The Konohana Family English Newsletter Vol.9

“The 21st Century View of Life and Death” Part 3 ~ What is Beauty?

In “The 21st Century View of Life and Death” Part 1 and 2, it was explained that humans were born with a body on earth to purify their souls, and we continue the journey of an eternal evolution, continuing to reincarnate in the multi-structural universe. Then, what is “Beauty” in the first place? In Part 3, we are going to analyze “Beauty” which modern people misunderstand greatly, and deepen the reason why we live in this world.

A Journey to an Unknown  World

We live out the universe. There are numerous stars in the universe, and none of them stays in the same place. As the earth orbits the sun, the sun orbits the center of the Milky Way galaxy, and the Milky Way galaxy also orbits an even bigger group of galaxies, all stars infinitely link with each other, become one majestic vortex, and continue to travel together toward an unknown place in the infinite universe.

There is an absolute order, which is the existence of time. Everything in this world boards on a vehicle of time which never stops, and proceeds toward the same direction. Because the earth gets on the flow and runs through the universe together, morning and night comes to earth every day, four seasons are born, and our lives are nurtured.

In fact, there are a wide variety of living beings which are estimated at 870 million kinds on earth. As all stars in the universe are connected with each other under the absolute order, living beings on earth also play original roles, brilliantly link with each other, and establish a world with one connection of life, which is the global ecosystem. It is a very beautiful world. In the flow of time, every single existence is given a life, and repeats birth, life and death. The whole always gains a new life energy, and continues to evolve as one life without staying still.

In such an incessant flow, there is only one existence which goes against it – humans. Other living beings exist as time flows, and fulfill their life according to the system of nature. However, humans who gained ego came to have the mind to hope to “maintain” a specific condition. Such a mind has generated stagnation in the flow, and has brought various issues.

However, as nobody can stop the earth from rotating and revolving, no matter how much we want to maintain a particular flow of time, it is impossible. Looking back on the history of the earth, it has been a succession of changes. Great environmental changes which have knocked the bottom out of the conventional way of being have occurred on countless occasions from the emergence of life to the birth of humanity. Life has repeated mass extinctions each time, and has evolved toward a new kind of existence which adjusts to the next environment. It is a journey to an unknown world which never stays still. It is us, the current humans that have become as a result.

Now, the world has begun to cause various phenomena which break the mold. It means that we are in a great transition period.

We came down as humans on earth in such an era. If “life exists to purify the soul,” what would it be like to become beautiful?


*As for the history of the life evolution on earth, please refer to the Konohana Family Newsletter Vol.3 “Eraism has Begun.”

This World is  Beautiful

Pollution is to Go against the Flow of the World and to Deviate from the Nature of the Universe
The Nature of the Universe is to Connect

Each one of us has a different individuality, and lives an original life every day. It seems to have nothing to do with the universe, but as a matter of fact, we are in the system of the universe.

It is the Milky Way galaxy that expresses the system of our life in the biggest scale. The universe expands even beyond the Milky Way galaxy. However, it is a different-dimensional world which we cannot interpret with our senses, because we live within the Milky Way galaxy. Therefore, we are going to trace the structure of life with the Milky Way galaxy as the greatest influence.

Each one of the numerous stars which are scattered throughout the galaxy is very unique. Such countless unique existences mark each cycle, work together without exception, and form the one life of the galaxy. It is the solar system and the global ecosystem that condenses the system and are expressed closer to us. Moreover, it is our body that is expressed closest to us.

Our body is the collectivity of various and complicated functions which consist of tens of trillions cells. Please look at your body. From your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, arms, legs, blood vessels and nerves which are spread around the whole body, bones, muscles, organs with various functions to hair and nails, there is a multiplicity of parts in the body. In every single part, more complicated and minute functions exist, work together without exception, and form one life of you in harmony like a miracle. If they do not work together and exist separately, life would not be able to emerge as it does. That is, the nature of the universe is to connect. Connecting is possible only based on goodwill. That is, the universe is created based on goodwill.

Life is Beautiful

In such a connection of goodwill, all existences board on the common vehicle of time.

After our body becomes fertilized in the mother’s womb, it traces a 3.8 billion year history of life evolution from a small life which is just less than 1mm, going through fishes, amphibians, reptiles, to mammals. We are born in this world over 280 days. Then, our body repeats birth and death at a cellular level every day in the circulation of the five natural elements of earth, water, fire, wind and air. We grow up from a baby to a child, then to an adult. Wrinkles are engraved in the skin across the ages, and hair becomes white. When our life span ends, the body without the soul will be decomposed at the atomic level, and become components which will compose the next life. Death is a beautiful moment when we will be released from the conventional connection and return to the circulation of the ecosystem.

In this manner, individual existences continue to change along with the flow of time. The whole, which is the collectivity of individuals, repeat metabolism and always continue to be born anew. This changing figure without stagnation is the beauty of this world.

