One Month Truth School at Konohana Family in Japan

Dear Earth Family,

I hope everyone doing well and happy.
After passing the autumn equinox, day (light) is getting shorter and shorter everyday.

However, with the universe point of view, after the winter solstice of the solar system towards the center of the Milkyway galaxy on December 21st, 2012, we are moving towards the peak of light which is coming about 12900 years later.

Today, we are pleased to inform you about the very special residential program to learn about yourself and also law of the universe in order to create a harmonious world.

The program is offered in Japanese with English translation. In 2016, three Americans participated in the program.
You can see their experience from this site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Yoko.

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One Month Truth School


February 19th〜March 18th, 2017
We are open for application


5Who are you and why do you live?

When a problem happened, have you ever thought like
“Why did such a thing happen to me although I am not wrong?”
When people encounter problems, they tend to find causes outside of themselves, and try to change their environment. However, it would not change and only problems piled up. As a result, we have reached the current world where we cannot see our destination anymore due to various problems everywhere, from the domestic level to the global scale. But, if we change our viewpoint, a chance will come for a big transformation.
All humans have an ego (=individuality). Humans see this world through the filter of their ego. There are 7 billion people on earth, so there are 7 billion kinds of viewpoints. However, people have considered their own viewpoints as absolute, and have made other ones wrong. Therefore, human minds have become more and more separate in the past. We have fully experienced a world of anxiety, isolation, friction, disparity, and confrontation. Now, we have reached the stage where we cannot move forward anywhere at this rate. If you encounter a problem right now, it might be a message from the era, which has faced a great turning point.
“The seed of the problem is inside of you. So, change yourself.”
That is, when you change yourself, the world changes.


What kind of individuality do you have? How do you see the world through your own filter? When you can understand this objectively, you will be able to see the great system of this world which is a collectivity of 7 billion egos. Then, you will step out of the narrow frame of yourself, infinite possibilities which are sleeping inside of you will bloom, and you will be able to live freely as a majestic life beyond the individual frame. In contrast from the past era, when people become unified under a common value, they can richly resonate their individualities and they harmonize with each other to create a beautiful world. This is the figure of the universe where we live. This world exists under the fractal structure where everything from the microcosm, such as atoms, to the macrocosm, such as the universe, exists in harmony. Out of all, the human body can be perceived as an expression of this system in the closest and the most visible way. Therefore, analyzing yourself with a physical body is a shortcut to analyzing the whole world, and to know the true meaning of living in this world.

The One Month Stay Truth School is a place where you make a breakthrough in your life regardless of the presence or absence of life problems. There is no specific right answer. During the Truth School, each participant will nurture calm and objective viewpoints to perceive themselves, expand their worldviews, and master the power to open an original life by themselves.


Date:  February 19th (Sun) to March 18th (Sat), 2017 For 28 days

Venue:    Konohana Family,
238-1 Nekozawa, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan

Capacity:  15 people

Participation Fee*: Self-assessed sliding scale.
*Participation fee covers tuition, accommodation, food, insurance, etc.

High income (more than 4mil.JPY/yr) : 220,000JPY,
Medium income (more than 2mil to less than 4 mil. JPY/yr): 200,000JPY
Low income (less than 2mil. JPY/yr): 180,000JPY


Contents:  Through the various facets of the program such as “Farming”, “Food”, “Medical Care”, “Economy”, “Environment”, “Education”, “Social”, and “Art”, you will be guided to open the eyes of your heart to see the truth of this world by reading individual personality, mission of life, and analyzing the flow of the era.

Example of the Program : Learning of Humanity (Karma reading & Heliocentric Calendar)/ Establishment of Community/ Farming of Universal Circulation Method/ Facilitation/ Wide Open Your Worldview/ Economy of Bodhisattva/ Natural Therapy Program/ Food Therapy/ Culturing Microorganisms/ Making Miso/ Creativity & Art/ Katakamuna/ Sex & Universe/ Preparation for Natural Disasters / How to have sustainable spirit
– As the program is not fixed, the above are just examples. The most suitable options for interactive communications between the participants and the organizers will be offered, so this is the one and only program anywhere which is unpredictable for everyone.
– When we receive application form from overseas, the program is offered in two languages, Japanese and English.



Flow of A Day
7:30  Breakfast
8:30  Morning Class (Including tea break)
12:00 Vegetarian Lunch/ Break
14:00 Afternoon Class (Including snack break)
17:30 Bath Time
18:30 Dinner
20:30 Community Meeting (Optional)

*Time may be varied by programs.
*Every Sunday (or Saturday) are program free day.
*You can experience community life on the free day.

Supporter System
A supporter is selected for each participants in order to support life in general. You can consult with him/her on whatever is difficult to talk about in a big group. At the end of the 2nd week, you can change your supporter and appoint whoever you would like to be your supporter for the remaining two weeks.

Main Organizer: NPO Greengrass
Co-organizer: Konohana Family

Inquiry: Michiyo or Yoko
Telephone number: +81-544-66-0250 or +81-544-67-0485

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We are all waiting for your participation!

