The Konohana Family English Newsletter Vol.2

Why Do People Become Sick?
A Medical Revolution Which will Not Need
Drugs or Hospitals Anymore

Welcome to the Earth!

 The boundless and infinite expansion of the universe. The earth where we live is a really tiny existence within it. However, this tiny planet is a miraculous one out of all miracles in the whole universe. No matter how hard humans explore the universe, gathering the most advanced technology and wisdom, they cannot find life. On the other hand, the earth is like a sea of lives! All kinds of lives from animals, plants to invisible microorganisms link with each other and circulate infinitely, and create a symphony of majestic life for the global ecosystem.
Now, let’s look at how this life network exists!

Blood Connects Everything

Our human body is a collectivity of complicated and diverse functions, consisting of about 60 trillion cells. It is the blood that connects throughout the body. The diameter of the finest part is invisibly fine like less than one hundredth of a millimeter. Connecting all blood which spreads like a network from the crown to the toe, it is said that it becomes two and a half the length of the periphery of the earth. Blood runs though vessels which circulate so thoroughly that it continues to be provided throughout the body.


It is the heart, the center of all organs which sends out the blood to the entire body. In Japanese, the heart (心臓) is literally the organ (臓) of the mind (心). When our hearts ripple and throb, they spread the state through the blood to the entire body instantly, and affects our actions. The blood carries the mind. If an unbalanced lifestyle pollutes the blood, the pollution spreads throughout the body. An unbalanced mind is the cause of an unbalanced lifestyle, and it pollutes the entire body. The unclean blood gives burden to other organs, and brings problems. If the blood vessels clog up due to pollution, the blood cannot run through there and comes to decay.

Blood has two types of pollution: physical pollution which can be detected by medical examination and a spiritual one which cannot be expressed with numeric value. Either way, the cause is the mind. When people live with a beautiful mind every day and their blood circulates throughout the body without any stagnation, they can be always healthy.


Now, let’s expand our viewpoints a little bit. When 60 trillion cells gather and form one human life, a society where humans gather and create is also one life. Then, what would be the blood of society? It is money which connects throughout a society and circulates. Money also carries the human mind. It can carry consideration and gratitude or carry anxiety and desires and inhibit the flow. Now, if money does not spread throughout a society, and stays in specific places, various issues will occur. If the blood of money does not circulate, a society itself will become sick.


Let’s expand our viewpoint more. The earth which consists of such a human society and other various lives is also one life. Then, what would be the blood of the earth?


It would be the Water. Water is the source of all lives. The water which comes down on earth as rain flows throughout the earth, becomes a river, pours into the ocean, circulates throughout the world, rises up to the sky, becomes a cloud, and becomes rain again. It runs through the body of humans and other lives, and circulates everywhere on this planet. Water connects our lives, however now water pollution has spread due to an artificial production of micro plastics. They are so invisibly fine that we cannot collect them and they have spread gradually, beginning to bring a serious issue on earth. The only way to purify such an invisible pollution is through an invisible spiritual power, which is the human mind.

Then, let’s expand our viewpoint even more. If the solar system which consists of the sun, nine planets including the earth, and numerous small celestial bodies is also one life, what would be the blood of the solar system which connects everything?


“Always Look Towards Me”

 The Heart of the Solar System, the Sun

All life activities have the mind. The heart which is in the center of all, sends out the mind to the entire body, which creates our actions and our life. In the same way, the solar system follows the mind of the sun at the center, and all the stars move around it. It is the solar magnetic field that delivers the mind of the sun to the whole.


Planets describe their original orbits, interlock with each other, share time, and continue to move forward along with the sun in the infinite universe. In such complicated motions, the morning and night come upon earth every day as promised; and so do the spring, summer, autumn and winter every year. It is because the solar magnetic field carries the mind of the sun, and connects the earth and the other planets as one life activity in the network of the solar system.

