The 21st century is the Century when Each One of Us Becomes Awakened “Chari’s Awakening”

Chari 1

Chari has been participating in the “Truth School” which has been held from February 14th. She is 25 years old and her father is American and her mother is Japanese. Her purpose to take this course is to learn to draw the goodwill from other people, and she said it is her life mission. All the participants of the Truth School are supposed to write a journal every day and Isadon, the founder of the Konohana Family makes comments every other day. On the 7th day of the Truth School, she wrote in her journal as follows.
Chari 2


I don’t see this “cute” girl you mention, Isadon. So it kind of makes me uncomfortable when you call me cute, because I feel like you’re saying it to try to help me be more confident rather than actually thinking I’m cute. When it’s cool, I’m becoming more confident being here in this wonderful environment you’ve created. You don’t need to tell me I’m cute for me to be confident. I want to know myself, feel confident, and do good work.


And, a lot of feelings flooded in later and she requested to have a meeting with Isadon on the 9th day of the Truth School.

Thank you for sitting with me today. There are so many things that I should work on for my ego. Probably, you may know about me better than I do.

I look at you objectively.

Can I hear your objective viewpoint of me? I would like to learn from it.

People think they want to be seen in a certain manner. However, there is gap between the real you and your wish that you want to be seen like this. There is also a difference between the self that you see and your figure that other people see in common. The reality is your figure that many people see in common is your true self.

However, people who strongly think they want to be seen in a certain matter cannot accept your figure that other people see. It is important to match your perspective of yourself and other people’s perspective of you, which becomes the correct perspective of you. If there is a contradiction, people have worries.

How can I be the way I am?

“Being the way I am” creates a question: which one is the way I am? That is, there are many ways to perceive the self. When emotions like “I want to be myself” function, you are talking about the self that you put in a specific image.

Hahaha! Am I doing this??

If you think you are not, you are not. Contradictions and suffering emerge from such a state.

Looking back on my life, when I was hanging out with my friends, I felt I was myself. However, if other people see me differently, am I not the way I am?

Which one do you think is the way you are? As I said, you have a specific image about yourself. You have some parts of yourself, and you divide them into the parts that you think are the way you are and are not the way you are. However, all the parts you like and do not like are true you.

I am getting to understand the contradiction inside of me gradually. I feel like I know an answer already, but I have to go from here. I am going to live the way I am.

Where you see the truth is significant. There are many truths in this world.

For example, I am against a superficial and material world that creates lots of waste. However, If I want to get a pair of shoes and live with such desires, I cannot keep myself focused on what world should be created. This is just an example.

What do you want to do with it?

Now, I am doing what I think is right. I am learning about the spirituality and trying to develop my spirituality. Then, when I go back to the US, I would like to spread what I have learned to people around me.

If you would like to grow up spiritually, how are you going to do it?

I am going to learn from the phenomena occurring to me and know what they are.

Let me give you a concrete example. You do not think you are cute.

Not now!

I can see your feeling that you want to be cute behind the words of “Not now.” When I look at you, I think you are cute. That is why I say you are cute. On the contrary, it is your subjective viewpoint that you do not think you are cute. However, it is my freedom to think you are cute. I am not trying to lower you.

I know you are not trying to do so!

Hahaha! So, I do not have any evil intention.

I know that!

But, you accept my mind without the evil intention and you feel uncomfortable.

If there are just two of us and you say I am cute, I would be happy and accept it willingly. However, when you say I am cute many times in front of everyone, I feel like you are saying this so that I can be confident.

You wrote that in your journal, too. I say something because I think like that. I am just honest.


However, you express a non-cute personality as a result!

Hahaha! That is right!

After all, you are cute because your mind is trapped in such a tiny matter.


Actually, I have another thought. When I say you are cute, I mean you are childlike, so I want you to grow up. Chari, you are cute!!

OK, I will grow up!!

Then, when you overcome the personality and go back to the US, you will be able to show a grown-up self to people around you.

I will do it!