“Preach the Spirit to the Whole Land under the Sun”

Korean girls called Somin (10-year-old), Shanrin (10-year-old) and Ieyon (8-year-old) and Shanrin’s mother named Linlin have been staying at the Konohana Family for a summer vacation since July 26th, 2016. They had an opportunity to talk with Isadon, a founder of this community. Shanrin was born and grew up with the Konohana Family until she became one year old, and she continues to come back to stay here with her mother every year. The talk with Isadon began with Shanrin’s question.

Isadon, I have a question! What does “Konohana” in “Konohana Family” mean?

“Ko” means a tree, “No” means of and “Hana” means flowers. So, “Konohana” means a tree which blooms many flowers.

This means the big tree of Isadon may bloom many small flowers like us!

Hahaha! This is not true, though. A typical tree flower in Japan is a cherry blossom. They bloom beautifully all together and fall just the same. The goddess of Mt. Fuji is called “Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto” and it is said that her flowers are cherry blossoms or plum blossoms. She represents the beauty, graciousness, and transience of life.

What do you think plum blossoms represent? Plums are good for our health, right? So, they represent health and longevity.

There is another typical tree flower. Do you know what it is?

Peach blossoms?

Bingo! It is said that peach blossoms are flowers of a lotus land in China. A lotus land means a utopia where everyone lives happily. Also, peaches represent eternal youth and longevity.

Moreover, “Ko” in “Konohana” also means individuals in Japanese. For example, each Konohana Family member is like a blossom. When each individual blooms a flower of their life, many flowers bloom on a big tree of the Konohana Family, making a beautiful big blossom like cherry, plum and peach blossoms.

In the beginning, I did not know about the goddess of Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto at all. Before we moved to the foot of Mt. Fuji in 1994, we went to see the sunrise at Mt. Fuji for the first time on New Year’s Day in the year of 1992. I was walking around the pasture at the foot of Mt. Fuji before the sunrise. Then, Mari-chan, a founding member took some photos of me walking around, and the light always appeared above my head in the photos! If the sun was up, it would be understandable that the light appeared, reflecting my head. However, although the sun did not rise yet, the light appeared in the photos.

When I looked at them, I sensed that the god of Mt. Fuji is happy to have us at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Later, when I went to the city hall of Fujinomiya city to consult about moving in this area, I also went to Sengen-Taisha shrine nearby. I asked a priestess, “Who is the god of this shrine?” Then, she taught me that it is Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto, the goddess of Mt. Fuji. I had no idea about what kind of goddess she was, so I asked her about it. Then, she gave me a brochure, which says, “Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto represents the beauty, graciousness, and transience of life.” Once I looked at it, I knew that this was a way of life we should aim for. That is why, we decided to call our community, the “Konohana Farm.” Later, when more and more international people came to visit us, it was renamed the “Konohana Family.”

Isadon did not expect that the Konohana Family would become like this?

Isadon is so smart that he knew it would become like this and started the Konohana Family!

Hahaha! I knew this way of life is important.

It is very important!

When I was 40, I climbed Mt. Fuji for the first time. At the summit of Mt. Fuji, the divine said to me, “Preach the spirit that you have learned and mastered from the divine to the whole land under the sun.” “The whole land under the sun” means the whole world. I received the message to spread the divine spirit to the whole world, so I came to the foot of Mt. Fuji from Aichi Prefecture where I lived before.

I want to climb to the summit of Mt. Fuji and receive a message from the divine!

Hahaha. Let’s climb Mt. Fuji together next time♪

I want to go, too!

Sure. I have been to the summit of Mt. Fuji eleven times. When I received the message from the divine, I thought “One day, the time will come when this way of life becomes important for the world. Therefore, I should move to the foot of Mt. Fuji and begin a life to become a model of the world.” Then, the Konohana Family began with 20 companies who resonated with the spirit.

Who came with you?

Eikoba-chan, Ai-chan, Nori-chan, Rei-chan, Mari-chan, Chanappi, Kazuko-chan, Haru-chan, Junji-man, Yasuedon.


She is not a founding member.

She did not come with you?? Then, why is she your best friend in the community??

Hahaha! When she came to the Konohana Family for the first time 9 years ago, she said in front of everyone, “I want to learn the divine spirit here. In order to do so, I think it would be the best to learn near Isadon and help his work.” Since then, she has been working with me through coordinating the natural therapy program, editing blogs and doing the translation.

I think her spiritual learning has ended?!

The learning of the spirit continues forever. It is the path to reach the divine.

Do we reach the divine before we die??

Even if we die, we have to learn. (Everyone laughed at Shanrin’s unhappy face.)

…Then, how about you, Isadon??

I continue to learn the spirit, too. The universe is very vast and complicated.

I knew this way of life is important. So did 20 founding members who came with me. However, nobody knew exactly what kind of life it would be at all. Since we had no clue, we have lived as the divine told us. Then, we have encountered people and events that we could not imagine. This is how the Konohana Family has reached here. I could not imagine this in the beginning, but the important way of life I thought has formed the way it should be.

Can I ask you another question? I want to know where people came from!

