is the system of the universe. Why current human society becomes in such a state is that our daily consciousness is at that state, and the appropriate phenomenon occurs for that consciousness. It may sound as if you are punished, but once you know the truth of this system, the thought “How thankful it is!” will gush out from you. That means, a human life comes into being in synopsis with one’s consciousness and likes. All the phenomena tells us about this.

Three years ago, this oak came from Himalaya which is the birthplace of my spirit. If Mt. Fuji is the mountain where the divine wisdom comes down, then that teaching penetrates through Mt. Fuji, enters the earth, and going through magma, it gushes out again to the surface of the ground that is the Himalaya, the mountain where the wisdom comes out of the earth. Before this trip to the Himalaya, we went to offer the dance of the Fuji Sengen Konohana Festival to Kumano, which is called Takamagahara (the heaven of the world) in order to greet the mountain where the wisdom comes out from the earth, in Japan. On the previous day, the weather forecast mentioned that the strong typhoon with 930hPa will hit the area, but when we went there, we hardly even encountered any rainstorm. In the early morning, when we arrived at the Tamaki Shrine at Mt. Tamaki, the inner shrine of Kumano’s three major shrines, the area had been surrounded by very clear air.
After successfully offering the dance, we wandered around and I encountered the lignitized Japanese cedar. It told me, “Take this seed with you”. I took and sowed it. That is this tree planted in the center of this ceremony place.

When I planted this oak, I told Hirocchi, a priest of the Konohana Family, “When you will hold a ceremony 200 years later, it will have grown into a beautiful Kumano cedar, please expect that.” (laugh) It is still a seedling, but the life is surely passed on from the lignitized Japanese cedar of Kumano, Takamagahara, which is heaven on the earth, and has settled here.

Kumano is the home ground of the Kuninotokotachi, the divine of the earth. From this location, Mt. Fuji is on the north-east (Ushitora) direction. Japan is on the Ushitora direction from India, termed the ‘belly button of the earth’. On the terrain of Japan, there is Mt. Fuji. The teaching of the divine went through Mt. Fuji, into the earth through the magma, gushed out of the ground in the Himalayas, gliding though the Ganges river southward, reaching Pondicherry at the southern edge of India, and from the Indian ocean the teaching spread out to the rest of the world. That is a 6500-year history. The current civilization has spread throughout the earth in this way. The time of reset of this civilization arrived during the winter solstice of the Milky Way galaxy, on December 21st, 2012.

Now, the time has come for us to live the next era of this civilization. “We” means all human beings. Fortunately, with the discovery of the Chibanian, it has been proven that the earth magnetic field can (and has) be reversed. I talked about the reverse of the magnetic field for years, without any evidence, but now the time has come where it has been proved. Reversing the magnetic field means values of things will also be reversed.

Life has not been respected in the most current era: People searched for materialistic wealth by destroying life. The coming era is about working along with the preciousness of life, connecting with it and expressing harmony. Our source of life is the Sun. The Earth embodies and expresses that. The next cycle is about not breaking with life through one’s own ego, trying to fill one’s desire to be rich: it is instead about following the law of the universe, collaborating, harmonizing, and living with abundant love. The era has begun. Before now, we could not have express such a simple thing because we loved ourselves based on our ego.

Still, people in the world are searching for wealth in the world of desire, competition, anger and conflict. But, it is impossible to be wealthy by knocking against each other’s energy and making both ourselves and the other worn out. The earth’s ecosystem becomes rich by connecting with each other. That is infinite. Life transforms its form and passes a baton from one form to the next: but there is no destruction. Thus, life creates its network and makes the world abundant. That is exactly the relationship among the Sun, the Earth and other planets. We, human beings also live in this relationship.

You came to the Konohana Family with a special connection. Therefore, you gather together with a special commitment, but do you not indulge in your everyday work? If that is so, we cannot embody true abundance. With this special connection, we gather here together consciously living every day in the flow of what we have committed ourselves to; the commitment all through our life as a base, and live with whatever phenomenon we are given. If one does this, infinite sustainable energy, woven by planets and termed free energy, will appear in one’s life. Human beings do not really know that abundance. When people share everything with others, expressing that we are one with nature and that life is one, enormous abundance which we cannot imagine now will appear on the earth. We will embody that on this land, and as a pioneer of this coming new era we must become an example of that.