One more thing. When I talk, I do not think. My words come out instantly. For example, reflecting on the scenes where I say, “Chari, you are cute,” this is not the phrase which is not used just between two of us as my image. I think I should say this in front of everyone. Looking back on the scenes more deeply, what I mean is you should be an idol for everyone. The scene is telling you to be a person who is loved by everyone. However, the current you debase yourself, so you are not cute!

That is right! You said I have a small capacity in the “Learning the Personality” course of the Truth School.

At first, you did not think your capacity is small.

Yes, but actually, it is small!

Hahaha! That is why, I said to the participants of the Truth School many times that humans lie.

But, I did not mean to lie!

Of course, you did not do it intentionally, but humans lie instinctively. Animals do not lie Isadon is more logical!

Yes! As my tendency, I analyze things too much, so my worries and anxiety come out.

You might analyze things too much. However, for example, there is a target to be analyzed here. When we analyze it, we open the target and examine it everywhere thoroughly. However, you bring a target in front of you for analysis, you turn it over and examine it only partially. I feel your twisted personality from the beginning.

From the beginning????

Your purpose of participating in this Truth School is your awakening. I have analyzed your personality in advance, wondering what I can do to support your awakening, and I observe and talk with you every day.

I want to untwist it! In a past few years, there has been a gap between what I actually do and what is happening in my imagination. I want to be more active.

You mean you take actions, but there is a gap between your actions and your thoughts? I think there is something in the process of your thinking and doing. For example, you have unnecessary thoughts such as “Is it all right for me to do it?” or “If I do it, I might bring something bad.”


The smooth way of taking actions is first think, make adjustment for actions, and then take actions. After you receive a result, reflect on it. Reflecting with the result means reflecting the truth. However, if you think too much before you take actions, you think of something which is not real, and this is unnecessary energy. When thoughts expand, people get tired and draw an answer which would be different from the result. In short, you think of unnecessary things. You thinking pattern is not complicated, but you think too much. That is why people like you get tired easily.

If I just think, do and receive results, I can live efficiently!

That is right. It is important to judge things after receiving results. However, you make an uncertain judgement before receiving results, so the timing of your judgement is too early.

What you have just told me happened to me yesterday. The situation was getting worse and more confused.


Yesterday morning, my feelings flooded in when I was writing a journal. I was still emotional in the morning class, so I tried to release my emotions. However, at the same time, I was holding on to them for some reason. There is no right or wrong, but I should have taken the process of doing things as you just told me.

When phenomenal occur, some people cannot accept the phenomenal that happened to them as the truth, and want to think they did not happen to them. Therefore, it is important to accept the phenomenal that happen to you as the truth. It is an attitude not to imagine what has not happened, and not to reject what has happened. If you always think of only what has happened, you will be able to perceive things efficiently, gracefully and willingly. This is a normal people’s efficient way of thinking.

Furthermore, if you let go of your speculation to various events, which is a state without your ego, you will realize all the phenomena are in the universal flow. Everything is the same as relationships of stars and the structure of the global ecosystem, so things manifest very efficiently. When you release your ego, and get on a good flow, an awareness that is different from your thoughts will come out. Then, things go smoothly and much better than you expect.

There is such an order in this world. The Truth School is the course to take the flow beyond the human wisdom into your life and live based on it.

Yes! I am learning that right now.

Before that, you are preparing your mind for it. It is never too late! If possible, it would be good if you can understand it during the Truth School. Or, it is also all right if this course becomes an opportunity to master it in the future. I always hope when people live and blow a nice wind, a nice field will emerge naturally. In order to do so, first of all, it is important to be honest.

Except for yesterday when I was so emotional, am I creating a good field?

Actually, you look sad.

Yes! When I came to Konohana Family for the first time in November last year, Yoko said so. She said I look happy and I look sad once in a while. I remember I was so surprised to hear that.