I do not think people knew how they would become, either. Just like the Konohana founding members, they could not imagine that they would reach the current world. People are born, accumulate experiences gradually on earth and die. Then, new people are born and take it over. People, in turn, have lived on earth and have reached the current world. It is as if people have advanced like going up the stairs of earth. Every time they go up one stair, they come to understand this world and the divine spirit. However, I think that the divine who has been watching from above knows everything!

Where did humans come from? The ancestor of humans are called ape-men and we have become humans from apes. They existed on earth about 4 million years ago. Then, all of a sudden, apes learned to use a tool and fire!

Please imagine. In the beginning, the earth was a very hot planet. There was no life. Then, when it cooled down gradually, vapor became rain and it made oceans. At that time, the volcanic activities were active, so lava came out from volcanos and continental plates hit each other and rose, which made lands. It was about 4 billion years ago.

There was an existence who was watching how the earth changed. It is God. Where were you before you were born?

I was “Mikoto (meaning living with God in the phenomenal world in Japanese)!”

Yes, we were only souls. It is the same figure as God. So, before souls embodied apes which became the base of humans, the souls of humans existed with God in the divine world and waited for a time when their receivers would become ready. The earth was formed gradually in the universe. Then, oceans were created and so was the land.

It is primitive cells that came down on earth as the first life. It changed in various ways, and became fish in the oceans. Then, they went up on the land and became amphibians like frogs. Next, they became reptiles like snakes and lizards, and divided into birds and mammals. Finally, apes appeared from mammals. When the divine spirit saw them from above, it thought, “They are the best receivers for us to come down on earth!”

There is a Chinese character of “神”and the right part of “申”means apes according to the Chinese zodiac. When life evolved to the stage of apes on earth, the God who was watching the process from above showed (示) the divine will on the body of apes (申). That is why the Chinese character of “神” is an old form of “神 (God)”! The God came down on apes and became the human ancestor of ape-men.

Ape-men and apes are totally different. Ape-men were given divine wisdom. Therefore, they started to use tools and fire.

Do the monkeys that God did not enter just remain monkeys?

That is right. Apes that God did not enter continued just as monkeys and became chimpanzees and gorillas. On the other hand, apes that God entered became ape-men, the human ancestors. Humans have wisdom and came to have their own wishes. In addition, they have a high ability, so they became able to gratify their desires. A long long time ago, it was difficult for humans to survive. Therefore, they helped each other to live. However, when they became clever, made and discovered various things, and evolved, they became selfish and greedy, started to lie and even steal things from others and make conflicts!

Because humans became greedy, a gap among people emerged.

Exactly! Originally, all the lives were connected with each other in the natural ecosystem. So, in the beginning, the world was not convenient only to humans. However, they thought of only themselves, so they created an artificial world where they destroyed nature. A long time ago, humans sensed the divine energy, talked with plants and animals, and lived with nature. It was to live with the divine. At that time, humans had a mind of “Nature supports our life” and “We receive life.” However, the modern people have lived only with their own power and thought, “I am not helped by anybody.” So, they have forgotten the existence of the divine.

Nature such as the sun, earth, water, air and wind gives equally to all lives. The reason why everyone can live is because the earth rotates and revolves around the sun, and the sun travels in the universe. That is why, time was born in this world, life was born and we can live every day.

I have realized such an important matter, so I decided to live with gratitude for nature to give us our life. In order to do so, the most important thing is not to prioritize our selfish mind, purify our spirits, and live for the world and others. This is how the Konohana Family has taken its path.

The current people have forgotten such a thing and live with their selfish mind. Therefore, the earth has been full of problems and has become a difficult world for all lives, including humans. Then, the Konohana way of life has become very important for the current world.

Is the truth about humans because they are stupid and have a bad mind? Or is there anything else??

Looking at the current world, human activities have been really silly and they consider what becomes their problems as good matters! Originally, humans were divided from God and formed as each individual. Therefore, we have such a high consciousness within ourselves.

People do bad things, feel unpleasant or become sick. Then, they learn what was wrong. People become precious in this manner. However, it is important to realize “Why it has become like this?” beforehand, and change our own attitude even before having a hard time or become sick. It is called “Polishing our spirits.” Therefore, polishing our spirits is the top priority at the Konohana Family. Then, our spirits become more beautiful and the world becomes better without going through a hard time.

If we do not know that, we will continue to hurt ourselves.

That is right. Such people tend to repeat the same problems. When a trouble occurs, they blame others or society for it, and do not want to reflect on themselves. Therefore, they leave themselves the way they are and try to change their environment, don’t they? However, all we encounter in our life is the result of how we have lived.

Such people are silly!

They live hard; however, their efforts do not turn out to be a good matter. For example, there is the flow and law of this world. In this system, stars communicate with each other and time flows from the past to the future. However, if you do not know about it, and live only with your thoughts, no matter how hard you live, problems will occur in this world.

You know such a system already, so you can teach it to everyone in the future.

It seems like I know what my problem is.