Beauty is that everything flows without stagnation, changes toward the future and evolves. It is the exact figure of the universe. The universe always moves toward an unknown place and repeatedly changes transforms and transfigures. It is because the universe is life. Life continues to change without staying still. Our body expresses such a system closest to us, and tells us what life is and what beauty is.

Let’s Move toward a New World Together

Humans are given an extremely special ability in this beautiful world. In the system in which everything becomes connected and circulates, human who gained ego became conscious of “the self” in particular. With such a high ability, they came to maintain themselves and think of changing the world for their convenience, rather than changing themselves according to the flow of the world. Such a mind has created stagnation in the flow in which everything continues to change, and has generated various contradictions such as lies, tactics, conflicts and isolation. They are opposite from the nature of the universe in which unity is the base.

Everyone seeks a beautiful world; however, the modern society has become a world that prioritizes human convenience and cannot be really called beautiful. Cities which look developed beautifully have generated a vast amount of garbage behind them. Self-centered minds have created conflicts, loneliness, diseases and crimes; which have become rampant behind people who dress beautifully. If we go against the flow and try to control the world by force as we want, it needs a lot of energy. People have collected more and more, hurt each other, scrambled to fight, generated much waste, and ruined the earth and even their own lives. The entire world is full of problems, but it is natural for people to have many issues, and they cannot even recognize that they themselves have created the problems.

Many people look at a visible form and say “It is beautiful.” However, the true beauty is in “the mind” behind it. No matter how hard we make the form look beautiful, if the mind behind it is polluted, such a mind will surely become a problem and come back to us. However, if we do not recognize that our mind is polluted, we tend to blame others and the society for the problem we encounter. On the contrary, we pretend that nothing happens.

If the flow in which everything changes without stagnation is the beauty of this world, pollution is the function to stagnate the flow and deviate from the nature of the universe. Modern people have generated this many of problems, but they have avoided seeing the pollution of their mind which is the cause of the problems. However, the basis of the universe is goodwill. If our mind ignores the system of the body, goes out of control, and we drink and eat too much, our body becomes sick and tells us that. In this manner, if people’s minds become separated and they live selfishly, the world causes mega disasters, tells us that we cannot live alone, and promotes us to connect with each other. Connecting means weaving life.

If we deviate from this great flow and bring out contradictions to the world, the universe always guides us to return to the flow again. As long as you go against the flow and try to stay at the same place, the universe will continue to give you problems. It is because the universe guides you, saying “Let’s move toward a new world together.”

In the World like a Miracle

Living a life is not keeping the same self and seeing new scenery, but changing and renewing ourselves through encountering new scenery each moment. When people encounter something new, they tend to look at it based on their conventional path. If it is beyond their understanding, they tend to resist it. They try to protect their current self, and set the world within a range which they can accept. However, when we live in this world, originally, we do not stand at such a position.

The earth is a planet full of lives, which is very rare even in the universe. There is a world like a miracle which nurtures a wide variety of lives. The earth orbits the sun, and the moon orbits the earth. The moon and the sun play a role of yin and yang in a miraculous position from the earth, and nurture living beings on earth. Light and heat which arrive from the sun create the circulation of earth, water, wind and air. The gravitation of the moon causes the rise and fall of the ocean, and circulation of the water. Comparing the earth to the size of an egg, the thickness of the atmosphere is said to be just an egg shell. In such an atmosphere, life breathes. At the same time, the magnetic field of the earth protects the life from harmful solar flares, and moreover, the solar magnetic field protects it from harmful cosmic rays. Because the planets in the solar system mark the accurate cycles around the sun, morning and night repeatedly come to earth, and so do four seasons. The relationship of the solar system exists in a network of harmony which is created by numerous stars in the galaxy. If just one thing becomes out of order, life will not be able to exist on earth as it does. Only when relationships based on such a miraculous balance link with each other, the world where we live can exist. There is nothing which is created by humans.

Many modern people think that they live in this world with their own power. However, the truth is that our life is supported by a vast universal system which is far beyond our understanding. When you let go of the small constraint of the self and understand the universal system which continues to support your life even in this moment, a beautiful world will be revived in you. Then, the universal will becomes your own.

A Story which Continues Forever

Things are supposed to go forward only based on facts in the universe. When humans become one with the universe and express their pure will without lies or tactics on earth, things will become phenomena surprisingly smoothly. Other lives fulfill their life according to the system of nature. On the contrary, humans have their own will and the ability to create this world along with the universe.

When human consciousness becomes one with the universe, a world with infinite free energy will be expressed. Stars continue to race through the vast universe and have never refueled over the 13.8 billion years from the birth of the galaxy. Originally, the universe is an existence with perfect free energy. If we follow the system, everything flows beautifully with very little energy, without any waste. It is a very calm and comfortable world.

People have gone against the flow in such a world with free energy. As a result, they have fought, become tired and become hurt. However, no matter how hard we resist it, the universe surely moves forward. For humans who have gained ego, the existence of the self is very significant. But, looking from the universe, it is just the piece of a figure which expresses the era.