The sun shines light on earth, gives heat, creates winds, circulates water, which is the blood of the earth, and nurtures life.The sun is the heart of the solar system and at the same time, it is the heart of the earth. It sends out orders to the whole solar system, interlocks stars, and shows the direction to earth. When human minds deviate from it and a problem occurs, the sun creates natural disasters in order to tell its will to the earth, and sends a message to “Improve such an attitude” to us. Everything from the era which proceeds on earth to the way of our human life is under the solar guidance.


Then, if the solar system is one life, there is an even bigger majestic life which includes everything in the world, making the solar system just a cell. Yes, it is the universe. Now, what would be the blood of the universe? What connects and circulates all, and ties the whole universe as one life? It is the spirit, the universal mind. Everything from humans who live on earth to the sun which guides the earth is under the universal mind, and is given life in the great network.

The Most Visible State – the Body

The bigger the scale of life expands from humans, a society, the earth, the solar system to the universe, the more invisible and spiritual the blood which circulates in it becomes. On the contrary, the smaller and closer matters become, the more visible, dense and physical they become. This world exists under the fractal structure where everything from big matters to small ones is based on the same system. Even in a smaller scale than the human body, there are roles of the blood. The smaller the scale becomes than the human body, the more invisible and spiritual it becomes again. Therefore, the human body is the structure which manifests the state of the mind in the most visible manner.

The World Which Becomes More Chaotic When It is Cured More

The blood is a state of mind itself. So, the mind can pollute or purify the blood. When the mind is beautiful, the blood flows throughout the body normally, the body is healthy and people live a good life. If the blood becomes polluted and we become sick, diseases teach distortions of our minds through symptoms. Therefore, they give us a chance to reflect on ourselves and correct the state of our minds.

However, in the modern era, medical technology has advanced and only symptoms have been cured, without having relevance with the mind. The medical purpose has become only to cure diseases and extend life, and people do not question the quality of life. Although the mind has the cause, if people do not correct it and deal with only symptoms, the mind surely brings other problems to a different aspect in life. However, people just consider, “Diseases are bad,” “A long life is good” and came to depend on medical treatment more and more without facing their own minds which have created diseases. As a result, the more diseases become cured, the more chaotic world they spread.

It is the same situation with terrorism which cannot cease in the world. A society creates terrorism, so we who create such a society are responsible for them. However, people look at not the fundamental cause but the superficial symptoms, consider terrorism as bad, and try to suppress them desperately. But, the more people try to suppress only symptoms, ignoring the fundamental cause, the bigger the contradictions become. Therefore, they will reappear somewhere for sure, and never settle.

Now, the national medical expenditure in Japan (what becomes the target of the health insurance treatment) is 40 trillion yen in total annually. This means a person uses 314,000 yen for medical treatment annually on average, which is a profitable industry. In the modern society where people seek only numbers, the profits of the medical industry are posted as GDP. If the number rises up, some people become happy, saying, “the economy has become activated.” However, is it truly a blessing? In order to measure the fullness of social welfare, the number of doctors and hospital beds is compared, and it is considered that the more shows a richer society with excellent welfare service. However, a society which needs such medical treatment is far from health.

The Importance of Death

Originally, everything links with each other, circulates and is healthy in this world. In such a state, diseases teach us that our minds have deviated from their original circulation. They occur so that we can learn the system of this world and the meaning of life through correcting it. Therefore, if we understand the structure, they do not need to occur anymore. However, modern society has continued to develop with diseases and problems existing. At many sites for medical treatment, doctors repeatedly give treatment to suppress symptoms based on examination data and knowledge, and do not cure diseases fundamentally. Moreover, hospitals and drug companies gain profits due to the existence of diseases. The current society is managed based on such unnecessary matters. Then, are there any specific bad people there? The whole society is the cause and each one of us who creates such a society is responsible for that.

Some time ago when medical treatment did not advance this much, people faced their lives every day, felt a sense of life, and returned their lives with determination when they were close to death. A sense of life means a state where peoples’ consciousness always communicates with the life network they belong to, and their intuition is sharpened to sense the core mind at the center in this network. However, modern people depend on medical treatment with the sole purpose of living long, which clouds the sense of life, where people lose the intuition to sense what is important in their lives. In addition, they came to feel fear about losing their lives. However, no matter how much we do not want to die, people die for sure. It is an absolute truth which is given equally to everyone.