Hahaha. Ordinary people do not know that. Even if trouble happens to them, they just feel sorry about themselves and do not consider what their problem would be. When all humans reflect on themselves and purify their spirits, a beautiful world will appear automatically. However, instead of doing so, people try to become rich by owning money, ask for financial abundance from politicians, or blame others by saying, “My life does not get better because society is wrong!”

Leaders have to take a risk, then.

That is right. If the world has not become a great one yet, then it cannot be understood in the society to live with an important way of life. In such a meaning, leaders have to take risks. However, even if many people do not understand it yet, you have sensed that a new era is coming, haven’t you? For example, at a place like the Konohana Family, although we do not know what will be ahead of us, we all know this way of life is important. So, we can live like this.

In Buddhism, people aim for “enlightenment.” It means not to separate ourselves from other people so that a gap does not emerge. We should respect all lives. On top of that, we should value other people just as we value ourselves. Therefore, they teach to live not only for ourselves but for the world. This is the way of life for great people.

In order for ordinary people to be great ones, are religions necessary? Or, if we study very hard, can we become great people?

You are asking about “How can we become like that?” That is the way of thought based on achieving a goal by your own power. The past 6500 years was such an era when people developed science and technologies, competed with each other, and tried to become rich for themselves. However, from the universal viewpoint, the peak of that value came about 3.5 years ago on December 21st, 2012, and such an era has ended already. In terms of religions, the past 3000 years was the era when religions have said they would properly guide people, but at the same time, they have promoted divine favor and gathered people by saying, “If you join this group, you will be happy” or “You can become rich.” Also, they have made conflicts by saying, “My teaching is right and other teachings are wrong.” In this manner, religious organizations have been established and a gap between the guru and followers has emerged. This was not a great thing at all. The religious side has always thought of protecting and expanding their organization and cheating followers out of money, and the followers’ side has only wished for their own benefits. That is why, the place which is supposed to create a beautiful spirit has actually created very dishonorable humans.

Now, I know the reason why all the adult and kid members at the Konohana Family live together like friends!

Exactly. Children will live in the future, won’t they? The future is a more advanced era, so the level of their souls are higher. That is why, the adults here treat the children just as their company.

Children are small adults!

Humans have the age of their souls and bodies. The age of their bodies is a period of how long they have lived on earth this time. We cannot see the age of their souls from that. We can know the age of their souls by what kind of thought they have and how they live. However, older souls are not always better. If possible, it is important to become a person with a high and broad consciousness. That is why, everyone wants to go to the summit of Mt. Fuji. It is said that Mt. Fuji is the mountain of divine wisdom in this world. And our souls know that we can get closer to the divine there.

I will spread Isadon’s spirit to my school friends!

If you want to spread it to everyone, it would become your value. So, it would be good to do so.

Now, I am answering your questions. I am answering what you want to know, but on the contrary, there is so much information I know. However, it is not a new story for you. You just remember stories that you have in your spirit. That is why, you can accept and understand it right away, saying, “Yes, yes! I knew that!”

Then, even if people around you do not understand it, you can have confidence in your life. Common people in South Korea have not understood such a truly important thing yet. Actually, many people in the world have not understood it yet. So, people who have understood the importance should live the spirit even if many people do not understand it. This is very significant. When we understand its importance, we can have a strong will and accomplish our mission. Let’s create a world where everyone lives for everyone and the earth.

Then, peace prevails on earth!

Exactly! Not only that, the world will become truly abundant. We will be able to live with less amounts of money. Furthermore, unnecessary things will disappear, so the environment will not get worse. In such a meaning, a very simple and rich world will emerge.

From my viewpoint, Isadon appears to be the biggest star out of all the people I have met, but at the same time, he seems just a part of the universe.

Yes, this is the story of humanity. It is a story of the universe. This time, you came to the Konohana Family for the first time. This is just the beginning to work together from now on. Let’s have time to talk together again♪

Yes! Thank you for the great talk today♪

Mt. Fuji, Lotus flowers and people

In this way, the divine spirit has spread from the foot of Mt. Fuji to South Korea. The divine story will be continued forever.

This Is The Universe Project

Nut and Mind are high school students and One is a teacher from an alternative school in Thailand, and they have stayed at the Konohana Family for three months since May 27th. They will leave in 10 days to return to Thailand, however prior to leaving they had time to talk to Isadon. Two days before, at the children’s meeting, a dialogue between a Korean girl, Somin and Isadon was shared, so this time began with questions about the World War II.

In Thailand, we do not study about the World War II in detail until we enter university. Therefore, Mind and Nut know about such a war; however, they do not know why it happened.

Why did World War II happen?

In short, it is the result of human beings only thinking about themselves and even robbing other in an attempt to be rich.

Briefly explaining the flow of World War II, it started during the era from 15th to 17th century, which is called “The Age of Discovery”, when the European people colonized the world. An example of this era is how a country called the United States was formed through enslaving African people in order to build up an economy to become independent from England. In 1914 World War I began, and Germany, which was one of the most powerful countries at the time, was defeated in the war. The victorious countries expanded their right and interest in the world, and only Germany got poor. Out of this situation, Hitler appeared in Germany, advocated for the superiority of the Germanic race, appealed for an exclusion of Jewish people, and tried to reconstruct the Germanic race. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland, then World War II began.

