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Decipher the new “REIWA” era !

The Cycle of the Universe and
the Japanese Era Are


In Japan, since ancient times, there have been “Gengo” – titles for the eras. Ever since the administration of the country by samurais, which had lasted from the Middle Ages for a couple of hundreds of years, ended, and the administration was returned to the emperor in 1867, the “Gengo” has changed every time a new emperor has ascended the throne, and we have followed the transition from “Meiji” to “Taisho” to “Showa” to “Heisei”.

On May 1st, 2019, the “Heisei Emperor” who reigned for 30 years abdicated, and the new emperor ascended the throne. The new era was named “REIWA,” which means “Beautiful Harmony.”

As the new “Reiwa” era has begun, many Japanese people seem to have a feeling that “something will change.” That is how it should be. In fact, the change from one Japanese era to the next is linked to the movement of the stars in the universe. We live in the universe, and switching the cycle of the universe means that we will change the way we are. The change of the “Gengo” in Japan is of global significance, and it is also a cosmic ceremony that weaves the era.

Diagram 1.  Accord of the Cycle of Pluto and
Japanese Era Names

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Pluto’s cycle around the sun over the course of 248 years represents one of the milestones of an era on the earth. The most recent cycle was from 1760 to 2008, and it began from the peak of light (the center of the galaxy = the direction of the central sun). That began with the Industrial Revolution, and people’s lives have changed dramatically, with the material supremacy principle sweeping the world with mass production and mass consumption and the capitalist economy experiencing dramatic development. That cycle was closed with a symbolic event when the global economy fell into chaos due to the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008.
In this cycle of Pluto, there are some specific points, such as the aphelion and perihelion, and the ascending node and the descending node(*), in addition to the peak of light and the peak of darkness.These points show a marvelous match to the change of names of the Japanese eras.
Now, Pluto has announced the end of the cycle that started with the Industrial Revolution, and has been moving forward to the next cycle.

*Aphelion point and Perihelion point
The point where Pluto is the furthest from the Sun (Aphelion point) and the point closest to the Sun (Perihelion point).

*Ascending node and Descending node
The points at which Pluto’s orbit tilts strongly towards the ecliptic plane passing from south to north (ascending node), and from north to south (descending node).



The Era that Gives a Lot of Difficulties as
Learning Opportunities


Diagram 2.  Solar Spiral Motion – a 25800 year cycle

The Sun, which is the center of the solar system, is not a static presence in the space of the universe; with a spiral motion it orbits the Central Sun, which is the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. One spiral motion of the Sun takes 25,800 years, and each spiral encompasses a Peak of Light (summer solstice of the galaxy) and a Peak of Darkness (winter solstice of the galaxy). It repeats this motion about 9000 times, taking about 226 million years to complete one cycle around the Milky Way galaxy, and it never stops. Moreover, the galaxy itself keeps moving in the space of the universe. We always keep traveling in the vast space of the universe toward an unknown place.


Will “A Peaceful Era without Disaster” come?

On the day that the era of REIWA began, an interview of the Japanese people was conducted, and the most common answers to the question, “What are your hopes for the new era?” were: “I want to have an era without disasters” and “I want to have a peaceful era.” However, in keeping with the abnormal weather that has already occurred in various places this year, disasters have actually increased year by year. Even though we may spend our daily life without any problems, various problems have accumulated for society as a whole, and it has become more and more difficult for us to live in this world. This is closely linked to the cycle of the sun, which is the center of our solar system.

On December 21, 2012, the solar system reached the “Winter Solstice of the Galaxy” after 25,800 years, and since that day, the cycle has changed from one of increasing darkness to one of increasing light in the universe. The light is a spiritual light. In the era of increasing darkness, everything was in a cycle of expansion. As things expanded, more distance was created, and people became lonely, separated and struggled, and as a result of their pursuit of materialistic wealth to gain even more, the environment was destroyed, and now the earth is full of garbage that cannot be processed. However, in the midst of increasing darkness, people could not see what they were bringing to this world; they pursued lopsided wealth, believed that it was good, and built up a lot of problems on the earth.

As we have transcended the peak of darkness in which the truth cannot be seen, now, finally, the light begins to shine on our spiritual awakening, and the time has come to illuminate the substance which has been hidden in the darkness up until now. This means that phenomena have appeared as a result of past human actions, and the time has come for us to face this fact. As we now encounter such a physically difficult time, what is required of human beings is to contract. Just as when you inhale, you surely must exhale, the era has reached the peak of expansion, and our earth too, along with the sun, has entered a cycle of cosmic contraction. That contraction means that the distances from one thing to the next are diminished. The magnificent cycle of the sun shows us that.


Diagram 3.  1/4 of Solar Spiral Motion – 6450 years

The 1600-year Cycle of Civilization
Reflecting on the history of human civilization, we find a steady 1600-year cycle in which eastern and western civilizations alternately rise and fall every 800 years. When one group is in a “Prosperous period” of active blooming, the other enters a “Preparation period” to prepare for germination. As if tracing a double helix, the eastern and western civilizations become a pair, advancing the era as they develop.
★A 100-year Period of Upheaval
During every transition period when eastern and western civilizations trade positions, there have been major global upheavals which last about 100 years.
Reference: Institute of History of Civilization Law – The theory of the 800-year civilization cycle

The Ancient Chinese Calendar
According to the Taoist “Ancient Chinese Calendar” of China, the history of human civilization went through a “Blue Light Period,” during which kings controlled people, and a “Red Light Period,” when saints taught and guided people; since 1927, it has entered the “White Light Period,” during which people have awakened by themselves.
*For such a universal cycle to manifest, it must include transitional periods of about 100 years in length.