Hahaha! You know Marineh, a main coordinator of the Truth School, don’t you? She was bright and made lots of jokes. However, I met her for the first time, I said to her, “You are a very gloomy person.” She was so surprised that I explained the reason of her gloomy personality. That is, she acted brightly in front of everyone because she wanted to be seen a bright person. Then, she got tired and when she was alone, she got gloomy. I taught her figure of times when she was not with us, not her figure of times with us together.

I really understand what you mean! When I was younger, I was faking happiness. Then I was getting to understand who I am gradually through meditation and spiritual things to know my roots. And I feel genuine happiness. When I hang out with my friends, I really feel genuine happiness…. But, is it not a genuine happiness??

Humans lie!

What??? Was I not really happy?

Putting aside if you are happy or not, the fact is you have taken such a path in your life.

Do you mean I have been faking happiness?

It seems like happiness is your life theme. People who say if they are happy or not have a thought that they have been unhappy in their life.


Were you that unhappy??

The reason why I am talking about happiness is you talked about Marineh. You said, she feels genuine happiness after you told her the truth. That is why, I am talking about happiness.

I was not talking about her happiness. She acted abnormally brightly, so I said to her, “You are a gloomy person,” imagining her different figure. Then, she said, “Really?” but later she could tell the truth, saying “I am rally gloomy.” Aside from if she has become happy or not, she has become eased as a result.

Observing you, I think it is suitable for you to be bright with everyone. I have such an image, so I say, “Chari, you are cute!” You want to be such a person, too.

I am getting to know it is my gift.

Yes, that is your true self. I know a state where your true self shines is cute, so I say you are cute. In a sense, this is a divine message. I have no responsibility! I am just telling you the truth.

Thank you! I am going to reveal myself more from now on.

That is good. If so, a nice wind blows anywhere among people. YOU and the main character in your life! If your mind is broad and open, a comfortable field will emerge naturally. However, if your mind is narrow, you will face only yourself, and even there are people who do not face themselves. Everything is up to your mind.

Exactly! Thank you for taking time with me today!

Let’s have time to talk together again.


One-third of the Truth School has ended. How is Chari’s true self going to blossom in the future? When each one of us becomes awakened and interlocks with each other, then we can blossom a beautiful world together.

Isadon, a head instructor of the True School
Isadon, a head instructor of the True School

The 21st Century is the Century when Each One of Us Becomes Awakened  “Liz’s Awakening”

On January 9th, 2016, Liz from the US came to Konohana Family for the first time. She is 36 years old and has been suffering for a serious disease for 7 years. However, she has become cured since she came to Japan and Konohana Family and is looking for a new way of living to shift to a new stage of her life. Right now, she is participating in “the Truth School” which has been held from February 14th. Last time she stayed here, she wanted to talk with Isadon, the founder of this community and such a time was set. First, she explained her disease to him and he started to talk as follows.

The Chinese character for the “Disease (病気)” is written as “Sick (病) Energy (気)” in Japanese and is caused by the mind. Therefore, a mental state makes disease serious or light.

Exactly! As you said at the community meeting last night, when my consciousness is connected with the divine and energy flows, I feel good. I came to Japan for the first time and it has been 3 weeks. I feel I have met many awakened people in Japan. They reminded me that I am the divine and the disease is not myself. And I am completely free from my disease here in Konohana Family… There are so many things that I want to tell you!

Same here! To speak of extremes, although we do not share everything, you understand this is a very meaningful meeting.

I know it from the bottom of my heart! I have been receiving so many messages like a little child since last year and the tendency has been getting stronger since I came to Japan and even to Konohana Family.

Now is such an era. Konohana Family has been taking a special path, compared to that of the general society. However, we have faced some great turning points to enter a new era on a global scale. The conventional era was the one when people have considered diseases as physical phenomena, and sought physical wealth such as money and materials because we humans have physical body. Considering from human desires, such materials have been attractive in a sense. Humans have both physical and spiritual desires, but the people in the current era have prioritized physical desires and have lacked balance.

There are some energy pillars in our body, and various symptoms occur or people get healthy based on the balance. The imbalance could be the source to let humans evolve.