In the meanwhile, the stage was being set after the Meiji era when Japan won the Japanese-Sino war and Japanese-Russian war, participated in World War I, gained global recognition, and attempted to join the strong countries of the world. After that, Japan involved themselves in World War II with Germany and Italy in the name of releasing Asian countries from the US and the UK. At that time, India was a colony of the UK, Vietnam was a colony of France and Indonesia was colony of the Netherlands. As for China, strong countries of the world flocked toward it in order to take concession. In that situation, Japan attempted to join the big countries and took over Korea and Taiwan. Later, Japan provoked the war with China with the name of integrating Asia. However, in reality, the purpose was to get concession for Japan. Then, the strong countries which colonized the world, such as the US and the UK, were in conflict with Japan since their concession would not be shared with Japan, and they imposed an economic blockade. In this way, Japan’s oil resources were cut off, they faced an economic deadlock, and entered to the World War II.

However, Japan did not start the war by itself. At that time, the biggest industrialized country, Germany was developed in Europe through Nazism, but it was isolated internationally. Later, a totalitarian state was established in Italy by Mussolini as fascism, but it was also isolated internationally like Germany. So Germany, Italy and Japan became tied together in a military alliance.

Some objectively minded people considered that the national power of Japan could not win over the US. However, as the military alliance between Japan, Germany, and Italy grew their respective governments were suppressed from opposing war. In fact, Germany occupied Eastern Europe and France and even expanded the war field in Africa. But when the war field expanded too much, it became difficult to replenish necessary goods for the army. As a result, the military alliance of the three countries were defeated. Italy surrendered first, Germany surrendered next, and Japan surrendered in the end. It is told that 7-9 million German people died, 10-20 million Chinese, 21-28 million Russians died, and in total 60-85 million people died. This shows that 2.5% of the world population at that time were victims of the war.

Japan, Germany and Italy were defeated in this way, and the allied powers won World War II. When Japan was about to lose, the Yalta Conference was held, which included Churchill from the UK, Roosevelt from the US., and Stalin from Russia. During this meeting, they discussed which victorious country would take which defeated countries when the war had finished. However originally, the US, European countries such as Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands colonized all over the world. As a result, when World War II occurred, their respective national strength fell and those colonized countries were freed. In this sense, World War II did not have all negative influences.

The atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki became the triggers to closing the War. However, that led to a polarization of strong countries, with communism in the Soviet Union, and capitalism in the US, which produced the cold war era. Immediately from this influence, the Korean War started, and the Korean Peninsula was divided into North Korea and South Korea. In the long run, this became a proxy war for the US against communist countries like the Soviet Union and China. Next, the same thing had occurred in the Vietnam War. In Cambodia, the neighboring country to Thailand, there was the Khmer Rouge massacre, but they were also communist forces. Moreover, the Jews who lived in Europe migrated to the US through German persecution, they brought their superior scientific technology, and at the same time the capital of Judea was used to found Israel. There is a story called Lawrence of Arabia, and during World War I, the UK promised a Jewish state in the Middle East; however Lawrence of Arabian was a spy from the UK.

However, he is described as a hero, isn’t he?

That’s because the story was drawn by the western countries. They have created Israel, a Jewish state in a region were the Arab people originally lived. Many Jews who settled there were those who once lived in the Soviet Union. So collective farm communities, such as Sovkhoz and kolkhoz, became the basis for the current Kibbutz (collective agricultural community) in Israel.

Oh, I did not know that!

I have briefly explained about the background of World War II, in fact there are so many cruel events that occurred and many people died. That kind of national character has not changed and still continues today.

Therefore, even after World War II ended, there are many stories related to exploitation and colonization which have led to the Middle-East wars (i.e. the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the War in Afghanistan, and the current development of I.S). The developed nations have continued to search for national benefits, which have become the dominate forces of the world. The victorious countries of the past, that have led the world with the illusion of justice, are now being revealed as gratifying their own desires based on savage laws and partnerships.

Because the US does not want to end the war, does it?

That is right. By now, the US was on the side of justice; however, the US moves based in its own rights and interests. The US seems to be involved in most of the recent wars in the world, such as the Iran & Iraq Wars.

The power of the US comes from selling guns and arms, right?

President Obama went to Vietnam and had a business meeting to sell them arms before he came to the Ise-Shima Summit that was held in Japan this past May. Later, he visited Hiroshima and gave the speech to say “Let’s make a world without nuclear weapons”.

Why did President Obama go to Vietnam to sell arms and come to Japan to talk about peace??

Because he is a politician!!

Politicians always think of their national benefit, and they are chosen based on the rights and interests of their country. Therefore, they are not necessarily superior people even though they are at a socially high position. That is because the current people are always search for their own benefit. Then, Isadon is aiming to build a world in which each one of us are awakened, who can become a superior person based on harmony, think of the earth as a one country, and create a world together rather than creating a country only representing the rights and interests of individual desires.