The Beginning of the 100 Years of Chaos

The cycle of human civilization, which started about 6450 years ago, at the midpoint of the solar system going from the peak of light to the peak of darkness, indicates that the modern age is also at the beginning of an era of absolute chaos.

Since the beginning of civilization, Eastern and Western civilizations have repeated a cycle of rise and fall every 800 years. The 800 years from the 13th century to the 20th century were the times of the Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, the Industrial Revolution, and the period when the Western material civilization that segregates and captures things scientifically blossomed and led the world. However, after 2000, the rise and fall of the East and West switched places. The Western civilization that flourished in those 800 years reached the end of its prosperity and entered the preparation phase of the next cycle, and the era of 800 years of Eastern civilization began to flourish instead.

The Eastern civilization is a spiritual civilization that senses the depths of visible matters and captures things in an integrated manner. Since the beginning of the modern age, Japan tried to catch up with the strong Western countries and forced to imitate them; as a result, Japan expressed “the Yamato (Japanese) spirit” in a distorted form like war, and totally lost its spiritual underpinning by experiencing defeat. When you lose something, you will look for something to replace it. That was the Western material civilization. Not only Japan, but also China and other Asian countries were similarly infected by Western civilization. However, because it was a borrowed civilization that was foreign to the original spirituality, it brought many contradictions to the Asian countries.
As the study of history reveals, there is always a global upheaval at the turn of East-West civilizations that lasts for a transitional period of about 100 years. From this point of view, the modern age is the beginning of a period of world turmoil. This chaos will be greater in the East than in the West, because, in the West, it can be recognized as a matter of course since it happens after the original civilization matures. In the countries in the East, however, many contradictions arise due to the incoming civilization that does not fit their spirits, so the chaos becomes even greater.

According to the “Ancient Chinese Calendar” of China, an ancient source of oriental wisdom, “the age of the common people’s awakening” will begin prior to the winter solstice of the galaxy and the transformation of east-west civilization. What can we decipher about the coming era from the cycle of the stars of the universe and the wisdom of our predecessors?



To Bring
a Beautiful World to
the Earth

Great Harmony, Spirit of Yamato (Japan)

There is another name for Japan that has been passed down since ancient times. That is “Yamato”. At one time in war, young Japanese people plunged into enemy ships with the Yamato spirit. However, the true Yamato spirit does not waste one’s life in such a way. In Chinese characters, Yamato is written as “Great Harmony(大和).” “和” means that each person is unique, respecting each other, making good use of their individuality, helping each other, and living richly. These become the great (大) harmony (和) that is “Yamato (大和)”.
The model for this is the earth’s ecosystem. There are millions of lives on the earth, all of which circulate, connect, and support each other. The world of that great harmony is Yamato (大和), and its name contains the meaning that the people of the country of Yamato are the existence that will bring the beautiful world to the earth.

The Era – from Expansion to Contraction

Now, it is time to change the way we are, in order to respond to global change. In the modern age, we are facing various cosmic turning points, and the biggest turning point in human history. However, even if the era has shifted, people’s consciousness does not change so easily. As the solar system enters the cycle of contraction, people’s consciousness is still on the course of expansion, and despite the earth’s having given various messages, people continue seeking more material abundance.
If you broaden your viewpoint, our living world always keeps spiraling toward unknown places. In that context, if you fix your values and live as a captive of your own perspective, you will move away from the flow of the era of the universe. That is why the universe generates various phenomena and gives them to us as messages urging us to correct our trajectory.

Shrinking means getting closer. Knowing others, revealing yourself, shortening distances, tightening bonds, and sharing with others — this is how we can live with trust and peace of mind without needing many things. This is abundance of mind, not material abundance.
Shrinking may seem constraining for those who feel comfortable with the sense of expansion. However, in the first place, the structure of our life exists only by connecting. In our natural ecosystem, there is no one living apart from others. Our own bodies are also made up of tens of thousands of cells in close association. Furthermore, innumerable stars in the universe, including the earth, also set this world in motion by connecting together on a grand scale, and we are given our lives by that mechanism.

In the previous era, which was heading toward the darkness, everything was in a cycle of expansion, and people came to assume that separating is affluence. However, that living style has brought many contradictions to the world because the substance of the universe is established by being connected. And to connect means to express love. In other words, the essence of the universe is love, and contracting means encountering its essence.

In the coming years, the light will reveal the truth and lead people to awakening. However, the light may seem dazzling for people who do not willingly face toward the light. At that time, instead of fleeing toward the darkness, open your eyes and see the truth. Until now, the era has been one in which the acts that people considered good actually gave rise to mistakes. With these mistakes coming to light, we will from now on enter an era in which the actions that we imagine to be good will in fact lead to truly good things. In order to bring about such a decisive awakening, the universe has given us various phenomena.

With a lovely, unshakable and dignified beauty, each individual is very unique, making the most of their individuality and harmonizing each other. That is the message carried by the new era of “REIWA”.
Unique lives recognize each other and live together in harmony. We were born to bring such a beautiful world to the earth.


Get connected each other and live abundant lives
Why don’t you experience such a life at the foot of Mt. Fuji? 

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The above article is just a part of deciphering the new era. If you would like to know about this era and put that knowledge into practice in your life, please join the “One Month Truth School”. For more details, please click the following link.