No matter how hard each one of us humans lives on earth, the era surely moves forward with the will. Then, an existence which does not match with the flow will just be destroyed as the conventional history of the earth shows. The era creates a new life which replaces it. In this manner, the story of the universe continues forever.

The Fundamental Mind of the Universe

Humans who gained ego became conscious of “the self” in particular in the world where everything changes, and have brought stagnation to the flow. We can perceive it like this: if it just flows without stagnation, we cannot really know what it is. When we go against the flow and experience the stagnation, we will know what the flow is from such a comparison. Then, if we let go of the constraint which became the cause of the stagnation, and live along with the flow of the universe with the stagnation-free mind, how beautiful our life will become!

In other words, ego is individuality. Each one of us humans has an original personality. Out of a wide variety of living beings which exist on earth, humans are the only kind which is this full of diversity. Humanity longed for beauty, created scripture and models in the past, and tried to copy them uniformly, thinking “this is the right way of living.” However, it is a world which is borrowed. If the universal system is based only on phenomena, then truth is not in the world which is borrowed and written in scripture, but in your original path.

There is another important element for beautify, which is diversity. As complicated and various functions form our body, about 870 million kinds of lives weave the global ecosystem, and numerous stars create vortices and travel in the universe, a wide variety of existences become connected, resonate each vibrancy, and become like one life. That is why, an abundant, dynamic and beautiful world will be expressed like a symphony.

The world gave diversity to us humans, and entrusted it to us to express the universe on the common vehicle of time. Now, while we live this life, how much can we reach this truth? You might think that you live a healthy life, but your own daily activities continue to pollute the earth and yourself even now. If you realize this fact and wish for a truly beautiful world, please begin with you first. It is not a difficult matter at all, but we move toward our true life purpose which is sleeping in everyone. When you move toward the purpose and fulfill your life with all your might, you will know what you have brought to this world throughout your life. You will experience your own worth when you leave the body and return to the original place as the soul.

Even if we have lost the purpose, the universe always causes various phenomena and guides us toward awakening. This is the exact will which the universe shows to us —- the fundamental mind is love.

ー The story of the universe ー


One day, seven Korean children came to play with Jiiji, Mr. Universe who lives at the foot of Mt. Fuji. There was a girl who often lied among them. Her mother asked Jiiji to explain why we must not lie, and he talked to the Korean and Japanese children as follows:

Please Tell a Lie

First of all, do you think it is all right to lie? Or, do you think we must not lie? Jiiji thinks it is all right to lie. In order to experience what is going to happen if we lie, unless we lie, we would not understand, wouldn’t we?

Lying is saying what is different from truth. There is only one truth, but there are many lies. Therefore, when people lie, they become clever. Such people will be in trouble if the truth is revealed, so they think a lot in order to continue to hide it. However, such a way of thinking is bad. If bad thoughts increase in the head, this person becomes bad.

Children do lie. So, when you want to lie, please do so. However, there is one important thing when you lie, which is to know that “I am lying now.” A lie is different from truth, so when you lie, you will be surely in trouble later. Then, if you know you have lied, you will be able to realize “Oh, I have lied, so things have become like this.” If so, it will become an opportunity to quit lying.

If people do not understand that they have lied, when a problem occurs, they tend to blame others, instead of considering that they were the cause. Such people are real troublemakers. Lying in childhood does not make a child a liar, but it will allow them to learn what is going to happen if they lie. However, if they do not understand that they have lied, they cannot learn from lying. They become genuine liars who lie without realizing that they lie. Jiiji has met many adults like that. Adults tell children not to lie. However, in fact, adults lie more than children do. That is, humans lie.

When I grow crops in the field, I encounter various things. First of all, the sun, plants, animals, soil, rain, wind – everything is honest. If crops do not grow well, they tell us honestly where the cause is, such as an imbalance of the soil, unsuitable weather and so on. When fertilizer was applied too much, crops will become sick and tell humans that something is wrong. If humans try to learn from nature all of the time, it never lies and tells us various things honestly. Therefore, when I am in nature, gratitude comes up and my mind becomes very calm.

However, when humans come to nature, lies will emerge. It is because they tend to think of everything for their own convenience. However, it is different from truth, so it will surely lead to problems. Which means, when humans live, problems occur.

When people lie, they think there is a good thing to be had by doing so. That is why, they lie, don’t they? However, when we lie, an inconvenient thing which is opposite from what we thought will occur. Although we think we get the benefits in the midstream of life, we are supposed to receive trouble equivalent to our lies in life and die. When we end our life as a liar and are born again next, our life will begin as a liar.

If we continue to lie, our minds become bad. Then, good things will not occur in life. In this manner, this world tells us “it is not good to lie.”

Therefore, please tell many lies for learning in your childhood. And please be in trouble many times. Please realize the reason why you are in trouble is that you have lied. Then, you will become a person who does not lie without fail. And please live a beautiful life.