Yes! Thank you!!


I have been suffering from a serious disease for almost 7 years. However, I came to appreciate it since last year. So, my disease is my great teacher.

That is a good perspective. The biggest cause for Japanese people to get sick and die is cancer. Cancerous cells do not like the environment where it is warm and people live happily. Therefore, the current society is a state where cancerous cells flourish the most easily. Now, medication has advanced physically, but it is not a fundamental treatment for diseases. The medical people have not reached the recognition of the root cause of diseases yet.

Diseases are not bad at all, rather tell us that the imbalance is occurring inside of us. The difference in two types of spirits is huge: one can understand this truth, and the other divides the events in this world into good and bad, and judge these. When you go to an environment where you can think of the truth behind such phenomena, you feel easy. That is because you are the spirit who lives in the next era. Such people like you grew up in an environment where your mind was not understood in the current era. Therefore, you sometimes feel lonely. However, your pain will become a driving force to live in the next era.

That is right. This is difficult to express…I came to Japan this time, but there was no clear reason that I can explain. My spirit was drawn here.

For the future living, such an attitude is important. It is living with intuition. All living beings except humans live with such an instinct. Humans had such an era in the past, too.

We do not have to get rid of development of science, physics and technology in the new era. But now evolution of physical technology has reached its peak. Its efficient in a sense. However, these technologies do not bring true peace, stability, and abundance to the human world yet.

Many people like you have been appearing, who have met difficulty, question the current society, and are seeking a new value. You said you are interested in “the Truth School.” We can provide this program once a year right now, considering our agricultural based living, because from February to March is the only period when we can take time to provide various methods and information. We offer a natural therapy program for people with more serious mental and/or physical diseases. In this case, the purpose could be to help the care guest to recover their health. However, in “the Truth School,” we are going to analyze the history of the universe, the Earth and humans, and understand what kind of era we are in, how our emotions function, and how we humans should face a new era.

Now that we have faced various global issues, some great turning points have arrived for sure from the universal viewpoint. However, many of the world leaders have not understood the root cause yet. Furthermore, the time has come when each one of us will become awakened from now on. Therefore, the era when leaders appear and lead us to a new era has ended. This means people who will question the way of the modern society and try to face a new era have appeared; instead of trying to change this world based on their profits and losses, or seeking improvement of their own pains, this will be a bigger movement to create a global network in the next era, as a result of such phenomena. When such people have a broad worldview, they can expand their mental capacity, and the mental wealth will be created in the society. Then, both personal issues such as diseases and social issues will disappear automatically.

I started to receive such visions about 30 plus years ago. Then, I have realized that each one of us is really unique; you are the only existence in the past, present, and future. When each one of us becomes aware of such a self, s/he lives vividly as the way s/he is, and contributes to this world; it is the original human figure which will be expressed on Earth.

All the information from the past, present, and future is already included in the DNA inside of each one of us. Then, your spirit draws certain information from your DNA and creates your current state. Both your health and disease are caused by your spirit. Therefore, if you can accept your disease as a message, it could be the source of your health. However, if you consider it just as disease, and want to get rid of it, your disease would be considered just as a disease. Even if you are cured, it was just a disease for you forever.

It takes so much energy to solve issues physically, but it is so easy to do so spiritually!

That is right!

Physical phenomena have been led by spiritual beings in this world. It is “the Truth School” that you let such a truth come out inside of you. In order to understand the present, you need to understand the process from the past to the present. When you understand from the past to the present, you will be able to see the flow from the present to the future. Then, you do not have to worry about your future. Your mind creates the future in this manner. Now, the era has arrived when all humans stand at such a position and create the history of the Earth together.

Various religions and philosophies were born in the past and there was an era when superior people spread their teachings to the world. However, we have entered the era when each one of us understands why we exist in the universe and spread the network of awakening. This is not for spreading a specific teaching like the conventional religions. This is for recognizing why we live in this world. We humans belong to the universe, so we are at the position to realize it and accept the meaning from the universe.