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木之花家族通信 2019年 春分号





现代文明早已忘记了与自然的共生而发展之今。 人们为了实现自己的愿望而努力,因愿望被满足而感到快感,并认为这种快感就是富足的证明。 现在,这种结果所造成的矛盾已经在各个方面显现出来。

迄今为止,地球上刻有各种各样的时代。而且时代的变迁与太阳系各恒星的运动有着紧密的联系。 许多人还没有意识到这一点,但是行星的循环周期给地球带来了不同时代的标记,例如现在AI(人工智能)横扫世界,整个社会的运动乃至我们每个人的行动都要受AI的影响,而这些都是这个时代的标记,这些也都是天体意识的表现。

在这样的时代潮流中,家庭中的各种矛盾也以问题的方式显现出来。虐待儿童和DV,孤独死和介护杀人频频发生,本来应该是带着希望构建社会的年轻一代正在迷失,而最具有生产力的20岁代到50岁代的人却带着各种精神疾病。现在,日本有约400万人因精神病疾病接受着治疗,而据传抱有心理不调和的预备军高达十倍。 也就是说每三个公民中有一人是患有心理疾病。但是,现代的精神医疗只是把用药物抑制症状的对症疗法做为主要方法,哪怕是所提供的咨询疗法也没有从根本上让人恢复健康的力量。不仅如此,病痛的时间越长对医院来说会产生更多利益,所以有些精神医疗现场甚至会存在不希望患者根治的倾向。况且,医疗费已被包含到GDP当中,实际上也成了富裕的指标之一。

正如关于疾病在书上写道“气场病了”,所有的疾病都是由心引起的。就像我们的身体与任何人的身体都不相同一样,我们每个人的心比我们的外表更加的独特。哪怕疾病的症状看起来一样,导致疾病的经纬都各不相同,所以不存在“对于抑郁症可以这样治疗”那样的一成不变的万能方法。这个人出生在什么样的环境里,拥有什么样的气质,走过什么样的人生,此外他的灵魂经历了什么样的变迁,现今身处什么样的社会环境中,走进每一个人的特有人生之中,一起走过并解读得到疾病的根源,找出能够真正康复的方法 – 这就是NPO法人GreenGrass提供的自然疗法程序。

这里有着许多现代医学无法改善的人恢复健康的奇迹般的治疗案例。那就是逆转疾病问题本身,并走上悟出活着的意义的道路上。不仅只是恢复个人的健康,更是可以完善个体所在的社会环境,变得更加富足。现在的世界,面临着一个巨大的转折。 太阳系的恒星在告诉我们这样的周期,这也是超出我们人类智慧的大宇宙意志的显现。与此同时,生活在地面上的我们的心灵的变化反过来会推进宇宙的进化。

用这种方法,让更多的人满怀希望地活在未来 ────






NPO法人GreenGrass与木之花家族合作,提供如何面向自己的内心,如何改善心灵的计划。 这就是“自然疗法(通用名称:护理停留)” 。是一种生活在木之花家族内恢复身心健康的计划。






1.富有活力的健康饮食 = 开启身体的免疫力

在木之花家族,食物被视为“药食同源”,并使用自然循环方法(自然赋予的生命力源之原理)制造几乎所有的食材。 充满活力的食物就像药物一样治愈心灵和身体。 我们以糙米素食为中心,导入了结合西式甲田疗法(禁食/半禁食疗法/生食)等酵素食的健康饮食法。这种饮食生活,不仅可以改善过敏性体质,更可以促进情绪稳定,对心灵的疾病也非常有效,甚至可以带来更大的改善。

2.顺应自然规律的生活节奏 = 生活在月亮太阳和地球的节奏之中

在以农业为中心的家庭生活中,我在白天工作,在固定时间吃饭,在一天结束时,我回顾那天发生的事件。正常的生活节奏(月亮,太阳和地球) 通过聆听节奏,每个人都可以合理地准备身心节奏。


我们支持那些照顾自己的心脏引起疾病,支持探索心灵方式,并提供改变生活意识的环境的人。 我们不会对待你。
重要的是获得人们自己将面对的“心灵的免疫力”而不会分散注意力。 那些每天接触这种家庭生活活动的人可以回到原来的工作场所或家中遇到任何问题,他们可以保持思想并将他们与健康的日子联系起来 它会像。










主要支持者 Jiiji 及古田伟佐美



关于逗留期间的日常生活,主要的支持者根据护理的状况提供建议。 通常情况下,第一周不会设任何的课题只是自由的生活。然后,白天会从事农作物或家务等根据当时的情况而定的工作。之外还会通过写日记或面谈等一点一点培养客观的观察自己的眼光。


基本上,我们不会要求在逗留期间实现100%的改善,而是以约70%的改善(由主要支持者来判断)为结束点,进而回到原来的生活场景中通过现场的实践来进一步改善。 逗留期间结束被称为“毕业”,并举行“毕业音乐会(毕业典礼)”以庆祝新的人生之旅。

毕业后,有些人回到原来的学校或工作场所,而有些人则选择继续留在木之花家族。在这种情况下,作为一个长期访客,我们正计划进一步稳定我们的身心,我们在寻求未来前景的同时帮助他们,以及一段时间的待遇 在某些情况下,确保收入和加深家庭生活中的学习。