That is all for Jiiji’s lecture about lying today♪


Living beautifully is expressing the original figure of life. The life begins with sex. In “The 21st Century View of Life and Death” Part 4, the truth of sex which is the source of our life will be revealed!

As for a beautiful way of living, if you would like to learn more practically, please participate in the “One Month True School” which is held annually at the Konohana Family from February to March.→Please refer to the One Month True School Blog (in English) for the details!

*The One Month Truth School is a place where you make a breakthrough in your life by analyzing the vast flow of the era and awakening to the true-self which you have been unaware of. This program will allow to you to gain power over your life in the world by going beyond your set ideas and expanding your worldview. We are open for application! Please visit the above link for more details!



This Is The Universe Project

Nut and Mind are high school students and One is a teacher from an alternative school in Thailand, and they have stayed at the Konohana Family for three months since May 27th. They will leave in 10 days to return to Thailand, however prior to leaving they had time to talk to Isadon. Two days before, at the children’s meeting, a dialogue between a Korean girl, Somin and Isadon was shared, so this time began with questions about the World War II.

In Thailand, we do not study about the World War II in detail until we enter university. Therefore, Mind and Nut know about such a war; however, they do not know why it happened.

Why did World War II happen?

In short, it is the result of human beings only thinking about themselves and even robbing other in an attempt to be rich.

Briefly explaining the flow of World War II, it started during the era from 15th to 17th century, which is called “The Age of Discovery”, when the European people colonized the world. An example of this era is how a country called the United States was formed through enslaving African people in order to build up an economy to become independent from England. In 1914 World War I began, and Germany, which was one of the most powerful countries at the time, was defeated in the war. The victorious countries expanded their right and interest in the world, and only Germany got poor. Out of this situation, Hitler appeared in Germany, advocated for the superiority of the Germanic race, appealed for an exclusion of Jewish people, and tried to reconstruct the Germanic race. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland, then World War II began.

In the meanwhile, the stage was being set after the Meiji era when Japan won the Japanese-Sino war and Japanese-Russian war, participated in World War I, gained global recognition, and attempted to join the strong countries of the world. After that, Japan involved themselves in World War II with Germany and Italy in the name of releasing Asian countries from the US and the UK. At that time, India was a colony of the UK, Vietnam was a colony of France and Indonesia was colony of the Netherlands. As for China, strong countries of the world flocked toward it in order to take concession. In that situation, Japan attempted to join the big countries and took over Korea and Taiwan. Later, Japan provoked the war with China with the name of integrating Asia. However, in reality, the purpose was to get concession for Japan. Then, the strong countries which colonized the world, such as the US and the UK, were in conflict with Japan since their concession would not be shared with Japan, and they imposed an economic blockade. In this way, Japan’s oil resources were cut off, they faced an economic deadlock, and entered to the World War II.

However, Japan did not start the war by itself. At that time, the biggest industrialized country, Germany was developed in Europe through Nazism, but it was isolated internationally. Later, a totalitarian state was established in Italy by Mussolini as fascism, but it was also isolated internationally like Germany. So Germany, Italy and Japan became tied together in a military alliance.

Some objectively minded people considered that the national power of Japan could not win over the US. However, as the military alliance between Japan, Germany, and Italy grew their respective governments were suppressed from opposing war. In fact, Germany occupied Eastern Europe and France and even expanded the war field in Africa. But when the war field expanded too much, it became difficult to replenish necessary goods for the army. As a result, the military alliance of the three countries were defeated. Italy surrendered first, Germany surrendered next, and Japan surrendered in the end. It is told that 7-9 million German people died, 10-20 million Chinese, 21-28 million Russians died, and in total 60-85 million people died. This shows that 2.5% of the world population at that time were victims of the war.

Japan, Germany and Italy were defeated in this way, and the allied powers won World War II. When Japan was about to lose, the Yalta Conference was held, which included Churchill from the UK, Roosevelt from the US., and Stalin from Russia. During this meeting, they discussed which victorious country would take which defeated countries when the war had finished. However originally, the US, European countries such as Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands colonized all over the world. As a result, when World War II occurred, their respective national strength fell and those colonized countries were freed. In this sense, World War II did not have all negative influences.

The atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki became the triggers to closing the War. However, that led to a polarization of strong countries, with communism in the Soviet Union, and capitalism in the US, which produced the cold war era. Immediately from this influence, the Korean War started, and the Korean Peninsula was divided into North Korea and South Korea. In the long run, this became a proxy war for the US against communist countries like the Soviet Union and China. Next, the same thing had occurred in the Vietnam War. In Cambodia, the neighboring country to Thailand, there was the Khmer Rouge massacre, but they were also communist forces. Moreover, the Jews who lived in Europe migrated to the US through German persecution, they brought their superior scientific technology, and at the same time the capital of Judea was used to found Israel. There is a story called Lawrence of Arabia, and during World War I, the UK promised a Jewish state in the Middle East; however Lawrence of Arabian was a spy from the UK.