As those who have sensed the coming of the next era a bit earlier than the general people, we have a role to collaborate with each other and spread the truth as missionaries. As you came here, felt so many things and have a lot to share, I have a lot to tell you, too.

That is what I wanted to ask you. When our minds are so free, messages from the divine come down to us incessantly.

You have such an inspiration and that is why you are the exact person to live in the next era.

When someone gets trapped in their own thoughts, it is described as “囚” in the Chinese character. This shows the person (人) is trapped in a frame (口). When the bottom part of this is removed, an entrance is created and information is coming from outside. When the top part is removed (門), the divine law comes in. Then, Trapped (囚) becomes Inspired (閃). When one is trapped, thoughts go around in one’s brain, and the person judges things with his/her values and lives in the society. On the contrary, a state with inspiration is created by both intuition from above and awareness that comes out within. This inspired state is called “vertical” thoughts and the trapped state is called “horizontal” thoughts. When the horizontal thoughts follow the vertical thoughts, they function healthy. When the vertical energy (I) and the horizontal energy (一) are combined, they become integration (十) and indicates the figure of a complete human. According to Katakamuna, this is considered as the path from HI meaning one (I) to TO meaning ten (十), and together it is read as HITO (十), which indicates the figure of enlightened humans.

Katakamuna people who existed in East Asia about 13,000 years ago sensed the physics in nature and the potential world with intuition and lived.

I need to learn Katakamuna!

Yes, Katakamuna is the origin of all the languages in the world. Our Japanese culture has Chinese characters and each letter has a specific meaning. However, the source of all the languages is sound. Each sound has a very deep meaning. We spread sounds, and try to communicate with each other by combining sounds. There are a total of 48 sounds. Combining some sounds with specific meanings indicates physics. Therefore, this world is made of the vibrancy of sounds. We spread sounds and create this world.

The vibrancy affects the invisible world that we cannot hear. For example, there is a forward vibrancy to proceed things or a reverse vibrancy to go backward. Therefore, there are some families with a reverse vibrancy who make conflicts. As a result their vibrancy decays food in their homes. On the contrary, there is a vibrancy that goes along with the universal law as this world proceeds from the past to the future. In this manner, when people spread a forward vibrancy appropriate to the law, people can live healthy.

People have made efforts to solve the issues superficially so far. However, when we analyze the reason why we have reached such a state, and create a forward vibrancy and flow, all the issues will disappear automatically. The current world is so complicated that we are in a chaotic state where we cannot understand what a beautiful and original vibrancy is. In a sense, the current era is very dynamic, but it is difficult for people to break through the current crisis. However, if we understand the root cause and improve it, we will be able to live simply, efficiently, and richly. Humans can let such a world come out from inside of us, but we need inspiration for that.

All the lives compose the universe, and the universal wisdom exists in all the lives. Especially, humans; we have the most advanced ability out of all living beings. However, at the same time, if humans misuse their high ability, they could go down to a very silly stage.

In “the Truth School,” I would like to make a place where we provide all the information that we have reached and confirm it with everyone. However, learning is not just for a month. Humans continue to evolve, so this program would become an opportunity for the participants to find a new way of living. If it is possible for you to join it, of course, it is for your own sake, but I would you like to utilize it to contribute to create a new world.

There is a world that I aim for. For example, a person who needs wisdom comes to me and the wisdom comes up from inside me. We communicate with each other when our eyes meet. When I smile at this person, s/he gets what s/he wanted to receive and they say, “I got it! Thank you!” and goes back home. That is an ultimate world I am aiming for. Originally, it is possible for humans to do so.

Exactly! I have a question. You talked about “Transmission,” the theme of this year, 2016 at the community meeting last night. Then, I thought about the importance of words. Now, I have a teacher and he is like a guru in the Indian tradition. There were so many teachers in my life and I could not understand everything they say. However, often I just feel something from them, and I learned somehow…Sorry, I forgot what my question was!