When we sharpen a sense of life, face our minds every day, and live seriously, we come to experience a sense of great fulfillment just by living. When people reach such a mental state, determination to be ready to return their lives anytime emerges naturally, they can live fully, die a natural death, and depart with a sense of accomplishment. The modern medical treatment values only making patients live. However, our life is completed with death, so there is an importance in death.

The Miracle of All Miracles

We humans were born on earth with a body, and look at only visible physical matters. When we become sick, we try to cure our body somehow. However, human nature is not the physical body but spirituality.

Each human soul has a unique karma (=individuality). However, without the body, no matter how much distortions human souls have, they will not appear as phenomena. So, we cannot realize them. Then, we were given a physical body as a container for our soul, and given the path to know what kind of individuality we have through phenomena, and correct distortions if there are any. That is, living on earth means we can change. Even if we do not correct our minds and cure only the physical body, we cannot carry the physical state after we die. In a state without the body, no matter how distorted the mind is, we cannot correct it and souls cannot grow up.

The earth is a miraculous planet which is full of lives in the infinite universe. We live with the form of a body, learn the system of this world through various phenomena which we encounter in our lives, and can evolve our souls. This is the purpose of the earth, and the reason why we were born on this planet.

Please look at your body carefully – 60 trillion cells, blood vessels with two and a half the periphery of the earth, and a brain whose full function is said to be still sleeping at 90%. The human body is a masterpiece of life, which is full of mysteries beyond human wisdom. Also, humans cannot live alone. The sun, water, air, earth and wind–the divine blessings which we cannot create by ourselves nurture our lives. Furthermore, stars in the universe and numerous lives weave the network, we circulate our lives in it and exist here and now. How miraculous is it? In such a miracle, it is the miracle of all miracles that each one of 7 billion people on earth is given a unique individuality and lives only in this one life and has not existed previously, or will again in the future.

When humans, who are given such a precious individuality, connect with each other and establish one life network, the possibility of humanity will expand infinitely. When each one of us becomes aware of such a consciousness, the more we connect with each other, the more abundant we become. This is the true figure of this world.

The World is Originally Healthy

Every single person is given a life in the great life network, and plays their original role which nobody else can replace. However, people think of only themselves and perceive things only with their viewpoints. So, they came to misunderstand that they live with their own power, and have forgotten that their lives are supported by many of other existences. Their bodies exist in this network, but their consciousness has deviated from its connection and does not circulate anymore, which creates stagnation and problems. Such a state has occurred everywhere in modern society.

Originally, it is impossible for an existence not to contribute to other lives in the natural world. When plants grow up, they become food for insects and animals. When they finish their lives and return to the soil, they become food for microorganisms and nutrients for the next life. In the same way, it is the figure of nature that life activities always support other lives, link with each other infinitely, and continue to circulate.

There is the word in Japanese. The Chinese character of “Hataraku(働)” is written as “a person (人) moves (動).” When a person moves, he/she lives. Also, “Hataraku” means “make others (Hata) live easily (raku).” It is to contribute to other lives. Therefore, living itself is contributing to other lives. If someone becomes sick in this network, stagnation emerges and he/she cannot “Hataraku” for everyone else anymore.  Our health has a responsibility to play a role for the whole and support other lives. In the modern era, many people seek health for individual purposes, which is the reverse attitude from the original figure. It is the attitude of humans living in the 21st century to understand this fine life structure and live, in order to make a breakthrough in the stagnation of the modern society.


The Sun Teaches Us

Now, various issues are occurring in the world. For example, do you think terrorism, which occurs somewhere in distant countries, has nothing to do with you? Do you think natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons are natural wonders which humans cannot do anything about?