In 2014, we also celebrated the Mayan New Year 10OC at the Miyanoshita Place, but with the Venerable Grandmother Na-kin who is the highest priestess of the Mayan Solar tradition. The Mayan ceremony is held today at Tonina Pyramid in Mexico. It is 6:40 am here. On this early morning of July 26th, 2017, it is the beginning of this ceremony to enfold the earth with a wave of prayer. This is the beginning of the earth-scale ceremony with the people who always have consciousness and awareness of the earth like this and live in the universe as an earth being.

Let’s go back to the topic at the beginning.

Depending on what kind of consciousness we have in our daily life, we weave connections for our future phenomena. Therefore, you should not have complaints about what you encounter. Because what you encounter faithfully reflects and embodies your own consciousness. If you complain, that means you complain to others, or the universe, without looking at yourself. If you accept what you encounter bravely and correct your own attitude, the life of each one of us will become abundant and superb. We, Konohana members, have been aware of it and have lived as a model on how to live this way.

I have talked about a lot of things that may be difficult to understand for many people. There is Mt. Fuji in the direction of Ushitora (north-east): the oak tree of the mountain where the wisdom comes out from the earth, and the lignitized Japanese cedar of Takamagahara, the heaven on the earth, have rooted on this land. What I speak of does not have foundation. I have been talking about the reverse of the magnetic field on the earth, and what I meant was the value and life of people who live on the earth will change. There is no logic, but what came down and sprung from me was the truth.

The evil thoughts based on profit-and-loss arithmetic is a person’s egotism and a cling to the material world. However, originally, we are the life that is embodied through the law of the universe. If our heart is beautiful, naturally the wisdom of the universe comes down to us. If our heart is beautiful, infinite wisdom will spring out from us from the beginning to the future of life. That is why we need to improve ourselves. How we can improve ourselves is by always observing what we think and how we live right now, and always consciously live in a thought-pattern and consciousness we can be proud of. In this way, you achieve your everyday goal and role.

If you so do, the universe appears in way of living. The earth’s ecosystem, the infinite chain of life appears in your way of living. This will bring to us a life filled with love, excellence, and abundance.

As I stand here, having talked for some time, the misty rain has stopped. This mist represents the vibrancy of source which creates our life. Please be aware that your thoughts will truly become phenomenon during this opportunity. That is also horrifying because if you have foolish thoughts, that will also become a phenomenon. That is why you need to keep watching yourself. What you should keep watching is your own mind.

Early this morning of July 26th, 2017, it is not only the Mayan New Year. I asserted this message to the people who are living in harmony with the earth’s new era towards the year 3000, with all of you in the form of this ceremony happening at the daybreak of earth’s consciousness.

The universe indicates the infinite world is attainable as a life to us. We would like to express this faithfully without polluting it.


With the seedling of lignitized Japanese cedar on July 26th, 2017



The 11th Earth Summit

〜Getting on the flow of this era,
and swing-by to the new world〜

What should we aim at in this confusing era
in which the materialistic society has reached its end?

Currently, various accumulated problems in the world have gradually become apparent, and many people cannot see their future vision in the confusion. However, it is very beneficial if you cannot see the vision. When you do not see clearly, you can trust in the bigger beings rather than your own thoughts!

When one cannot see things, s/he becomes uneasy and says “we do not know what will happen.” One feels fear of the unknown and tries to maintain the present conditions. However, the earth is constantly moving forward to the unknown place in the vast universal space at 30 km/ second. Even though we think the current place is the absolute, in the next moment, we will be in a totally different place. This is the substance and nature of this world which constantly keeps changing and transforming. The energy that comprises this world is enormous and we human beings can neither fully comprehend it nor fully attain it.

When a space probe goes to its destination, the method called “the swing-by” can be used. If the space probe tries to go to the destination with only its own energy, it would be necessary to generate additional vast energy to complete the journey. Instead, by using the gravity of the planets, the driving force of the space probe increases. By getting onto the planet’s revolution orbit, we can efficiently reach to the destination with the less fuel. In the same way, the current strongest driving force on this planet is the flow which has started from the “Winter Solstice of the milky way galaxy” on December 21, 2012. Having now transcended this winter solstice, that was the peak of darkness, the transition period has started. The time has come to swing-by to this vast flow of the era by getting out of this invisible confusion we human beings go through. The Earth summit is a great opportunity to have such a transition.