Let me answer your question! You are the only one who can take your own path. Therefore, the teachers and learnings that you have met are given to you so that you become aware of your original path. You do not have to have a teacher anymore. When you are aware of your own path, you will become your own teacher. Originally, humans should be like that.

All the lives play their roles and maintain this world. Therefore, all the beings are precious. Relationships between masters and disciples existed in the past, but in the new era the difference among people is just a difference of positions and roles.

That is right. There are so many things that I need to learn.

You did not have confidence in yourself so far.


You are going to have confidence based on conviction, not confidence with arrogance in the future.

I understand it very well!

Then, even if nobody guides you, a path will come out inside of yourself. When that comes out inside of each individual, it creates a network, we will be able to recognize we humans are family composing one life of the Earth. Moreover, the Earth family is going to develop a new vision toward the universe. As the universe operates by free energy in a vast cycle, we have function which resonates with infinite energy.

Today, I am talking, feeling it is difficult to talk with words. Although my talk is a little bit awkward, Yoko translate it into English very smoothly. I would like to create such a relationship with everyone.

I am doing the translation, adding some information so that it is easy for Liz to understand because she listens to such a talk for the first time.

That is right. Even before I talk, she feels the content of what I am going to say, and translates. Therefore, what I should do is just to pretend to be talking!

If people have such relationships with their hearts, many issues that are occurring in the world will disappear automatically. People do not have to secure their profits by themselves in such a world. If everyone opens the closed gate, and creates a network with inspiration, everyone will be able to live abundantly. A new technology and various wisdoms will be utilized for everyone in a new meaning.

This is a world where the divine will penetrates. Humans live on Earth, so they are not used to living in a logical world. Humans live on Earth, and get used to conflicts, competition and discrimination. That is why, the heaven will not come down on Earth. The heaven will not be expressed in the natural world, either. This could be the current people’s mistake, but at the same time, this means a process to create such an era. The reality is that there is no bad person.

The door of the new era has already opened from the universal viewpoint. It will manifest on Earth from now on. Therefore, we are living at the time of departure, shifting toward a new world. The transition period will be about 100 years from the Earth time. However, 100 years is just a second from the universal viewpoint. If we place the history from the creation of the Earth to the present into one year, the transition period is shorter than a second!

(Yoko added and translated that it has been just 2 seconds since the Industrial Revolution of 250 years ago from this comparison.)
earth history in one day
Yoko has translated what I did not talk.

It is just perfect! So many strange things have been occurring in a sense since I came to Japan.

Unless we become strange, the mind-control of the modern society cannot be released.

It is a great thing!

The Konohana Family is a group of strange people.

It is good! This has been occurring since I came to Japan, especially at Konohana Family. I have many dreams at night and have experienced so many lives. These are very clear! As you said at the community meeting last night, if we let go of our egos, we will be connected with a higher consciousness and infinite awareness.

You do not have to talk any more. I fully understand how you feel. If we are trapped in ourselves, we are just small selves and create contradictions even against ourselves. However, if we let go of our mind, this world itself becomes ourselves, too. However, if your mind is too free, there would be no meaning to be yourself. Therefore, we can come back to ourselves again for now, and play our own roles.


Many people in the modern era consider they live with their own will, but each individual is given a position in a bigger scale. When you return to this level to recognize yourself, will you be trapped in a narrow frame or will you recognize the relationship between yourself and the whole world and exist with a broad worldview? We ourselves are a collection of infinitely small parts. This is a fractal structure. Katakamuna analyzes such a thing! People of 13,000 years ago knew it and lived. 13,000 years is just a second from a universal time!

I have so many memories: when the galaxy was born, I was there. Before the Earth was created, I discussed with my company what vision the Earth would be created with. I have visions of not only the past, but also the future: When the Earth reaches an expiration date, I will leave the Earth and shift to the next stage.