The earth where we live is under a solar guidance. The sun always continues to send its mind. When humans deviate from it, it creates appropriate phenomena on earth, and sends a message to “Realize what you have done.” Only when people know the reality of what is happening in the world, and can see what kind of influence they have brought here, they can begin to take the path of change. Diseases also manifest contradictions within us as phenomena. Therefore, if we just depend on medical treatment to cure only symptoms, we cannot realize the true meaning. That is why, the era has begun when each one of us sharpens our sense of life and finds out what the truth is by ourselves. In the past, people have sought physical wealth, and considered only an expansion of medical treatment and economy as a good matter. However, we have entered the era when we select only what is truly necessary and eliminate what is unnecessary. It might be painful temporarily due to the big distortions of the world. However, there will be a world where we can feel life itself is full of abundance, ahead of us.

There is a flow in this world. When we stop looking at only the surface of events and put our spiritual eyes behind it, we will be able to see a big flow which always continues to flow behind all events eternally. If we move away from our own positions and get on the flow, various things link with each other marvelously and things go swimmingly. Moreover, a world will emerge which we cannot imagine when we try to achieve something by our own power. In such a flow, unnecessary matters will be eliminated naturally, infinite possibilities which are sleeping within humans will blossom, and various individualities echo and connect with each other and circulate beautifully. This will be a world full of joy through dynamic lives, which is far beyond individual satisfaction.

Therefore, the sun continues to send its mind to us.
It is telling us,
“Always look towards me so that you can be beautiful and happy,
you can think of each other and connect with everyone, and
the world can be abundant.”



unnamed-7Pluto is an invisibly small existence, but it exists in the most outer position of the solar system, it describes the unique elliptical orbit, and carries the orders of the outer universe into the solar system. It is a planet which interacts with the universal spirit. In 2006, its size did not meet the standard of a planet, so it came to be classified as a dwarf planet. However, in this newsletter, it is considered equally with the other eight planets of the solar system, as one to play an invisibly important role.

The Medical Treatment is Inside of YOU

A life is a story. People do not become sick suddenly. They have taken a mental transition to reach there for sure. As “disease (病気)” is written as “energy (気) is sick (病)” in Japanese, the cause of disease is not in the physical body, but in the stagnation of the mind (energy). When life balance is lost and the mind does not echo with the body, diseases appear at the weakest part. If the balance of the soil of a field and its crops collapse, insects emerge and try to adjust it. In the same way, diseases are also a kind of self-purification to return unbalance to an original state. Originally, everything circulates beautifully and is healthy in this world. When we trace the process of how stagnation emerges and people became sick, and return to an original state, we can become healthy again instantly. It is the “original (元) energy (気),” that is “health (元気).”

The following letter (医) shows the origin of the Chinese character for “medical treatment.” Originally, the letter “医” was the combination of two parts to show the mind and the body. From the expressions such as “priestess” and “gratitude” which show the mind, we can see that people had an attitude to follow something greater than themselves, receive orders, and correct energy as medical treatment. However, now the mind has disappeared from the letter “医”. Then, the parts to show the Oriental physical medical treatment and nutritional therapy have disappeared. Finally, only the part to show surgical treatment remains as the current letter “医”.


Originally, medical treatment is a work to unlock the life system which consists of the microcosm of the body, which requires an analysis of the energy which flows throughout the body, and take a balance of the mind and body. By sharpening the sense of life and communicating with the body, which is a mandala of complicated lives, we can awaken our spiritual eyes. That is, we follow the great flow of this world which supports our lives, and live.

People with various diseases visit the Konohana Family. We ask them what kind of life they have lived until now, and analyze the mechanism of how diseases emerge. There is a reason why people become sick. When people realize it, the symptoms do not need to exist anymore. Then, if a good energy flows throughout the body by realizing it, it heals unhealthy cells and diseases will be cured naturally.

This is not a place where someone cures someone else, but a place where the sick people themselves understand the system of this world and return to the original energy. Unknown abilities which humans have not been aware of are hidden within us. If our traditional way of living has created diseases, being given a burden of diseases means a chance to break the traditional frame, and step into a new world. When you become aware of this, infinite possibilities which are sleeping inside of you bloom, the scale of life expands and you will live in a bigger world.


The medical treatment is inside of YOU, because it is YOU that create such diseases. It is not given from outside like drugs, so there is no side effect. Originally, there is the law of life which is the exquisite universal law within us. When we realize this, a world will emerge where each one of us learns only from events which we encounter in our daily life, guide ourselves into health, and neither drugs nor hospitals become necessary. This will be the medical treatment of the 21st century.