A peaceful world can still be created if Isadon could represent us, because he does not think of himself first. That attitude is the same as the divine. The Divine creates this world in an autocratic way; however, the Divine leaves this world for his/her own creation. Therefore, when human beings feel the will of the Divine, an ideal world will be created any time.

Why can the corrupted politicians hold power in the world?

Isadon: That is because human beings put priority on their own benefit, and choose politicians who are beneficial to themselves. For example, a money making world can only be established when people are greedy. Currently Japan seems peaceful; however, it is like having a war every day with moneymaking and competition. In addition, the US capitalist companies, such as McDonalds, KFC, and Seven-eleven infest the world, and the financial system of the world is dominated by the US right now.

When I speak about World War II, the story does not end as a single story. Before that, there was World War I, and more stories continued from the previous era, and even after World War II, this story of human greed continues.

If World War Ⅲ occurs, there will be no place for us to live…

Before you worry about the possibility of World War Ⅲ occurring, the earth has been giving humans messages through earthquakes and volcanic activities. We have faced the winter solstice of the galaxy from 25,800 years on December 21st, 2012, and now the era shows that it is changing greatly.

Today, the Japanese emperor announced his feelings and showed his intention to abdicate the throne before he passes away. The Japanese imperial system has continued for 2,600 years. In such a meaning, it is said that Japan is the world’s oldest nation, based on the same bloodline. However, it is just 2,600 years, so it is only one-tenth of one solar spiral of 25,800 years. So far, 59 Japanese emperors have retired out of 125. Therefore, living retirement is not rare in the Japanese history. However, it has been 200 years from the previous one, so I sense the fact that the current emperor announced his feelings at this timing as an important sign from the viewpoint of the era.

The peak of darkness arrived on December 21st, 2012 and the dawn of the galaxy ended on the day of the summer solstice on June 21st, 2016. We are going toward the era of light, so the Japanese emperor sensed the shift of the era, and felt like this. This is a great event from a universal viewpoint. Moreover, looking at the 248-year cycle of Pluto, we can see the transition of the Imperial succession interlocks with the era based on the relationship between the sun and the Pluto.

pluto slide

Therefore, now that we have faced the great turning point of the universe, we can predict that big disasters will come to Japan. Of course, they will come all over the world, but they will come to Japan first ahead of other countries.

Do you mean natural disasters?

In various ways. The current situation is happening so that Japanese people can restore the original spirit of Yamato. Now, Japanese people’s spirits have been polluted by the US, so such disasters are necessary in order for the Japanese people to become aware of the spirit of Yamato. Then, the Japanese emperor who is getting old has sensed with his intuition that it is getting difficult to accomplish a heavy duty like before, so he has been thinking of giving the throne to the young Crown Prince. The emperor is called “Ten (divine) No (emperor)” in Japanese, so I feel he has sensed the “divine will” with intuition. In such a meaning, his announcement shows the arrival of a universally new era.

Now that we have faced the great turning point from 25,800 years ago, we have entered an era when each one of us will become awakened, from the era when kings and saints governed people. The Japanese emperors have offered rituals with the divine in order to govern the nation. However, the era has arrived when each one of us connects with the divine and thinks of how to operate the earth. It is the arrival of the era when each one of us becomes aware of the consciousness of the “celestial being.”

In order to awaken human minds, which prioritize gratifying their own desires with an expanded ego, the universe and the earth will continue to give humans a severe environment in the form of disasters. That is because the more severe the environment becomes, the more humans will remember to help each other.

The big flood which happened in Thailand two years ago is a good example. Because of this natural disaster, people got together and helped each other.

Especially Japanese people are known as ones who support each other and maintain order in case of such disasters like earthquakes. If Thai people also have such a tendency, this might come from the Buddhist spirit.

What I would like to convey the most is we can create a heaven on earth if we try to enhance our spirituality, transcend our ego and gain a great spirit, without receiving such severe messages. In such a meaning, don’t you think the Konohana way of living can be a model of the next era? When you return to Thailand, I would like you to create such a place there, too.

It is very difficult!

Never give up!!

Will you live with a low consciousness, saying it is difficult? Or, will you aim for a higher consciousness and live without giving up? Which would you choose? When your ego is prioritized, you will live with a low consciousness. When you look toward the divine, and depend on the divine, you will be able to live with a high consciousness. It is just up to you if you can accomplish it or not.

What Isadon is saying is true. It is just up to us if we live with a high consciousness or give up. When I look at the Konohana Family members, they are trying to live their daily life to become a model. If I feel like giving up, I will remember everyone here. No matter how difficult this way of life is, everyone here has been trying to live with a high consciousness. Therefore, we should not give up easily!

I sometimes have mixed feelings. I want to help people, but my friends are very stubborn. So, I feel they deserve it.

You do not have to think of achieving that. The most important thing is that you live with a high consciousness. Today, we talked about World War II. As a matter of fact, nobody wanted to do such a war. However, nobody could stop it and humans had to experience such a horrible matter. In a sense, the era was necessary.