“Otona” is a person who has a will to make a good contribution to the world regardless of age. The Earth Summit is the place where people come together and discuss with each other, go beyond the boundaries of generation, country, and religion, and become a source of transmission to spread the network of awakening. On this 11th Summit, we would like to create the space for the people who are facing a dead-end or deadlock and would like to get out of that state to discover the new way of life together by expanding our worldview and unfolding the flow of the vast era. When one reaches a deadlock, it is a message from the universe that says “Please move forward to the new route.” When you can be released from your individual captivity and get on to the great flow, you will find an unseen new world ahead of you. Then, your one and only unique flower of life will bloom beautifully.
Why don’t you come together on this era, and swing-by to the new world?


Detailed Information

Date & Time: July 15th (Sat) to 17th (Mon), 2017
Please come before 11:30 am on July 15th, 2017. It will end after lunch on July 17th, 2017.

Transportation: If you arrive at Nishifujinomiya Station at 11:05 am by JR Minobu Line or at Taisekiji at 10:51 am, we will pick you up at the station/ bus terminal.

Venue: Konohana Family
It is a community which practices the life of 21st century, and about 100 non blood-related members live as a one big family in harmony with nature.
Address: 238-1 Nekozawa, Fujiinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan
Postal Code: 419-0302

Capacity: 20 people

Contents: (may change by flow of the day)
– Through the presentations you can learn to facilitate necessary changes in your life, unfold the flow of the generations, and reflect on modern social issues from the various aspects.
– Talk sessions will deepen the awareness among participants.
– Welcome concert will connect everyone’s heart

Target Person:
This program is suitable for everyone, but particularly for the people who identify with the following:
– Feels something must be wrong in the current society and acted for change, but nothing seems to change
– Trying to build a new society
– Feels deadlock in your life
– Looking for fellows to co-create future together
– Want to change yourself
– Believe that I am a truly universal being!
– Create the society which brings the true peace/ Create and live the new lifestyle in the next era, etc…

Participation Fee: 16,200 JPY
This includes accommodation and food for three days from lunch on July 15th to lunch of July 17th, Insurance, and consumption tax.

Please feel free to contact to Michiyo or Tomoko for more details

Please fill out this application form and send it back to us

Non-profit-organization Green Grass
Phone number:+81-544-67-0485     Fax:0544-66-0810

Konohana Family has opened “Lotus Land”, our new cafe & shop on March 21st, 2017. Please visit us when you come to Japan or visit the Lotus Land Facebook page.



One Month Truth School at Konohana Family in Japan

Dear Earth Family,

I hope everyone doing well and happy.
After passing the autumn equinox, day (light) is getting shorter and shorter everyday.

However, with the universe point of view, after the winter solstice of the solar system towards the center of the Milkyway galaxy on December 21st, 2012, we are moving towards the peak of light which is coming about 12900 years later.

Today, we are pleased to inform you about the very special residential program to learn about yourself and also law of the universe in order to create a harmonious world.

The program is offered in Japanese with English translation. In 2016, three Americans participated in the program.
You can see their experience from this site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Yoko.

with warmest regards,

One Month Truth School


February 19th〜March 18th, 2017
We are open for application


5Who are you and why do you live?

When a problem happened, have you ever thought like
“Why did such a thing happen to me although I am not wrong?”
When people encounter problems, they tend to find causes outside of themselves, and try to change their environment. However, it would not change and only problems piled up. As a result, we have reached the current world where we cannot see our destination anymore due to various problems everywhere, from the domestic level to the global scale. But, if we change our viewpoint, a chance will come for a big transformation.
All humans have an ego (=individuality). Humans see this world through the filter of their ego. There are 7 billion people on earth, so there are 7 billion kinds of viewpoints. However, people have considered their own viewpoints as absolute, and have made other ones wrong. Therefore, human minds have become more and more separate in the past. We have fully experienced a world of anxiety, isolation, friction, disparity, and confrontation. Now, we have reached the stage where we cannot move forward anywhere at this rate. If you encounter a problem right now, it might be a message from the era, which has faced a great turning point.
“The seed of the problem is inside of you. So, change yourself.”
That is, when you change yourself, the world changes.