However, he is described as a hero, isn’t he?

That’s because the story was drawn by the western countries. They have created Israel, a Jewish state in a region were the Arab people originally lived. Many Jews who settled there were those who once lived in the Soviet Union. So collective farm communities, such as Sovkhoz and kolkhoz, became the basis for the current Kibbutz (collective agricultural community) in Israel.

Oh, I did not know that!

I have briefly explained about the background of World War II, in fact there are so many cruel events that occurred and many people died. That kind of national character has not changed and still continues today.

Therefore, even after World War II ended, there are many stories related to exploitation and colonization which have led to the Middle-East wars (i.e. the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the War in Afghanistan, and the current development of I.S). The developed nations have continued to search for national benefits, which have become the dominate forces of the world. The victorious countries of the past, that have led the world with the illusion of justice, are now being revealed as gratifying their own desires based on savage laws and partnerships.

Because the US does not want to end the war, does it?

That is right. By now, the US was on the side of justice; however, the US moves based in its own rights and interests. The US seems to be involved in most of the recent wars in the world, such as the Iran & Iraq Wars.

The power of the US comes from selling guns and arms, right?

President Obama went to Vietnam and had a business meeting to sell them arms before he came to the Ise-Shima Summit that was held in Japan this past May. Later, he visited Hiroshima and gave the speech to say “Let’s make a world without nuclear weapons”.

Why did President Obama go to Vietnam to sell arms and come to Japan to talk about peace??

Because he is a politician!!

Politicians always think of their national benefit, and they are chosen based on the rights and interests of their country. Therefore, they are not necessarily superior people even though they are at a socially high position. That is because the current people are always search for their own benefit. Then, Isadon is aiming to build a world in which each one of us are awakened, who can become a superior person based on harmony, think of the earth as a one country, and create a world together rather than creating a country only representing the rights and interests of individual desires.

A peaceful world can still be created if Isadon could represent us, because he does not think of himself first. That attitude is the same as the divine. The Divine creates this world in an autocratic way; however, the Divine leaves this world for his/her own creation. Therefore, when human beings feel the will of the Divine, an ideal world will be created any time.

Why can the corrupted politicians hold power in the world?

Isadon: That is because human beings put priority on their own benefit, and choose politicians who are beneficial to themselves. For example, a money making world can only be established when people are greedy. Currently Japan seems peaceful; however, it is like having a war every day with moneymaking and competition. In addition, the US capitalist companies, such as McDonalds, KFC, and Seven-eleven infest the world, and the financial system of the world is dominated by the US right now.

When I speak about World War II, the story does not end as a single story. Before that, there was World War I, and more stories continued from the previous era, and even after World War II, this story of human greed continues.

If World War Ⅲ occurs, there will be no place for us to live…

Before you worry about the possibility of World War Ⅲ occurring, the earth has been giving humans messages through earthquakes and volcanic activities. We have faced the winter solstice of the galaxy from 25,800 years on December 21st, 2012, and now the era shows that it is changing greatly.

Today, the Japanese emperor announced his feelings and showed his intention to abdicate the throne before he passes away. The Japanese imperial system has continued for 2,600 years. In such a meaning, it is said that Japan is the world’s oldest nation, based on the same bloodline. However, it is just 2,600 years, so it is only one-tenth of one solar spiral of 25,800 years. So far, 59 Japanese emperors have retired out of 125. Therefore, living retirement is not rare in the Japanese history. However, it has been 200 years from the previous one, so I sense the fact that the current emperor announced his feelings at this timing as an important sign from the viewpoint of the era.

The peak of darkness arrived on December 21st, 2012 and the dawn of the galaxy ended on the day of the summer solstice on June 21st, 2016. We are going toward the era of light, so the Japanese emperor sensed the shift of the era, and felt like this. This is a great event from a universal viewpoint. Moreover, looking at the 248-year cycle of Pluto, we can see the transition of the Imperial succession interlocks with the era based on the relationship between the sun and the Pluto.

pluto slide

Therefore, now that we have faced the great turning point of the universe, we can predict that big disasters will come to Japan. Of course, they will come all over the world, but they will come to Japan first ahead of other countries.

Do you mean natural disasters?

In various ways. The current situation is happening so that Japanese people can restore the original spirit of Yamato. Now, Japanese people’s spirits have been polluted by the US, so such disasters are necessary in order for the Japanese people to become aware of the spirit of Yamato. Then, the Japanese emperor who is getting old has sensed with his intuition that it is getting difficult to accomplish a heavy duty like before, so he has been thinking of giving the throne to the young Crown Prince. The emperor is called “Ten (divine) No (emperor)” in Japanese, so I feel he has sensed the “divine will” with intuition. In such a meaning, his announcement shows the arrival of a universally new era.

Now that we have faced the great turning point from 25,800 years ago, we have entered an era when each one of us will become awakened, from the era when kings and saints governed people. The Japanese emperors have offered rituals with the divine in order to govern the nation. However, the era has arrived when each one of us connects with the divine and thinks of how to operate the earth. It is the arrival of the era when each one of us becomes aware of the consciousness of the “celestial being.”