毕业后,我们将通过电子邮件回复咨询和咨询。 还有许多人通过定期探访家庭继续留下并继续深化学习。 通过在一段时间内发送家庭生活和家庭生活,与会员建立了牢固的联系,当您再次访问时,每个人都会笑着迎接“请回家”。 “似乎第二个家庭已经被制作了”以及“在任何时候有可以咨询的地方鼓励”的印象被聚集。

(需要包括住宿费,食品费,设施使用费,洗衣费等在内的每日税3,340日元)。 其他费用如医院费用将由您承担。 与护理相关的活动,如访谈和支持者,由志愿者提供,并且是免费的。 大约逗留时间为1个月至3个月。










在2019年1月,帕蒂像是渴望抓住一根浮木一样,到访了木之花, 在当时的面谈当中,主要治疗负责人Jiiji老师说,“你需要的不是治疗,而是扩大世界的观点”,于是开始进行了一连串的自然疗法。

首先,帕蒂被赋予“透过写日记准确的理解自己”的任务,帕蒂也很积极的每天进行,Jiiji说“你对自我的分析是完美的” 然而,与此同时,Jiiji说:“即使有改善自己的欲望,但这种习惯也是自己的内心盲点 ,容易受到自己想法的束缚,误解这种表现就是自由。这是优秀人意外会掉入的陷阱。“ 在这种情况下,当帕蒂停留两周时,Jiiji提出了一个开创性的建议!

这个企划整理了帕蒂性格的两面性,“帕蒂 A一个活在自己的旧习和情绪中“,“帕蒂 B一个能够客观地观察劝戒自己的人“,和Jiiji 每晚都有面谈的时间。 Jiiji说,“帕蒂 B有充分的智慧足够让自己活得十分的健全,但你到现在为止都在抵抗帕蒂 B的自己。这个企划的关键是,我们应该让哪一个帕蒂的想法被摆在优先。让你的思维逆转,你就有能力帮助自己也能有能力帮助别人。“

然后Jiiji给他建议和鼓励,帕蒂,在早晨起床时, “若是早晨醒来,带有负面情绪,就当成遇到了负面情绪的帕蒂A,这也就是改善的机会。当你有负面情绪,就当成是审视自己的机会”。一开始收到丈夫的邮件,心情起伏是非常的剧烈,但是她转化心境,让自己淡定的去面对。
通过这些努力,帕蒂开始摆脱他束缚自己的局面,能够客观的去看自己的实际状态。 而且,随着逐渐扩大自我对世界的看法,渡过了6周内从自然疗法计划。


每个人都是开放的,我们试图愉快地帮助别人,并试图分享一切。 现在我不需要自己了解一切,天会适切的支持我们。 我真诚地感谢大家给予我的。





静冈县富士宫市猫沢238 – 1 Ohisama House Himawari

GreenGrass由与木之花有着共同理念的伙伴们成立于2001年。 以建立人们互助共生的社会为目标,与木之花家族合作开展各种社会贡献活动。



“A Clear Sky”

A ninth grader named Kanoko represented the junior high school which she goes to, and participated in the 55th English Speech Contest for Junior High School Students of Fujinomiya-City on September 7th. The title of her speech was “A Clear Sky.” She placed her life into a lotus flower in her speech. When she did not go to school in her life, she was like in the mud. Then, she went through various experiences at a new place, and is growing every day to bloom a beautiful lotus flower in her life. As a result of expressing her life poetically in English, she got the second prize and advanced to the English Speech Contest of the East Shizuoka Prefecture.

The contest of the eastern district was held on September 21st, about two weeks after the municipal one. Her genuine smile attracted the audience and she received the biggest applause out of all of the participants. A judge said, “Appealing to the mind is important at this English Speech Contest.” Moreover, both judges praised her, saying, “First of all, the content of her speech is wonderful. Also, it matches with her personality.” As a result, she successfully won the first prize!

This is how she gained a ticket to move to the prefectural contest which was held on October 4th, about two weeks after the regional one. As she said, “I was not nervous, but I could not put my soul into my speech. So, I have some regret,” she could not maximize her charms. Also, the level of the participants was so high that, unfortunately, she could not advance to the national contest.

However, she has learned a lot through her participation in the contest, and her mind has grown bigger. After the contest, she said, “I will make more efforts, driven by regret.” Her great efforts have moved us, and given a great impact on the Konohana children who became interested in English thanks to her.

Isadon, who has supported her in terms of her mentality, made the following comment:
I have given advice that she should put her soul into her words throughout this speech contest. When I heard her speech on the previous day of the contest of the eastern district, I thought, “Her soul has begun to echo in her words finally. That was the best speech I have ever heard.” Therefore, the vibrancy which was beyond her English abilities echoed at the speech contest site, and led her to the first prize at the eastern district.

To tell you the truth, a vision came up to me the other day. In the vision, she is an adult and talks in front of many people in English. There is so much important data to show about the model of the new era to the world, as exemplified by the Konohana Family. When I was listening to her speech, I thought, “Here is an appropriate person for the next generation to convey such important messages.” Then, I said to her, “This contest is just one step in your life. These steps will continue all throughout your life. Please understand this and work on this contest.”

Now that English is the world’s official language, I saw a vision in which she will convey the Konohana spirituality, in English, in the future. I would like her to live a sacred life as, ultimately, a sacred person.

At first, I thought she would advance to the national contest, but unfortunately it did not come true. She looked a little regretful, but she knew that she has another path. We confirmed that this is the beginning of the next step. Also, I said to her, “Experiencing such a setback is the same as lotus flowers blooming out of the mud.”