What kind of individuality do you have? How do you see the world through your own filter? When you can understand this objectively, you will be able to see the great system of this world which is a collectivity of 7 billion egos. Then, you will step out of the narrow frame of yourself, infinite possibilities which are sleeping inside of you will bloom, and you will be able to live freely as a majestic life beyond the individual frame. In contrast from the past era, when people become unified under a common value, they can richly resonate their individualities and they harmonize with each other to create a beautiful world. This is the figure of the universe where we live. This world exists under the fractal structure where everything from the microcosm, such as atoms, to the macrocosm, such as the universe, exists in harmony. Out of all, the human body can be perceived as an expression of this system in the closest and the most visible way. Therefore, analyzing yourself with a physical body is a shortcut to analyzing the whole world, and to know the true meaning of living in this world.

The One Month Stay Truth School is a place where you make a breakthrough in your life regardless of the presence or absence of life problems. There is no specific right answer. During the Truth School, each participant will nurture calm and objective viewpoints to perceive themselves, expand their worldviews, and master the power to open an original life by themselves.


Date:  February 19th (Sun) to March 18th (Sat), 2017 For 28 days

Venue:    Konohana Family,
238-1 Nekozawa, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan

Capacity:  15 people

Participation Fee*: Self-assessed sliding scale.
*Participation fee covers tuition, accommodation, food, insurance, etc.

High income (more than 4mil.JPY/yr) : 220,000JPY,
Medium income (more than 2mil to less than 4 mil. JPY/yr): 200,000JPY
Low income (less than 2mil. JPY/yr): 180,000JPY


Contents:  Through the various facets of the program such as “Farming”, “Food”, “Medical Care”, “Economy”, “Environment”, “Education”, “Social”, and “Art”, you will be guided to open the eyes of your heart to see the truth of this world by reading individual personality, mission of life, and analyzing the flow of the era.

Example of the Program : Learning of Humanity (Karma reading & Heliocentric Calendar)/ Establishment of Community/ Farming of Universal Circulation Method/ Facilitation/ Wide Open Your Worldview/ Economy of Bodhisattva/ Natural Therapy Program/ Food Therapy/ Culturing Microorganisms/ Making Miso/ Creativity & Art/ Katakamuna/ Sex & Universe/ Preparation for Natural Disasters / How to have sustainable spirit
– As the program is not fixed, the above are just examples. The most suitable options for interactive communications between the participants and the organizers will be offered, so this is the one and only program anywhere which is unpredictable for everyone.
– When we receive application form from overseas, the program is offered in two languages, Japanese and English.



Flow of A Day
7:30  Breakfast
8:30  Morning Class (Including tea break)
12:00 Vegetarian Lunch/ Break
14:00 Afternoon Class (Including snack break)
17:30 Bath Time
18:30 Dinner
20:30 Community Meeting (Optional)

*Time may be varied by programs.
*Every Sunday (or Saturday) are program free day.
*You can experience community life on the free day.

Supporter System
A supporter is selected for each participants in order to support life in general. You can consult with him/her on whatever is difficult to talk about in a big group. At the end of the 2nd week, you can change your supporter and appoint whoever you would like to be your supporter for the remaining two weeks.

Main Organizer: NPO Greengrass
Co-organizer: Konohana Family

Inquiry: Michiyo or Yoko
Telephone number: +81-544-66-0250 or +81-544-67-0485

Application: Please fill out this form

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Q3: If you have any specific topics that you would like to learn, please let us know.
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Q4: Please give us your brief profile. If you have any special skills or talents that you would like to share with others, please describe. (Required)
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We are all waiting for your participation!

“Preach the Spirit to the Whole Land under the Sun”

Korean girls called Somin (10-year-old), Shanrin (10-year-old) and Ieyon (8-year-old) and Shanrin’s mother named Linlin have been staying at the Konohana Family for a summer vacation since July 26th, 2016. They had an opportunity to talk with Isadon, a founder of this community. Shanrin was born and grew up with the Konohana Family until she became one year old, and she continues to come back to stay here with her mother every year. The talk with Isadon began with Shanrin’s question.

Isadon, I have a question! What does “Konohana” in “Konohana Family” mean?

“Ko” means a tree, “No” means of and “Hana” means flowers. So, “Konohana” means a tree which blooms many flowers.

This means the big tree of Isadon may bloom many small flowers like us!

Hahaha! This is not true, though. A typical tree flower in Japan is a cherry blossom. They bloom beautifully all together and fall just the same. The goddess of Mt. Fuji is called “Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto” and it is said that her flowers are cherry blossoms or plum blossoms. She represents the beauty, graciousness, and transience of life.