In order to awaken human minds, which prioritize gratifying their own desires with an expanded ego, the universe and the earth will continue to give humans a severe environment in the form of disasters. That is because the more severe the environment becomes, the more humans will remember to help each other.

The big flood which happened in Thailand two years ago is a good example. Because of this natural disaster, people got together and helped each other.

Especially Japanese people are known as ones who support each other and maintain order in case of such disasters like earthquakes. If Thai people also have such a tendency, this might come from the Buddhist spirit.

What I would like to convey the most is we can create a heaven on earth if we try to enhance our spirituality, transcend our ego and gain a great spirit, without receiving such severe messages. In such a meaning, don’t you think the Konohana way of living can be a model of the next era? When you return to Thailand, I would like you to create such a place there, too.

It is very difficult!

Never give up!!

Will you live with a low consciousness, saying it is difficult? Or, will you aim for a higher consciousness and live without giving up? Which would you choose? When your ego is prioritized, you will live with a low consciousness. When you look toward the divine, and depend on the divine, you will be able to live with a high consciousness. It is just up to you if you can accomplish it or not.

What Isadon is saying is true. It is just up to us if we live with a high consciousness or give up. When I look at the Konohana Family members, they are trying to live their daily life to become a model. If I feel like giving up, I will remember everyone here. No matter how difficult this way of life is, everyone here has been trying to live with a high consciousness. Therefore, we should not give up easily!

I sometimes have mixed feelings. I want to help people, but my friends are very stubborn. So, I feel they deserve it.

You do not have to think of achieving that. The most important thing is that you live with a high consciousness. Today, we talked about World War II. As a matter of fact, nobody wanted to do such a war. However, nobody could stop it and humans had to experience such a horrible matter. In a sense, the era was necessary.

Now, the era has shifted from that of conflicts to that of integration. The divine and the era is for those who have realized this. Many modern people cannot understand the pioneers of an era, but the divine is for them. That is why, they can become a person to accomplish an important mission in this world. Such people are called, a “celestial being.” Therefore, it is important what kind of spirit we have. Then, the flow of the era carries us into the next one.

You have come here with a very deep connection with us. This connection does not end at this time. This is just a beginning for us to accomplish an important mission together.

The reason why I am crying now is that I feel like I am a stubborn student and was hit by a great teacher! So, I should work harder.

First of all, it is essential for you to become flexible.

I feel it is very difficult.

That is because you make yourself a top priority. It would be good if you can live for other people.

What you say is always right, so there is no room to discuss with you. No matter how difficult it is, I should do it. In a sense, I feel like I am a wild animal, and Isadon is a hunter and caught me. So, I cannot escape anymore!

Do you know what will happen next?? We will welcome you as our family and live together happily♪

Wow! Thank you!!

This is not a project just for you. This is not a project for Japan and Thailand, either. This is the story of earth and a universal project.

You came here and thought, “The Konohana Family is a great place!” Therefore, you should not think, “I cannot do this in Thailand!” when you return there. Now, the divine project has begun. The era has arrived when stubborn people like you will become awakened instantly. The era has passed the great turning point already.

The divine is for us. The era flows the way it is. The important thing is that we live with a high consciousness.

An Ultimate Harmonious World: PARTⅡ


From the Part I

About half an hour was left in the final program of “Living with Spiritual Abundance.” Will everyone be able to put all of the steps of the stairs from stages 1 to 10 together?!

Comparing the previous time from Shu-kun expressing his real self with the recent one, he has recently tried to confirm with everyone like, “Is it all right?” or “Do you agree?” whenever he has an opinion.

This means Shu-kun is considerate to everyone.


He has evolved.

How has he evolved?

In the beginning, he was self-centered without thinking how other people feel. Since he realized he was self-centered, he has tried to confirm with everyone.

I expressed my real self, thinking I was right before.

So, in the beginning, you were trying to push your thoughts on other people.

Yes. Since I learned that, I have tried to express what I feel just as information.

Now, you express your real self as one of the opinions.

That is right.

That is a huge difference.

Many steps of the stairs in between have been put together!

Did anyone feel such a difference in Shu-kun’s attitude?

Toward the end of the Truth School, I had an impression that he expressed himself neutrally without getting emotional.
If so, Shu-kun’s honest expression was for harmony. For both Shu-kun and everyone, it took a long time to reach a harmonious state. On the contrary, is there any way to reach harmony more quickly, or speaking to extreme, instantly?

I am wondering if it is important to have a model, where we make sure before anything concludes, that everybody feels self-expressed.

Do you mean we have time to express ourselves first?

They express their intentions, if it is different from the rest of the group, to add their piece of harmony.

So, what you mean is to set a place where everyone can say anything first?