In fact, I said to her, “Now that the English Speech Contest for Junior High School Students is over, it is time to begin to prepare for the one for High School Students!” She had a great experience this time, so I am looking forward to her bright future. I really appreciate everyone who has stayed with her and supported her in many ways to weave her story together. Thank you so much.”

It seems like a big soul is hidden in her small body. It is easy to imagine that she will make a speech on the importance of spirituality to people in the world in the near future. Surely, she will bloom as a beautiful flower in her life.



A Clear Sky

In early summer lotus flowers begin to bloom around my house. I’m always impressed with the beautiful flowers from the muddy pots. Looking at them reminds me of my past.

I was in the sixth grade when I stopped going to school. I didn’t like to study at all. I thought there was no need for me to attend my classes. I took care of my younger brother at home. I also spent my days doing things I liked to do. People around me often said “Go to school, or you’ll be in trouble.” I ignored all their advice. I was very selfish. I hate to admit it but I was stuck in the mud.

I came to a turning point in my life when I was thirteen. My family moved from Hokkaido to Fujinomiya to a community that consists of 100 members who received us warmly. I felt I was a part of this big family. For the first time I tried to be more open and talked with people of all ages.

One day an older man from the community said to me “Go to school, then you will be able to have experiences necessary for your age.” His words echoed in my mind. I tried to check myself again and again. Finally, I admitted that I had been making excuses to avoid school. It was time for me to go. I felt brighter and I looked forward to having new friends.

I enrolled, but had some troubles at my new school. I had a conflict with one of my classmates because of some communication on LINE. He and his close friends began to bully me. I was sad. I wanted to change and build a better relationship with them. In the past I would just blame everybody else and escape from school. But this time I asked myself. “What have I done?” I discovered that I was also wrong. I tried to listen to their opinions. Little by little they became friendly to me. They helped me to see things from many angles. It was time for me to grow.

I didn’t like science and math before. Should I give up on these subjects again or try harder this time? I decided to spend more time studying them. I read my textbooks in advance. Every time I solve the problems by myself, I’m excited like a scientist who discovers something new. I realized that a little more effort on what seemed so difficult can be interesting.

I enjoy my school life now. The simple school routines like, the morning greetings, handing in my assignments on time, serving school lunch and so on, make me more responsible. Working with my juniors is very challenging. Taking all the tests is very nerve-wracking. Playing soccer with my team is exciting. Listening to the teachers can be interesting or sometimes boring. Everything has a meaning and I’m growing every day. I treasure all these experiences and the friendships.

I remember the passage I read before. “Every child is a different kind of flower and all together makes this world a beautiful garden.” I will continue to open my heart and work harder. I’m determined to bloom like the lotus flower under the clear blue sky. What about you? What kind of flower are you? I’m excited to see you bloom too.



One Month Truth School 2018

One Month Truth School 2018

Quorum has already been reached!
Thank you for your interest.


The One Month Truth School is a place where you make a breakthrough in your life by analyzing the vast flow of the era and awakening to the true-self which you have been unaware of. This program will allow toy to gain power over your life in the world by going beyond your set ideas and expanding your worldview.


Date: February 25th (Sun) to March 24th (Sat), 2018
For 28 days

Konohana Family

Konohana Family,
238-1 Nekozawa, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan


Capacity: 15 people

Participation Fee*: Self-assessed sliding scale.
*Participation fee covers tuition, accommodation, food, insurance, etc.

High income (more than 4mil.JPY/yr) : 220,000JPY,
Medium income (more than 2mil to less than 4 mil. JPY/yr): 200,000JPY
Low income (less than 2mil. JPY/yr): 180,000JPY

  • This includes participation fee, accommodation, food, washing clothes, and insurance.
  • If you would like to pay by installment, please consult with us.
    If the installment, you need to complete the payment before the program starts.
Main Facilitator, Isadon
Main Facilitator, Isadon

Through the various facets of the program such as “Worldview”, “Farming”, “Food”, “Medical Care”, “Economy”, “Environment”, “Education”, “Social”, and “Art”, you will be guided to open the eyes of your heart to see the truth of this world by reading individual personality, mission of life, and analyzing the flow of the era.

Example of the Program:
Learning of Humanity (Karma reading & Heliocentric Calendar)/ Establishment of Community/ Farming of Universal Circulation Method/ Facilitation/ Wide Open Your Worldview/ Economy of Bodhisattva/ Natural Therapy Program/ Food Therapy/ Culturing Microorganisms/ Making Miso/ Creativity & Art/ Katakamuna/ Sex & Universe/ Preparation for Natural Disasters / How to have sustainable spirit
– As the program is not fixed, the above are just examples. The most suitable options for interactive communications between the participants and the organizers will be offered, so this is the one and only program anywhere which is unpredictable for everyone.
– When we receive application form from overseas, the program is offered in two languages, Japanese and English.

* Through various events in the community, such as birthday parties and festivals, you can feel the real community life in which each individual expresses their gifted talents, supports each other, and lives harmoniously in practice by following the laws of the universe.

Pounding Mochi
Performance at the Monthly Birthday Party
Completion Party


Flow of A Day:

7:30  Breakfast
8:30  Morning Class (Including tea break)

12:00   Vegetarian Lunch/ Break

14:00 Afternoon Class (Including snack break)
17:30 Bath Time
18:30 Dinner
20:30 Community Meeting (Optional)


*Time may be varied by programs.
*Every Sunday (or Saturday) are program free day.
*You can experience community life on the free day.