What do you think plum blossoms represent? Plums are good for our health, right? So, they represent health and longevity.

There is another typical tree flower. Do you know what it is?

Peach blossoms?

Bingo! It is said that peach blossoms are flowers of a lotus land in China. A lotus land means a utopia where everyone lives happily. Also, peaches represent eternal youth and longevity.

Moreover, “Ko” in “Konohana” also means individuals in Japanese. For example, each Konohana Family member is like a blossom. When each individual blooms a flower of their life, many flowers bloom on a big tree of the Konohana Family, making a beautiful big blossom like cherry, plum and peach blossoms.

In the beginning, I did not know about the goddess of Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto at all. Before we moved to the foot of Mt. Fuji in 1994, we went to see the sunrise at Mt. Fuji for the first time on New Year’s Day in the year of 1992. I was walking around the pasture at the foot of Mt. Fuji before the sunrise. Then, Mari-chan, a founding member took some photos of me walking around, and the light always appeared above my head in the photos! If the sun was up, it would be understandable that the light appeared, reflecting my head. However, although the sun did not rise yet, the light appeared in the photos.

When I looked at them, I sensed that the god of Mt. Fuji is happy to have us at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Later, when I went to the city hall of Fujinomiya city to consult about moving in this area, I also went to Sengen-Taisha shrine nearby. I asked a priestess, “Who is the god of this shrine?” Then, she taught me that it is Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto, the goddess of Mt. Fuji. I had no idea about what kind of goddess she was, so I asked her about it. Then, she gave me a brochure, which says, “Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto represents the beauty, graciousness, and transience of life.” Once I looked at it, I knew that this was a way of life we should aim for. That is why, we decided to call our community, the “Konohana Farm.” Later, when more and more international people came to visit us, it was renamed the “Konohana Family.”

Isadon did not expect that the Konohana Family would become like this?

Isadon is so smart that he knew it would become like this and started the Konohana Family!

Hahaha! I knew this way of life is important.

It is very important!

When I was 40, I climbed Mt. Fuji for the first time. At the summit of Mt. Fuji, the divine said to me, “Preach the spirit that you have learned and mastered from the divine to the whole land under the sun.” “The whole land under the sun” means the whole world. I received the message to spread the divine spirit to the whole world, so I came to the foot of Mt. Fuji from Aichi Prefecture where I lived before.

I want to climb to the summit of Mt. Fuji and receive a message from the divine!

Hahaha. Let’s climb Mt. Fuji together next time♪

I want to go, too!

Sure. I have been to the summit of Mt. Fuji eleven times. When I received the message from the divine, I thought “One day, the time will come when this way of life becomes important for the world. Therefore, I should move to the foot of Mt. Fuji and begin a life to become a model of the world.” Then, the Konohana Family began with 20 companies who resonated with the spirit.

Who came with you?

Eikoba-chan, Ai-chan, Nori-chan, Rei-chan, Mari-chan, Chanappi, Kazuko-chan, Haru-chan, Junji-man, Yasuedon.


She is not a founding member.

She did not come with you?? Then, why is she your best friend in the community??

Hahaha! When she came to the Konohana Family for the first time 9 years ago, she said in front of everyone, “I want to learn the divine spirit here. In order to do so, I think it would be the best to learn near Isadon and help his work.” Since then, she has been working with me through coordinating the natural therapy program, editing blogs and doing the translation.

I think her spiritual learning has ended?!

The learning of the spirit continues forever. It is the path to reach the divine.

Do we reach the divine before we die??

Even if we die, we have to learn. (Everyone laughed at Shanrin’s unhappy face.)

…Then, how about you, Isadon??

I continue to learn the spirit, too. The universe is very vast and complicated.

I knew this way of life is important. So did 20 founding members who came with me. However, nobody knew exactly what kind of life it would be at all. Since we had no clue, we have lived as the divine told us. Then, we have encountered people and events that we could not imagine. This is how the Konohana Family has reached here. I could not imagine this in the beginning, but the important way of life I thought has formed the way it should be.

Can I ask you another question? I want to know where people came from!

I do not think people knew how they would become, either. Just like the Konohana founding members, they could not imagine that they would reach the current world. People are born, accumulate experiences gradually on earth and die. Then, new people are born and take it over. People, in turn, have lived on earth and have reached the current world. It is as if people have advanced like going up the stairs of earth. Every time they go up one stair, they come to understand this world and the divine spirit. However, I think that the divine who has been watching from above knows everything!