I do not know if everyone needs to say something, but if you have not resonated with what has been said that there is space for your input. But, what I am trying to get to is saying that it is not just Shu-kun’s responsibility for the chaos. I am trying to understand when Isadon says everyone creates a space. It might help fill a gap between what Toomasu said. Everyone’s mind interprets what he puts out, so if everybody expresses themselves, there might be harmony. But, if he just expresses himself and people interpret it like he is pushy or I am little afraid, then there is disharmony. So, I am asking you a question. Can that be a part of the model, that even if someone expresses something that seems surprising to others, if everyone expresses themselves, it can be harmonized?

Let me explain what you said easily. Shu-kun expresses his real self with his value under a goodwill to create a good place here as one of the participants. Liz thought it might be better for everyone to express themselves. By doing this, an honest place is created and as a result, it might be a little bit chaotic. However, if everyone has a common mind to create a good place here together, the place will be harmonious eventually.

That is what I am saying! I am thinking of a big system, not just a small system, such as family, class, politics and agency. When the system does not allow everyone to speak, or to be heard to communicate, then we will never really get the harmony because we only hear some certain pitches.

Also, what I hear Liz saying is that for me if I am not listening clearly and objectively, then I cannot hear the intention. If I am just listening with my own values, then I am just going to say, “No! That does not fit!” And then, I just take what they give and try to make it my way. We never actually set a harmonious system or outcome. So, I need to be clear and objective when I listen. And maybe that even will change my values.

It is to stay with the person concerned. Now, how many steps of the stairs have we put together so far?


In this manner, each individual has an original background, so we do not need to have the same recognition. However, it is clear that each one of you has changed, going through the month. Therefore, instead of gaining something perfect and starting a new life, you can meet your true self and go forward with it as your starting point.

What I wanted to tell you, through the learning of the Truth School, is to broaden your worldview, expand your capacity, observe diversity in the world and accept various ways of being. It is working toward the outside. On the contrary, working toward the inside, let’s you know your truth. It might be difficult for you to accept your true self because many people look at their illusion. They live, thinking “I want to be seen this way,” or “I want to be such a person.” It is a trapped emotion toward yourself. Therefore, if you overlap your emotions, you cannot see your real self. And if you overlap your emotions, you always see the outer world through your emotions and cannot see the real world. This world always gives you phenomena that reflects your mental state accurately. THIS is living in this world, and at the same time, the divine will and the universal law.

The important thing here is to have courage to face your real self, no matter what impression it gives you. You need to make efforts toward that. Unless you have a broad worldview on top of the courage and efforts, you cannot select and see your true self in every possibility (diversity). First, look at the inside, face your real self and accept it. And look on the outside, and accept the diversity besides you. In order to maximize your life fully, it is significant for you to find the piece given to you that exists in this world. You are the only one who can play your role. Then, you can live a fulfilling life and at the same time, can play a role in this world.

Now, we were trying to put all of the steps of the stairs together from 1 to 10. Toomasu talked about the final conclusion on the way, and this means such a complete state is already prepared and such a world exists. However, we are at this stage now, so we cannot jump there instantly. Therefore, we need to put up every step in order to reach there. If human speculation or emotions are involved, people feel like skipping all the process. Therefore, it is necessary to observe your own emotions and others calmly.

People take a detour in the process of such a path. Some waste time and energy. That is because, by overlapping their emotions, they do not look at the real self and others.

Going back to the previous topic about Shu-kun, all the people who gathered here had goodwill to create a better place. However, many people see a difference in themselves first. That is because they prioritize their ego. That is, their own standard is given a priority.

There is a phrase of “Hear 1 and know it all to 10 (meaning “A word to the wise is enough”) in Japanese. According to Katakamuna (the advanced cosmophysics that developed in East Asia about 13000 years ago), a person who went through and mastered all the process from 1 (HI) to 10 (TO) is called, “HITO” and it is the enlightened figure of a completed person. We can say it is the path from 1 to 10, but HITO is the combination of 1 and 10, and does not have the process in between. Those who do not understand the path have to take all the steps from 1 to 10. However, once people understand its structure, they can see all the nature behind the phenomena that appear in this world.

Then, where should we see the nature in the case of Shu-kun? First of all, all the people who were involved in this story had goodwill. When we see things with goodwill as the base and understand each other’s goodwill, all we need is just to get connected. This is “A word to the wise is enough”. In fact, once HITO is completed, we will not need the learning in between.

In other words, it is “AUN (meaning an ultimate harmony in Japanese)”. The Japanese language has 48 sounds and starts with A and ends with UN. So, when a person hear “A,” he/she answers with “UN”. In this manner, we can understand everything instantly, and harmony emerges in a moment. This is the ultimate universal figure. And this is the final destination, which is possible for humans to reach. It is this final stage that we should aim for.

We have tried to put the steps of the stars from stage 1 to 10 all at once. As each one of you has a different individuality, some steps might be missing appropriate to your spirituality. Everyone, please understand there is a path that is the completed being of HITO. I really hope you that you will connect the steps that are missing appropriate to yourself, and live a complete life as “HITO”. When you understand its structure, you will become “HITO”, “hear 1 and know it all to 10” and live in a world of “AUN (an ultimate harmony)”.