Supporter System:
A supporter is selected for each participants in order to support life in general. You can consult with him/her on whatever is difficult to talk about in a big group. At the end of the 2nd week, you can change your supporter and appoint whoever you would like to be your supporter for the remaining two weeks.



The Time to Swing into the Era is the 21st Century


The 21st century is the opening toward the year 3000!
Now that the era has entered the 21st century, a new time has begun toward the year 3000. However, looking at the current society, still so many people have been controlled by the materialistic values of the previous millennium. Therefore, modern people are hesitant to find a new value and move toward the future. As a result, such human figures have manifested as a world of confusion and hopelessness. Clearly, this is a message from the flow of the new era. However, unless we understand this deeply and take a step toward a hopeful direction, this chaos will continue.

Now is the time when we humans have an opportunity to step into a hopeful direction, which is all being revealed by the era. In addition, it prepares the energy we need to reach there. Now all preparations have been completed!

As the driving force, the era is allowing us to “repel”, a method of changing the orbit of a spacecraft by utilizing the gravity of a planet. Moreover, this also makes it possible to accelerate the spacecraft by utilizing the planet’s orbital motion.

The strongest driving force for modern people is the flow of the new era, which began on “the winter solstice of the galaxy” on December 21st, 2012. Just like the Earth’s winter solstice, the amount of light begins to increase. The solar system has passed the winter solstice after 25,800 years and a great transitional stage has begun, turning from an era of darkness into light. The time has come when we humans are allowed to harmonize with this great turning point, and repel with the new era toward the year 3000!

Humans are given an advanced ability to understand this exquisite system of “repelling” and physically explore the universe. And spiritually, if each one of us gains a high-dimensional consciousness, we will be able to reach this state of travelling in the universe even in zero gravity, utilizing the free energy which exists everywhere in this world. The next millennium is the era when we humans will be aware of how to travel the universe in such a state.

What is required of us is the “will” to sense the changes of the era and get on its flow.


When we free our minds,
we can understand that we freely travel in the vast universe.

  It is not a simple spacewalk,
     but a state of traveling in the universe with WILL



Main Organizer: NPO Greengrass
Co-organizer: Konohana Family

Inquiry: Michiyo or Yoko
Telephone number: +81-544-66-0250 or +81-544-67-0485
E-mail: intl★konohana-family.org (Please replace ★to@)

Application: Please contact us directly


We are waiting for your participation!

“Preach the Spirit to the Whole Land under the Sun”

Korean girls called Somin (10-year-old), Shanrin (10-year-old) and Ieyon (8-year-old) and Shanrin’s mother named Linlin have been staying at the Konohana Family for a summer vacation since July 26th, 2016. They had an opportunity to talk with Isadon, a founder of this community. Shanrin was born and grew up with the Konohana Family until she became one year old, and she continues to come back to stay here with her mother every year. The talk with Isadon began with Shanrin’s question.

Isadon, I have a question! What does “Konohana” in “Konohana Family” mean?

“Ko” means a tree, “No” means of and “Hana” means flowers. So, “Konohana” means a tree which blooms many flowers.

This means the big tree of Isadon may bloom many small flowers like us!

Hahaha! This is not true, though. A typical tree flower in Japan is a cherry blossom. They bloom beautifully all together and fall just the same. The goddess of Mt. Fuji is called “Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto” and it is said that her flowers are cherry blossoms or plum blossoms. She represents the beauty, graciousness, and transience of life.

What do you think plum blossoms represent? Plums are good for our health, right? So, they represent health and longevity.

There is another typical tree flower. Do you know what it is?

Peach blossoms?

Bingo! It is said that peach blossoms are flowers of a lotus land in China. A lotus land means a utopia where everyone lives happily. Also, peaches represent eternal youth and longevity.

Moreover, “Ko” in “Konohana” also means individuals in Japanese. For example, each Konohana Family member is like a blossom. When each individual blooms a flower of their life, many flowers bloom on a big tree of the Konohana Family, making a beautiful big blossom like cherry, plum and peach blossoms.

In the beginning, I did not know about the goddess of Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto at all. Before we moved to the foot of Mt. Fuji in 1994, we went to see the sunrise at Mt. Fuji for the first time on New Year’s Day in the year of 1992. I was walking around the pasture at the foot of Mt. Fuji before the sunrise. Then, Mari-chan, a founding member took some photos of me walking around, and the light always appeared above my head in the photos! If the sun was up, it would be understandable that the light appeared, reflecting my head. However, although the sun did not rise yet, the light appeared in the photos.

When I looked at them, I sensed that the god of Mt. Fuji is happy to have us at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Later, when I went to the city hall of Fujinomiya city to consult about moving in this area, I also went to Sengen-Taisha shrine nearby. I asked a priestess, “Who is the god of this shrine?” Then, she taught me that it is Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto, the goddess of Mt. Fuji. I had no idea about what kind of goddess she was, so I asked her about it. Then, she gave me a brochure, which says, “Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto represents the beauty, graciousness, and transience of life.” Once I looked at it, I knew that this was a way of life we should aim for. That is why, we decided to call our community, the “Konohana Farm.” Later, when more and more international people came to visit us, it was renamed the “Konohana Family.”

Isadon did not expect that the Konohana Family would become like this?

Isadon is so smart that he knew it would become like this and started the Konohana Family!

Hahaha! I knew this way of life is important.

It is very important!