Where did humans come from? The ancestor of humans are called ape-men and we have become humans from apes. They existed on earth about 4 million years ago. Then, all of a sudden, apes learned to use a tool and fire!

Please imagine. In the beginning, the earth was a very hot planet. There was no life. Then, when it cooled down gradually, vapor became rain and it made oceans. At that time, the volcanic activities were active, so lava came out from volcanos and continental plates hit each other and rose, which made lands. It was about 4 billion years ago.

There was an existence who was watching how the earth changed. It is God. Where were you before you were born?

I was “Mikoto (meaning living with God in the phenomenal world in Japanese)!”

Yes, we were only souls. It is the same figure as God. So, before souls embodied apes which became the base of humans, the souls of humans existed with God in the divine world and waited for a time when their receivers would become ready. The earth was formed gradually in the universe. Then, oceans were created and so was the land.

It is primitive cells that came down on earth as the first life. It changed in various ways, and became fish in the oceans. Then, they went up on the land and became amphibians like frogs. Next, they became reptiles like snakes and lizards, and divided into birds and mammals. Finally, apes appeared from mammals. When the divine spirit saw them from above, it thought, “They are the best receivers for us to come down on earth!”

There is a Chinese character of “神”and the right part of “申”means apes according to the Chinese zodiac. When life evolved to the stage of apes on earth, the God who was watching the process from above showed (示) the divine will on the body of apes (申). That is why the Chinese character of “神” is an old form of “神 (God)”! The God came down on apes and became the human ancestor of ape-men.

Ape-men and apes are totally different. Ape-men were given divine wisdom. Therefore, they started to use tools and fire.

Do the monkeys that God did not enter just remain monkeys?

That is right. Apes that God did not enter continued just as monkeys and became chimpanzees and gorillas. On the other hand, apes that God entered became ape-men, the human ancestors. Humans have wisdom and came to have their own wishes. In addition, they have a high ability, so they became able to gratify their desires. A long long time ago, it was difficult for humans to survive. Therefore, they helped each other to live. However, when they became clever, made and discovered various things, and evolved, they became selfish and greedy, started to lie and even steal things from others and make conflicts!

Because humans became greedy, a gap among people emerged.

Exactly! Originally, all the lives were connected with each other in the natural ecosystem. So, in the beginning, the world was not convenient only to humans. However, they thought of only themselves, so they created an artificial world where they destroyed nature. A long time ago, humans sensed the divine energy, talked with plants and animals, and lived with nature. It was to live with the divine. At that time, humans had a mind of “Nature supports our life” and “We receive life.” However, the modern people have lived only with their own power and thought, “I am not helped by anybody.” So, they have forgotten the existence of the divine.

Nature such as the sun, earth, water, air and wind gives equally to all lives. The reason why everyone can live is because the earth rotates and revolves around the sun, and the sun travels in the universe. That is why, time was born in this world, life was born and we can live every day.

I have realized such an important matter, so I decided to live with gratitude for nature to give us our life. In order to do so, the most important thing is not to prioritize our selfish mind, purify our spirits, and live for the world and others. This is how the Konohana Family has taken its path.

The current people have forgotten such a thing and live with their selfish mind. Therefore, the earth has been full of problems and has become a difficult world for all lives, including humans. Then, the Konohana way of life has become very important for the current world.

Is the truth about humans because they are stupid and have a bad mind? Or is there anything else??

Looking at the current world, human activities have been really silly and they consider what becomes their problems as good matters! Originally, humans were divided from God and formed as each individual. Therefore, we have such a high consciousness within ourselves.

People do bad things, feel unpleasant or become sick. Then, they learn what was wrong. People become precious in this manner. However, it is important to realize “Why it has become like this?” beforehand, and change our own attitude even before having a hard time or become sick. It is called “Polishing our spirits.” Therefore, polishing our spirits is the top priority at the Konohana Family. Then, our spirits become more beautiful and the world becomes better without going through a hard time.

If we do not know that, we will continue to hurt ourselves.

That is right. Such people tend to repeat the same problems. When a trouble occurs, they blame others or society for it, and do not want to reflect on themselves. Therefore, they leave themselves the way they are and try to change their environment, don’t they? However, all we encounter in our life is the result of how we have lived.

Such people are silly!