Now, the era has shifted from that of conflicts to that of integration. The divine and the era is for those who have realized this. Many modern people cannot understand the pioneers of an era, but the divine is for them. That is why, they can become a person to accomplish an important mission in this world. Such people are called, a “celestial being.” Therefore, it is important what kind of spirit we have. Then, the flow of the era carries us into the next one.

You have come here with a very deep connection with us. This connection does not end at this time. This is just a beginning for us to accomplish an important mission together.

The reason why I am crying now is that I feel like I am a stubborn student and was hit by a great teacher! So, I should work harder.

First of all, it is essential for you to become flexible.

I feel it is very difficult.

That is because you make yourself a top priority. It would be good if you can live for other people.

What you say is always right, so there is no room to discuss with you. No matter how difficult it is, I should do it. In a sense, I feel like I am a wild animal, and Isadon is a hunter and caught me. So, I cannot escape anymore!

Do you know what will happen next?? We will welcome you as our family and live together happily♪

Wow! Thank you!!

This is not a project just for you. This is not a project for Japan and Thailand, either. This is the story of earth and a universal project.

You came here and thought, “The Konohana Family is a great place!” Therefore, you should not think, “I cannot do this in Thailand!” when you return there. Now, the divine project has begun. The era has arrived when stubborn people like you will become awakened instantly. The era has passed the great turning point already.

The divine is for us. The era flows the way it is. The important thing is that we live with a high consciousness.

Exploring This world from “Blood” ~Blood Donation / Blood Infusion~

Nut and Mind are high school students from Thailand who are here to learn our way of living in the Konohana Family. In order to broaden their worldview, a presentation about “Food”, a familiar theme in general, has been given to them. When the last session had finished, Mind asked Isadon about blood donation.

Do you donate blood in Japan?

Originally, each spirit is independent. Therefore, the blood that indicates each characteristic of life is also a spiritually independent existence. In fact, blood is independent regardless of kinship, such as parents and children or brothers and sisters.

For example, is it possible to transplant organs, but you cannot mix your heart and Nut’s heart, can you? Therefore, the heart does not only carry nutrients through the blood, but it also consolidates our body as one network. Blood circulates through the heart, just like the solar magnetic field of the solar system which aligns to collect all of the stars. Therefore, originally blood should not be mixed with each other.

Medical care has developed and people have begun to transfuse; however, spiritually that kind of action brings confusion. If you transfuse blood with modern technology, the blood will eventually change in its circulation, won’t it? For example, in order to displace all the blood, it is told that it takes four months. This means that during that period, confusion occurs spiritually. Therefore, it is better not to mix blood as much as you can.

Do you mean it is better not to transfuse?

If you need to get a transfusion then do not refuse it, however it is important to maintain your own spiritual harmony

If you are in the situation that you need a transfusion than it must be serious. However, it is important to live without experiencing such a situation, and more so live with a beautiful spirit.

If one has a mind that “I don’t want to die”, one wants to try anything one can to live. However, if you have been mentally prepared, your mind will turn to “Life is given, so I live a fruitful life and I can return it anytime”, and without depending on transfusion, as long as you have certain longevity, your life will revive. However, if you do not have such a mind, and you just want to live, and you choose whatever the means necessary, such as transfusion, then that mind is clouded.

When there was no technology for transfusions, people lived their lives more prepared for death. Nowadays, people have become dependent on technology to live, and no longer understand the meaning of their lives. Prior to technology, people were more accustomed to the certainty of death, and they lived with a high awareness for life. Today, people do not take life as serious because there is so much technology to make our lives easier, live longer, and live for gratification. If you live everyday seriously and improve your own heart, your day will be fulfilled so that your heart turns to a feeling of “I can die at anytime”.

As science and technology develop, peoples’ lives become richer and their minds become more fixed on fulfilling material wealth. Related to this, people have lost the meaning for life and seek only to prolong their own lives.

Originally, the meaning of our lives with a physical body was not concerned with material issues. The aim was to heighten our spiritual awareness, to realize where we came from, and to go back to the spiritual world after achieving our life purpose.

Therefore, as modern people, if you forget such a thing and your consciousness gives priority on physical matters, it will create confusion in society.

We, all live with a promise that someday we will die. So, it is important to live everyday based on an absolute promise that we will reach death.

Not transfusing means that you will have an extra preparation in your life. Primarily, human beings are not physical beings, but spiritual beings. When you think of life as a link to a world after death, then death isn’t fearful. We can consider of how each spirit is individually unique. Before, I spoke about how blood is a passage which collects polluted matter and filters it. Since blood is a passage, when you take others’ blood in, your blood will be also be spiritually polluted.

If modern medical technology is superior, and we are so grateful to live with it, then we will receive a long life. However, that means that you must receive others’ spiritual and physical pollution into your body the transfusion process. Nevertheless, I cannot deny such an act when someone is in need.

It is important to know such a way to purify your own spirit. If you make your life clean and purify your blood, you can always live as a beautiful person.

Currently, we do have a blood donation campaign in Thailand. This is an action to “Help other lives through donating blood”.