Therefore, from a bigger picture, you should pay attention to what is in front of you for sure, but you do not have to worry about it. Now, humans have reached the stage to become awakened. That is why I am here to play a role to convey such a message. I do not have any personal wish on the Earth. After I convey such a thing, and the network of human awakening is created on Earth, I am going to shift to the next vision. I would you like to play a role to create the network of human awakening with me. OK?


See you at the Truth School!

Thank you!!


How is she going to change during “the Truth School”? She has been sensing the flow of the era and the will of this world. Therefore, she is going to spend this month with such a Great Will.

Please Join The True School from February 14 – March 12, 2016

True School Participants 2015

We are at the greatest Turning Point!

There are people who question the current society and search for a new way of life.

Reflecting back to the history, the era always changed and transformed, and people sought a new way of life to go beyond the conventional social frame from the role of worker to that of change agent. Currently, the whole earth is facing such a difficult moment, therefore, increasing this kind of people must be the proof that the time has come for human beings to change our life style.

Let’s take a look at the universe.

The earth takes one year to go around the sun, and the sun also does not stay at the same position. Our solar system goes around the central sun which is the center of the galaxy by taking 22,600,000 years for one cycle. Our solar system does not move only in a cyclical movement, but also a spiral movement every 25,800 years as one cycle, and goes around the central sun by repeating the movement 9000 times as one cycle. The nine planets including the earth go around the sun with spiral movement, and the whole solar system keeps moving in the universal space with 240 km/ second. (Please check this video.)

As the earth has the winter solstice once a year, the solar system has a winter solstice every 25800 years. The winter solstice is the peak of darkness which has least light. On December 21, 2012, the solar system had the winter solstice, and changed from the cycle, which moves toward the darkness to the cycle that increases the light. Increasing light means that the truth which has been hidden in the darkness becomes clear.

Turning point

Is this story of universe mind-boggling for you?

However, in fact, we are living in the universe.

Pluto takes 248 years to go around the sun, which indicates to us the end of the materialistic era after the 250 years of industrial revolution in Europe. Also, the civilization cycle of East and West switch places of rise and fall every 800 years describes that we are at the turning point from the western materialistic civilization to the eastern spiritual civilization.

West&East Civilization Cycle

Moreover, the Chinese Universe Calendar tells us that the “The Era of People” begins now, after 3000 years of “The Era of Kings” and the next 3000 years of “The Era of Saint.” It is not the era that only one excellent leader will guide the whole. The era begins where every person will awaken.

We are surely at the greatest turning point of the era.

About “The One Month True School”

 “The One Month True School” is a place where you can read this flow of extraordinary era, and disclose your emotions that are generated in there, and you will awaken to who you really are.

Many people feel difficulties as they live and lose hope in modern society. The long lived materialism has brought a lot of problems to the society, and people are still dreaming happiness on the extension of the same value system. However, the hope for the new era is beyond conventional values.

In the One Month True School, we pull up each individual’s consciousness by offering information that you did not think of on your own. Rather we discuss and search together to widely open your worldview. By doing so, you will understand which state our current society is in and the meaning of our current social difficulties. Thus, we gain the ability to think of what kind of ways would be good for you and also the earth.

Mind-control is done by grasping and controlling the characteristics of your mind objectively. We, human beings can establish a healthy world for us and also other life forms and rejuvenate the whole earth to the harmonious world by using that control or new learning.

In any era, each individual surely achieves one’s own role, and bears the era. When you awaken to consciously shift the era by reading the flow and playing your own role as you are rather than just being bombarded by the wave of the era, human beings will live with hope as a cell of the earth which keeps metabolizing and welcomes death with hope.

The earth is one life.

Welcome to a learning opportunity that can awaken you to your role as a person who plays a key role in your life to live dynamically with a rich spirit!

Program Details in 2016


February 14th, 2016 (Sun) to March 12th, 2016 (Sat)  28 days


Konohana Family 
  Address: 238-1 Nekozawa, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan  419-0302


【Targeted Participants】

 Generally all the people who live on this planet.