When I was 40, I climbed Mt. Fuji for the first time. At the summit of Mt. Fuji, the divine said to me, “Preach the spirit that you have learned and mastered from the divine to the whole land under the sun.” “The whole land under the sun” means the whole world. I received the message to spread the divine spirit to the whole world, so I came to the foot of Mt. Fuji from Aichi Prefecture where I lived before.

I want to climb to the summit of Mt. Fuji and receive a message from the divine!

Hahaha. Let’s climb Mt. Fuji together next time♪

I want to go, too!

Sure. I have been to the summit of Mt. Fuji eleven times. When I received the message from the divine, I thought “One day, the time will come when this way of life becomes important for the world. Therefore, I should move to the foot of Mt. Fuji and begin a life to become a model of the world.” Then, the Konohana Family began with 20 companies who resonated with the spirit.

Who came with you?

Eikoba-chan, Ai-chan, Nori-chan, Rei-chan, Mari-chan, Chanappi, Kazuko-chan, Haru-chan, Junji-man, Yasuedon.


She is not a founding member.

She did not come with you?? Then, why is she your best friend in the community??

Hahaha! When she came to the Konohana Family for the first time 9 years ago, she said in front of everyone, “I want to learn the divine spirit here. In order to do so, I think it would be the best to learn near Isadon and help his work.” Since then, she has been working with me through coordinating the natural therapy program, editing blogs and doing the translation.

I think her spiritual learning has ended?!

The learning of the spirit continues forever. It is the path to reach the divine.

Do we reach the divine before we die??

Even if we die, we have to learn. (Everyone laughed at Shanrin’s unhappy face.)

…Then, how about you, Isadon??

I continue to learn the spirit, too. The universe is very vast and complicated.

I knew this way of life is important. So did 20 founding members who came with me. However, nobody knew exactly what kind of life it would be at all. Since we had no clue, we have lived as the divine told us. Then, we have encountered people and events that we could not imagine. This is how the Konohana Family has reached here. I could not imagine this in the beginning, but the important way of life I thought has formed the way it should be.

Can I ask you another question? I want to know where people came from!

I do not think people knew how they would become, either. Just like the Konohana founding members, they could not imagine that they would reach the current world. People are born, accumulate experiences gradually on earth and die. Then, new people are born and take it over. People, in turn, have lived on earth and have reached the current world. It is as if people have advanced like going up the stairs of earth. Every time they go up one stair, they come to understand this world and the divine spirit. However, I think that the divine who has been watching from above knows everything!

Where did humans come from? The ancestor of humans are called ape-men and we have become humans from apes. They existed on earth about 4 million years ago. Then, all of a sudden, apes learned to use a tool and fire!

Please imagine. In the beginning, the earth was a very hot planet. There was no life. Then, when it cooled down gradually, vapor became rain and it made oceans. At that time, the volcanic activities were active, so lava came out from volcanos and continental plates hit each other and rose, which made lands. It was about 4 billion years ago.

There was an existence who was watching how the earth changed. It is God. Where were you before you were born?

I was “Mikoto (meaning living with God in the phenomenal world in Japanese)!”

Yes, we were only souls. It is the same figure as God. So, before souls embodied apes which became the base of humans, the souls of humans existed with God in the divine world and waited for a time when their receivers would become ready. The earth was formed gradually in the universe. Then, oceans were created and so was the land.

It is primitive cells that came down on earth as the first life. It changed in various ways, and became fish in the oceans. Then, they went up on the land and became amphibians like frogs. Next, they became reptiles like snakes and lizards, and divided into birds and mammals. Finally, apes appeared from mammals. When the divine spirit saw them from above, it thought, “They are the best receivers for us to come down on earth!”

There is a Chinese character of “神”and the right part of “申”means apes according to the Chinese zodiac. When life evolved to the stage of apes on earth, the God who was watching the process from above showed (示) the divine will on the body of apes (申). That is why the Chinese character of “神” is an old form of “神 (God)”! The God came down on apes and became the human ancestor of ape-men.

Ape-men and apes are totally different. Ape-men were given divine wisdom. Therefore, they started to use tools and fire.

Do the monkeys that God did not enter just remain monkeys?

That is right. Apes that God did not enter continued just as monkeys and became chimpanzees and gorillas. On the other hand, apes that God entered became ape-men, the human ancestors. Humans have wisdom and came to have their own wishes. In addition, they have a high ability, so they became able to gratify their desires. A long long time ago, it was difficult for humans to survive. Therefore, they helped each other to live. However, when they became clever, made and discovered various things, and evolved, they became selfish and greedy, started to lie and even steal things from others and make conflicts!

Because humans became greedy, a gap among people emerged.

Exactly! Originally, all the lives were connected with each other in the natural ecosystem. So, in the beginning, the world was not convenient only to humans. However, they thought of only themselves, so they created an artificial world where they destroyed nature. A long time ago, humans sensed the divine energy, talked with plants and animals, and lived with nature. It was to live with the divine. At that time, humans had a mind of “Nature supports our life” and “We receive life.” However, the modern people have lived only with their own power and thought, “I am not helped by anybody.” So, they have forgotten the existence of the divine.

Nature such as the sun, earth, water, air and wind gives equally to all lives. The reason why everyone can live is because the earth rotates and revolves around the sun, and the sun travels in the universe. That is why, time was born in this world, life was born and we can live every day.

I have realized such an important matter, so I decided to live with gratitude for nature to give us our life. In order to do so, the most important thing is not to prioritize our selfish mind, purify our spirits, and live for the world and others. This is how the Konohana Family has taken its path.