If you would like to expand your worldview, please join
The One Month Truth School             

February 19th (Sun) to March 18th (Sat), 2017            

Through the various facets of the program such as “Farming”, “Food”, “Medical Care”, “Economy”, “Environment”, “Education”, “Social”, and “Art”, you will be guided to open the eyes of your heart to see the truth of this world by reading individual personality, mission of life, and analyzing the flow of the era.

Venue:    Konohana Family,
238-1 Nekozawa, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan

Capacity:  15 people

Participation Fee*: Self-assessed sliding scale.
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The Konohana Family English Newsletter Vol.1

Warm welcome to the Konohana Family
English Newsletter Page!

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Title of the Newsletter

農 業 革 命

Agricultural Revolution

When agriculture changes,
the world changes!

A lively season has arrived at our fields this year, too!
We deeply breathe in a vibrancy full of life, as those who live with the farmer’s spirit is our basis, on an earth where young leaves sparkle in the warm sunlight, colorful flowers bloom, and many insects fly lively around. How rich a world of life is when woven by nature! From a long, long time ago, humans have received abundant blessings given by nature to live, and also our lives have been supported in the circulation of interdependent beings.

However, before we knew it, people came to forget about communicating with nature. “I want to be rich”, “I want more”, such thoughts have expanded in the human mind, and people came not to see nature’s blessings. As a result, they began to distort nature for their own convenience.

At many agricultural sites, farmers do not communicate with crops, and a large amount of chemical fertilizers remain in the soil in quantities that cannot be absorbed. As a result, it has flowed out and polluted underground water and rivers. The crops, which have lost their life balance by unnatural fertilizers, have a reduced resistance to diseases and insects, to a point where agricultural chemicals have become necessary.

Both agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers have been made through the development of chemical weapons during the past major wars. In the postwar era, the US started to control food in Japan, by shifting bombs and tanks into agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers. Many people who were driven by greed followed this, and a disintegrated world commenced. Those who sought production succeeded, the diversity of crops disappeared, and the ecosystem began to lose its balance.

In fact, the food which we humans continue to eat every day look healthy but they continue to destroy not only nature but also our own lives. This is the reality of the agriculture method, which is the mainstream of the modern era.

Still, nature continues to give
We live our daily life, being mainly aware of the “visible world”. The “invisible world” of mind and thoughts exists behind this “visible world.” Both the visible and invisible world together are called “the world of life (the phenomenal world).” Further in the back of this, “the world of vibrancy (the potential world)” exists, which is the source of all lives. We humans come from the world of vibrancy into the world of life, gain a physical body, experience various matters, and return to the world of vibrancy. We repeat this process infinitely.

However, when humans are trapped in something visible, their consciousness comes to circulate only in the “visible world.” This is the figure of modern agriculture. Common farmers tend to arrange only the appearance, and do not see the potential nature of existence. As a result, they repeatedly produce crops superficially, and then increased the distortion of this world.

However, when we get out of this trapped state, and understand the whole system of this world, we will be able to see how subtle, beautiful and infinite the world is. Then, we do not need to live with greed and anxiety, and everything will come to us with great abundance, just by receiving things as they are.

We farmers cultivate our fields in the society through producing food which is truly beautiful and full of universal life force. Agriculture is the basis of human life. When agriculture changes, the world greatly changes.

We have sought true wealth and reached here —

Welcome to an exquisitely beautiful world!


Let’s have a look at
the history of FARMING!

In the vast universe, the earth incessantly moves forward.
We are constantly moving forward with a new world.


    • Humans migrate where they can harvest food.竪穴式住居
    • Humans flowed with the nature and lived off of anything they could gather.

 Human and Nature are one



 Approx. 10000 years ago高床式倉庫

    • Humans could produce food systematically through the development of farming.

 ➡ They began to settle down and form societies

    • Marked by a change in the passive to active lifestyle.

Beginning of possession
縄文&弥生時代-001Humans put more priority on knowledge and technologies than intuition.