And also the people who
– would like to change oneself
– would like to change the world
– do not know what to do even though feeling something is wrong in this world
– would like to know your real self and would like to fully enjoy your life

Also the alumni of 2015 would like to recommend this program for the following people who:
  – have intangible uneasiness
  – keep blaming yourself and also others
  – would like to trust others, but cannot
  – would like to know there is an unknown world

True School 2015-1


The program will cover the wide ranges such as Farming, Food, Medical Care, Economy, Education, Society, and Art. However, what you will learn all through the program is deep spirituality that flows behind of the physical phenomena. You will face new viewpoints which you have not imagined before and widely open your worldview, you will understand the status of current society and also your being and role in that context.   

Workshop 2015

Here are some examples of the program.

Learning of Humanity, Universal Circulation Method-Farming, Facilitation, Wide open your worldview, Economy of Bodhisattvas, Natural Therapy Program, Food is Medicine, Culturing Effective Microorganisms, Making Miso, Creativity and Art, Katakamuna, Sex and Universe, Preparation and for Natural Disaster, Sustainable spirituality

True school -2

Besides of the program, you can feel the real community life which helps each other and follows the flow of universe such as birthday party, seasonal rituals, and a monthly local vegetarian restaurant.

The above programs are just some examples and the program is not fixed. The most suitable program will be offered by discussion with the participants; therefore, the program is unpredictable and only a program in the world.

【Flow of the Day】

7:30  Breakfast
8:30  Morning Session (Tea Break around 10 am)
12:00 Vegetarian Lunch and Break
15:00 Afternoon Session (Tea Break around 4 pm)
17:30 Bath Time
18:30  Vegetarian Dinner
20:30 Community Meeting (Not mandate)

 – Time may change by situation
 – Every Saturday will be “Free day”
 – You can experience community life with teams of field, kitchen, and child rearing during the program.

Vegetarian Meal

【Life Supporter System】

Program operation team will allocate supporter for the each in order to support your daily life at the Konohana Family; however, once you get used to your stay, you can appoint the most suitable supporter among the members of Konohana Family with your intuition. The diverse members who are in their 20’s to 70’s will fully support your learning.


【Capacity 】

15 people
– Once it reached to the maximum capacity, registration will close. So, please apply sooner than later!

【Participation Fee】

It is a sliding scale system by self-assessment.

High income (more than 34000 USD /yr)         220,000JPY

Medium income (more than 17000 USD /yr)  200,000JPY

Low income (less than 17000 USD /yr)            180,000JPY 

Convert to your own currency using The Universal Currency Converter.

  • This includes participation fee, accommodation, food, washing clothes, and insurance.
  • If you would like to pay by installment, please consult with us.
  • Even the installment, you need to complete the payment before the program starts.

Mt. Fuji and Participants


NPO Green Grass is a NPO (non-profit-organization) which offers various kind of social works with the Konohana Family.

【Cosponsored with】

  Konohana Family


If you are interested in joining the program, please fill out and send this application form. We will send you information about payment.


 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Michiyo or Yoko
Tel: +81-544-67-0485







2018年2月25日(星期日)~3月24日(星期六)开校 28天




预定学员: 15名

学費*: 依收入而定。(自己申报)


    • 学費包含講師費,住宿,餐食費,保險費。
    • 想分期付款的听讲生请过来商谈。即便是分期付款,也必须在讲座开始前付清全额。
Main Facilitator, Isadon
主讲师 Isadon







7:30 早餐
8:30 早上的讲座(中途有休息)
12:00 中饭及午休
17:30 入浴
18:30 晚餐
20:30 大人集会(自由参加)






21世纪 顺流时代 Swing-by




在新价值观的引导下,面向3000年之旅 我们拥有由此开始的“意志”的时刻终于到了。作为推进力,時代给予了我们“swing-by”的机会。“swing-by”是利用天体的重力来改变宇宙探测器軌道的方法。并且,通过利用天体的公转运动,可以增加宇宙探测器的速度。










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共同主办: 木之花家族

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