The current people have forgotten such a thing and live with their selfish mind. Therefore, the earth has been full of problems and has become a difficult world for all lives, including humans. Then, the Konohana way of life has become very important for the current world.

Is the truth about humans because they are stupid and have a bad mind? Or is there anything else??

Looking at the current world, human activities have been really silly and they consider what becomes their problems as good matters! Originally, humans were divided from God and formed as each individual. Therefore, we have such a high consciousness within ourselves.

People do bad things, feel unpleasant or become sick. Then, they learn what was wrong. People become precious in this manner. However, it is important to realize “Why it has become like this?” beforehand, and change our own attitude even before having a hard time or become sick. It is called “Polishing our spirits.” Therefore, polishing our spirits is the top priority at the Konohana Family. Then, our spirits become more beautiful and the world becomes better without going through a hard time.

If we do not know that, we will continue to hurt ourselves.

That is right. Such people tend to repeat the same problems. When a trouble occurs, they blame others or society for it, and do not want to reflect on themselves. Therefore, they leave themselves the way they are and try to change their environment, don’t they? However, all we encounter in our life is the result of how we have lived.

Such people are silly!

They live hard; however, their efforts do not turn out to be a good matter. For example, there is the flow and law of this world. In this system, stars communicate with each other and time flows from the past to the future. However, if you do not know about it, and live only with your thoughts, no matter how hard you live, problems will occur in this world.

You know such a system already, so you can teach it to everyone in the future.

It seems like I know what my problem is.

Hahaha. Ordinary people do not know that. Even if trouble happens to them, they just feel sorry about themselves and do not consider what their problem would be. When all humans reflect on themselves and purify their spirits, a beautiful world will appear automatically. However, instead of doing so, people try to become rich by owning money, ask for financial abundance from politicians, or blame others by saying, “My life does not get better because society is wrong!”

Leaders have to take a risk, then.

That is right. If the world has not become a great one yet, then it cannot be understood in the society to live with an important way of life. In such a meaning, leaders have to take risks. However, even if many people do not understand it yet, you have sensed that a new era is coming, haven’t you? For example, at a place like the Konohana Family, although we do not know what will be ahead of us, we all know this way of life is important. So, we can live like this.

In Buddhism, people aim for “enlightenment.” It means not to separate ourselves from other people so that a gap does not emerge. We should respect all lives. On top of that, we should value other people just as we value ourselves. Therefore, they teach to live not only for ourselves but for the world. This is the way of life for great people.

In order for ordinary people to be great ones, are religions necessary? Or, if we study very hard, can we become great people?

You are asking about “How can we become like that?” That is the way of thought based on achieving a goal by your own power. The past 6500 years was such an era when people developed science and technologies, competed with each other, and tried to become rich for themselves. However, from the universal viewpoint, the peak of that value came about 3.5 years ago on December 21st, 2012, and such an era has ended already. In terms of religions, the past 3000 years was the era when religions have said they would properly guide people, but at the same time, they have promoted divine favor and gathered people by saying, “If you join this group, you will be happy” or “You can become rich.” Also, they have made conflicts by saying, “My teaching is right and other teachings are wrong.” In this manner, religious organizations have been established and a gap between the guru and followers has emerged. This was not a great thing at all. The religious side has always thought of protecting and expanding their organization and cheating followers out of money, and the followers’ side has only wished for their own benefits. That is why, the place which is supposed to create a beautiful spirit has actually created very dishonorable humans.

Now, I know the reason why all the adult and kid members at the Konohana Family live together like friends!

Exactly. Children will live in the future, won’t they? The future is a more advanced era, so the level of their souls are higher. That is why, the adults here treat the children just as their company.

Children are small adults!

Humans have the age of their souls and bodies. The age of their bodies is a period of how long they have lived on earth this time. We cannot see the age of their souls from that. We can know the age of their souls by what kind of thought they have and how they live. However, older souls are not always better. If possible, it is important to become a person with a high and broad consciousness. That is why, everyone wants to go to the summit of Mt. Fuji. It is said that Mt. Fuji is the mountain of divine wisdom in this world. And our souls know that we can get closer to the divine there.

I will spread Isadon’s spirit to my school friends!

If you want to spread it to everyone, it would become your value. So, it would be good to do so.

Now, I am answering your questions. I am answering what you want to know, but on the contrary, there is so much information I know. However, it is not a new story for you. You just remember stories that you have in your spirit. That is why, you can accept and understand it right away, saying, “Yes, yes! I knew that!”

Then, even if people around you do not understand it, you can have confidence in your life. Common people in South Korea have not understood such a truly important thing yet. Actually, many people in the world have not understood it yet. So, people who have understood the importance should live the spirit even if many people do not understand it. This is very significant. When we understand its importance, we can have a strong will and accomplish our mission. Let’s create a world where everyone lives for everyone and the earth.

Then, peace prevails on earth!

Exactly! Not only that, the world will become truly abundant. We will be able to live with less amounts of money. Furthermore, unnecessary things will disappear, so the environment will not get worse. In such a meaning, a very simple and rich world will emerge.

From my viewpoint, Isadon appears to be the biggest star out of all the people I have met, but at the same time, he seems just a part of the universe.

Yes, this is the story of humanity. It is a story of the universe. This time, you came to the Konohana Family for the first time. This is just the beginning to work together from now on. Let’s have time to talk together again♪

Yes! Thank you for the great talk today♪

Mt. Fuji, Lotus flowers and people

In this way, the divine spirit has spread from the foot of Mt. Fuji to South Korea. The divine story will be continued forever.