That way of thinking is only putting a value on the longevity of life, without questioning the quality of life. Therefore, as more of this kind of thinking develops, a more confused society will manifest.

I thought blood donation was a good thing to do.

Unfortunately, this is still a superficial way of understanding life.

Having preparation in life, and living with a good grace, means that the person’s life is healthy and harmonized with the way of life that the divine people have lived on earth. This is the way of thinking for people who live in the new era.

When we hold the blood donation campaign, it is advertised as “this is the best deed for making other people live longer.”

That is the way of thinking with modern and shallow medical care. However, that does not solve more fundamental problems, and due to this, modern medical practice continues to expand.

So I should be happy because I am a low blood pressure person.

If you have low blood pressure, then you can see this as both positive and negative. This is a reflection of your spirit, and in order to improve that status, you can change how you think, which will influence your diet, and your life with become healthier without low blood pressure.

There is also a food therapy program to raise blood pressure in Thailand.

You should do that for balancing your spirit rather than for your physical health. Health is a reflection of a balanced spirit. If you only focus on physical health, then you will develop issues with your spiritual body. It will bring a problem for your life in another sense if your spirit is not healthy, because you only have a physical outlook of “Let’s be healthy!” Therefore, it is important to live by facing yourself at all times. Various stagnations show you the reality of your spirit, so do not escape from them. In that sense, that sounds like practicing with the mind of a monk, but currently, even monks do not do this much. (laughs)

Currently, our spirit is not healthy. Therefore, many people have diseases and stay in an unhealthy state. So, how can we know the cause of the disease and how can we improve these states?

First of all, an unhealthy human state is influenced through a diseased earth. It can be argued that the society is sick. Don’t you think that sick people are in a poor situation? However, in fact those sick people create a burden on society.

If there are problems in society and there are people who feel uneasy, then there are people who become happy – they are people from insurance companies. When people get in a dispute, there are people who become happy – they are lawyers. Judges’ who keep their jobs would also feel content. When people become greedy and want to have unnecessary things, there are people who become happy – they are manufacturers. When sick people increase, there are people who become happy – they are pharmaceutical companies and doctors who profit from these situations. Therefore, this world is made of confusion and problems.

Isadon told us everyone has an original spirit, but that science has categorized blood types. What does this mean?

Blood types roughly show the tendencies of individual characteristics. Even if there is someone who has the same blood type, each one of us are surrounded by different elements such as the environment and era. The blood sent from heart is a passage of life and the blood itself is spiritual; therefore, blood types can categorize one’s spirituality. When transfusion had started, there was no categorization at that time. From there, the blood was analyzed by science and the differences became clear. Then we were able to see that each of us is an original being. Therefore, ultimately, we have reached the point that blood should not be mixed. When we see someone’s personality by blood type, we can see only some rough tendencies; however, if we can look more accurately, then we end up finding that each one of us are original beings.

The current medical has put a high priority on people living longer, but there is also an importance on death. This is a short, beautiful, and wonderful life, isn’t it? The reason why people try to live longer by depending on the medical system is that medical care has saved people’s lives even though people do not face it themselves.

Not only for disease, but it is important to reflect back on yourself when you encounter any problems, and to find out the cause. In a sense, medical care has deprived us of an opportunity to reflect back on ourselves. That is because medical care itself misses the original purpose and has become focused on making money. This also deprives us from our life purpose as human beings.

Since birth, human beings meet various events, and live in order to develop themselves through knowing who they are. As a result we heightened our spirituality, let go of attachments, and leave our body with our own spiritual value. This is the real purpose of life.

Once you understand this, each one of you will learn from what you encounter in your life and grow. If so, there is no need to have a religion and a guru. The door of that era has just opened now.

Before I went to my current school, I was planning to learn phycology at a university because I wanted to help mentally sick people. There are two ways to help patients with psychology: One is to listen to the issue of the patients and guide them; and another way is to prescribe drugs, for example, prescribe sleeping pills or drugs that make the patient function normally in society. When I checked for the popular university departments, I found the medical, engineering, literature, and commercial arts were the popular ones; however currently psychology is also popular. I think those people who want to be a psychologist actually just want to gain good salary rather than helping people.

Also, our king tries to advocate for a sufficient economy. It is told that in order to understand it, we must first be economically sufficient as individuals. That is to know sufficiency in what we wear, eat and live. However, people who come to learn about economic sufficiency in our educational centers are not in the state of mind to understand how to live as a sufficient state. They are just greedy, and try to learn something for making money and to be self-sufficient. I am not happy about this state.

That means that you have visions ahead of one’s time in you. Now, the era becomes that if you are greedy, you will face a dead-end. We have entered an era that scrapes off all of the unnecessary sheaf and chose only what is necessary from the era of expansion and development. This is not only applied for physical matters but also for the spiritual matters. Therefore, what you are thinking is a matter for the next generation. If you proceed with this thought, you will understand that you are doing something that society requires. That is what Konohana Family is acting on, and also something ahead of psychology.

You will study English very hard, and will come to take “the One-month Truth School” that will be held in February next year. So that, you will be able to master the world beyond medical care and psychology.
See you again!