 Approx. 250 years ago

    • Industrialization had dramatically proceeded with technical revolution and the drastic change of human life style.
    • Human population began to increase at an accelerating pace.
    • Humans pursued to further materialize wealth and develop science.

    Opening of a mass production & mass consumer society.






    To recover from the devastation of the war, increases in food production were required.

    • The U.S., which privileges the capitalism, developed a strategy to control agriculture = the basis of human life, all over the world.
    • Unlike permicultural methods, which adapt food requirements to the local environment, the HYV methods (a high-yield cultivar) which need massive chemical fertilizers prevailed.農薬散布
      The mass production of homogenized crops have become the conventional agricultural method which uses chemical fertilizers and agrichemicals.
      ➡ The establishment of a high profit global corporate system.

    Beneath the surface of agricultural exploitation, vast issues have arisen related to: environmental pollution, ecological degradation, and the depletion of ground water through abstraction techniques.


    Here below is an Introduction to Modern Agriculture –

    Potential & Phenomenal Worlds

    Conventional Agriculture

    No.1 Cause of Environmental Pollution
    Chemical Fertilizers, Agrichemicals, GMOs, and Seed Manipulation

    • Main Stream in the Modern Society.
    • Due to the need for human convenience, the essential life force of nature has deteriorated.
    • Without a relationship between humans and nature, the collective system becomes destroyed.
    • Humans do not have an objective perspective to see the “whole picture” because they can only see what is visible to the physical senses.
    • ➡ Human cannot see that the cause of the problem is themselves.
      Human only see the surface of the phenomena, and tolerate it, without improving their attitude. Consequently, this creates more problems.



    Distorted crops will be distributed to a society that have no place in nature, and invade the physical and spiritual body of humans.
    A Chain Effect of Distortion

    People forget the will of universe since they are trapped with the desire to fulfill their own benefit and convenience.


    Organic Agriculture

    Organic farmer

        • There are a lot of strict rules.
        • High expenses are required to obtain an organic farming certificate.
        • Still emphasizes crop production and consumer dependency.
        • In fact, organic farmers do not increase their productivity and consumers.

    They are restricted by their desire for money and the rules wrapped with consumerism, so their purpose in life is to live for selling crops, and live without a priority on nature.

    Put more priority to oneself than a will of universe.


    Natural Farming

        • It emerged based on the spirituality that flows with the system nature.

        • Later, it became more scientifically acceptable and the spirituality was forgotten.
        • The purpose of scientific researchers is to attract social acceptance.
        • Spirituality of everyday life is not questioned.

    The Gap between the Theory and Practice of Spirituality.

    Natural Farmer



    Universal Circulation Method

    Shift from a self-centered way of life
    living with the universal will

    “Universal” means the original and pure vibrancy which is not distorted by humans, and the way the whole of the universe is.

    We are a life that has been given a particular role in the universal system of lives, which are interdependent with each other. When you realized this fact, humans can release their own ego, and perceive the world of vibrancy as the deepest part of life. Humans can harmonize with the most beautiful vibration of existence, and live with all other creatures, together, in the rich circulation of life.

    “Universal” means the original and pure vibrancy which is not distorted by humans, and the way the whole of the universe is.

    We are a life that has been given a particular role in the universal system of lives, which are interdependent with each other. When you realized this fact, humans can release their own ego, and perceive the world of vibrancy as the deepest part of life. Humans can harmonize with the most beautiful vibration of existence, and live with all other creatures, together, in the rich circulation of life.


    When you live with the universe, without planning, naturally lacking elements will be compensated.
    = The world which is everything circulates abundantly and does not need to have uneasiness and compete. 

    In harmony, crops grow spontaneously with an abundance of life force.

    Farmers learn the system of this world with crops, gain an ability to see through the nature of things, and nurture the source which make life more beautiful and healthy. That vibrancy spreads to the society as food and the whole society becomes more beautiful.

    The state of all life becomes active and

    Fully actualizes the unique talents of each being to form one complete life is

    the earth itself.



    At Konohana Family,
    We use materials that follow the natural system,And grow crops with the Universal Circulation Method.