They live hard; however, their efforts do not turn out to be a good matter. For example, there is the flow and law of this world. In this system, stars communicate with each other and time flows from the past to the future. However, if you do not know about it, and live only with your thoughts, no matter how hard you live, problems will occur in this world.

You know such a system already, so you can teach it to everyone in the future.

It seems like I know what my problem is.

Hahaha. Ordinary people do not know that. Even if trouble happens to them, they just feel sorry about themselves and do not consider what their problem would be. When all humans reflect on themselves and purify their spirits, a beautiful world will appear automatically. However, instead of doing so, people try to become rich by owning money, ask for financial abundance from politicians, or blame others by saying, “My life does not get better because society is wrong!”

Leaders have to take a risk, then.

That is right. If the world has not become a great one yet, then it cannot be understood in the society to live with an important way of life. In such a meaning, leaders have to take risks. However, even if many people do not understand it yet, you have sensed that a new era is coming, haven’t you? For example, at a place like the Konohana Family, although we do not know what will be ahead of us, we all know this way of life is important. So, we can live like this.

In Buddhism, people aim for “enlightenment.” It means not to separate ourselves from other people so that a gap does not emerge. We should respect all lives. On top of that, we should value other people just as we value ourselves. Therefore, they teach to live not only for ourselves but for the world. This is the way of life for great people.

In order for ordinary people to be great ones, are religions necessary? Or, if we study very hard, can we become great people?

You are asking about “How can we become like that?” That is the way of thought based on achieving a goal by your own power. The past 6500 years was such an era when people developed science and technologies, competed with each other, and tried to become rich for themselves. However, from the universal viewpoint, the peak of that value came about 3.5 years ago on December 21st, 2012, and such an era has ended already. In terms of religions, the past 3000 years was the era when religions have said they would properly guide people, but at the same time, they have promoted divine favor and gathered people by saying, “If you join this group, you will be happy” or “You can become rich.” Also, they have made conflicts by saying, “My teaching is right and other teachings are wrong.” In this manner, religious organizations have been established and a gap between the guru and followers has emerged. This was not a great thing at all. The religious side has always thought of protecting and expanding their organization and cheating followers out of money, and the followers’ side has only wished for their own benefits. That is why, the place which is supposed to create a beautiful spirit has actually created very dishonorable humans.

Now, I know the reason why all the adult and kid members at the Konohana Family live together like friends!

Exactly. Children will live in the future, won’t they? The future is a more advanced era, so the level of their souls are higher. That is why, the adults here treat the children just as their company.

Children are small adults!

Humans have the age of their souls and bodies. The age of their bodies is a period of how long they have lived on earth this time. We cannot see the age of their souls from that. We can know the age of their souls by what kind of thought they have and how they live. However, older souls are not always better. If possible, it is important to become a person with a high and broad consciousness. That is why, everyone wants to go to the summit of Mt. Fuji. It is said that Mt. Fuji is the mountain of divine wisdom in this world. And our souls know that we can get closer to the divine there.

I will spread Isadon’s spirit to my school friends!

If you want to spread it to everyone, it would become your value. So, it would be good to do so.

Now, I am answering your questions. I am answering what you want to know, but on the contrary, there is so much information I know. However, it is not a new story for you. You just remember stories that you have in your spirit. That is why, you can accept and understand it right away, saying, “Yes, yes! I knew that!”

Then, even if people around you do not understand it, you can have confidence in your life. Common people in South Korea have not understood such a truly important thing yet. Actually, many people in the world have not understood it yet. So, people who have understood the importance should live the spirit even if many people do not understand it. This is very significant. When we understand its importance, we can have a strong will and accomplish our mission. Let’s create a world where everyone lives for everyone and the earth.

Then, peace prevails on earth!

Exactly! Not only that, the world will become truly abundant. We will be able to live with less amounts of money. Furthermore, unnecessary things will disappear, so the environment will not get worse. In such a meaning, a very simple and rich world will emerge.

From my viewpoint, Isadon appears to be the biggest star out of all the people I have met, but at the same time, he seems just a part of the universe.

Yes, this is the story of humanity. It is a story of the universe. This time, you came to the Konohana Family for the first time. This is just the beginning to work together from now on. Let’s have time to talk together again♪

Yes! Thank you for the great talk today♪

Mt. Fuji, Lotus flowers and people

In this way, the divine spirit has spread from the foot of Mt. Fuji to South Korea. The divine story will be continued forever.