     Microbial Materials

    Microorganisms are the first life form that emerge from the world of vibrancy and they exist in various places such as in soil, water, air, food and our body. Since the very beginning of the establishment of the community, we utilized microbial materials such as “Konohana Kin” which we uniquely cultured by adding highly anti-oxidized leaves of red pine, loquat, bamboo and seasonal plants, and also a brown rice amino-acid, a photosynthesized microorganism to enhance the biodiversity of our rich rice and vegetable fields.
    Microorganisms are very sensitive, so they are greatly influenced by the state of the human mind, which plays a role in microbial development. When humans release their attachments and receive whatever nature provides, the microorganisms can enrich the crops and natural environment with their beautiful vibrancy, full of undistorted life force.
    Also, microorganisms have a function to purify the soil and river. They are a wonderful component in natural circulation!

    Clino Zeolite

    Clino Zeolite is made of incinerated zeolite which is a mineral made of coagulated volcanic rock, which generates a negative electrical charge.
    In earth’s long history, plants have always evolved by taking nutrients, which are broken down (eroded) organic matters in the soil (such as the carcass of animals or plants from the previous generations).

    Clino Zeolite enhances nutrient absorption in the soil, that otherwise could not occur due to the excessive applications of chemical fertilizers, to an eroded state with its magnetic power. As well, it adjusts the soil’s environment to its original capacity that has been developed over evolution, and allows for restored soil composition.


    Neem is an evergreen tree native to India and is referred to as the “Miracle Neem”. It contains various natural effective substances such as Azadirachtin, and prevents the growth of true fungi that cause diseases; in addition to suppressing the appetite and reproduction of insects. However, curiously, it is a miracle plant that does not affect beneficial insects or animals.

    Zeolite adjusts the soil balance and supports the body of crops, and Neem protects crops from disease epidemics and insects due to environmental changes caused by global warming.

    In fact, it turns out that NPO Green Grass imports this neem product from Thailand with the connection of Phra Sangkom, who is one of the participants of the Earth Summit (hosted by the NPO Green Grass in November, 2015). A necessary thing will naturally come — that is the life of the Universal Circulation Method!

    ■ For more details, please contact NPO Green Grass.

    Let’s Make Hydrogen Water
    with Rice Rinsing Water!

    one small step

    Radical Oxygen causes many diseases and aging to the body, and also shortens the longevity of materials. Then, hydrogen water can get a lot more attention to improve these state; however, hydrogen servers or makers are expensive.

    Good News!
    You can make it very easily with something that you throw away on a daily basis.

    A Very Easy Way to Make It!

    You can use either brown rice or polished rice. Rinse them well three times. Pour the rinsed water after the third time into a sealable container or a bottle in order to prevent exposure to air. Leave it for fermentation at room temperature for 24 hours. If you live in a tropical area, leave it for 12 hours. If you live in a cold area, leave it bit longer. By tasting, you will find the best timing. That’s it! You can make natural reduction water.

    The best one has a beautiful fermented taste from the fermented rice water, and does not have a sour flavor or that of mere simple water.

    *Please use it up within 48 hours since the effects will be lost after 24 hours.

    How Amazing! – How to Use the Hydrogen water.

    • Prevent oxidization of your body which causes some disease by drinking it every day.
    • Use as a skin lotion and a bathing agent. It gives moisture to your skin.
    • Mix with warm water and massage your scalp as a substitute for shampoo. It can help prevent hair loss and the greying of hair.
    • Use as a mouth wash and tooth paste. It prevents the oxidization of your mouth and prevention of cavities, and smoothen the surface of teeth.
    • Use for house cleaning, and washing clothes and/or dishes. Without detergent, it refreshes things very well.

    It is very easy to make, so please try it first! Synthetic detergents pollute the world’s water. If you replace it to this H-water, it will make the rivers and oceans cleaner, and you do not need to buy detergents and soaps because it is biodegradable.

    How wonderful that we can totally utilize what we have thrown away every day!
    The earth is designed to circulate and harmonize everything.

    Let’s be in the flow of this universal circulation together!


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