We have overrun our schedule a little bit, but this is the end of the final program of the One Month Stay Truth School. Everyone, thank you so much!

At the community meeting held at night, the participants of the Truth School shared how they felt about today’s final program. Toomasu shared with everyone as follows.

Konbanwa (meaning “Good evening” in Japanese)!


When the class ended today, I secretly waited for Isadon outside of the bathroom♪


I was trying to be Yoko today!

When I got out of the bathroom, I saw Yoko who resembles Toomasu! I could not tell which is which!

I am working on being more delicate. So, I was holding a towel for Isadon! When he came out, I said, “Now, it takes the last second for everything to cook.” HITO is like climbing a mountain. The top is TO. But, once we get to TO, we have to come back down. And it is important to walk together with other people.

Even though this is a place where we practice facing ourselves, like our Dojo (meaning a training school in Japanese), out in the world is really where we do it. So, that is where we walk together.

If we knew that on the first day, there would not be a Truth School. But, I feel like there is always another mountain, so there will always be another Truth School. I look forward to coming back here next time.

Today’s main event happened when I went to the bathroom and came out, at the end of the program. I shared the following story with the participants of the Truth School before. When I go to the bathroom, I do not wash my hands in the bathroom. Instead, I go to a sink in the kitchen next to the bathroom and wash my hands. A towel is hung under the sink. Surprisingly, whenever I wash my hands and try to reach for the towel, it rises toward me automatically! Therefore, I do not have to make efforts to bend down to reach it. Only when I direct my right hand toward the towel, it comes up to me at the perfect height. The secret is Yoko is there, raising the towel toward my hands. That is because she does not want me to use my energy even for extending my hands just a little bit or bending down to reach the towel. She said she is supporting me so that I can make the most of my energy only to play my special role. I shared this story as her daily attitude with the participants before. Then, when I came out of the bathroom today, there was someone holding a towel for me just in front of the bathroom! I thought, “It is Yoko!” Toomasu was standing not at the sink, but in front of the bathroom. Then, I went to the sink, washed my hands, and wiped them with the towel he gave to me. After that, we had a talk as he shared.

As for Shu-kun’ sharing today, he was emotional in the beginning, learned through the Truth School, received negative feedbacks from other participants, reflected on himself, and became considerate to others. First, he expressed his real self and brought chaos to everyone. Everyone expresses their real self to try to improve the field together, but could not. However, as a result finally today, Shu-kun’s sharing led to everyone’s harmony.

To tell you the truth, I had a plan today. Although I wanted to tell you up to a certain point during the Truth School, the whole place did not reach such a stage where I could tell you that yet. Therefore, I thought the Truth School would end without me telling you that. Then, Shu-kun raised his hand and shared his reflection in the final program today. At the time, only less than 1 hour was left. I was facilitating the program, listening to everyone and trying to build up an image. Toomasu talked about the final conclusion of TO on the way. It was correct, but we needed to put the steps in between because people cannot connect the lowest stage with the highest one and understand it all without stairs. Then, Tae-chan put some steps in between and so did Yoshi-yan and others along with my guidance. As a result, the steps of the stairs from HI to TO were connected gradually.

In such a situation, Liz came up with a question, wondering if it is better to have a place where everyone can feel self-expressed. It is correct, but it is quite difficult to have such a place where everyone can express themselves freely. In a sense, it is a completed place. Also, unless they have the same purpose, they would just have to talk a lot and it would take so much time to reach a conclusion. It is important to open our hearts, create a place where everyone can express anything in the general workshop of the community. However, I wanted to tell you there is actually a world which transcends that, during the Truth School.

We had the final program today, so I wanted you to reach there. I thought it could be impossible in the middle of the program. Then, from Shu-kun’s sharing, the stage 1 was told, and Toomasu talked about the stage 10. Other participants talked about some steps in between to fill the gap. However, in fact, there is a way where our hearts get connected instantly, without taking time to fill the gap.

This is “A word to the wise is enough”. First, everyone’s original intention was goodwill. If everyone can sense each other’s goodwill behind their words, their hearts become connected automatically, and the place from 1 to 10 emerges. Gathering here means stage 1, so when everyone confirms each other’s goodwill, it becomes stage 10 automatically. According to Katakamuna, 10 indicates completion. When everyone can understand they all have goodwill, a place will emerge where their heart is open fully without any speculation. Everyone can express their honesty there, like “How about you?” “You connect stage 2.” “You connect stage 5.” “You connect stage 8.” In this manner, the process from 1 to 10 will be completed right away.

However, now we needed to listen to each will and put each step in between. If we confirm each other’s goodwill, we will not have to discuss details. When someone says, “I want you to connect 1,” you understand your step will lead to the final step ultimately. Then, someone else around you says, “I can connect 2,” and this will lead to an ultimate harmonious world. The ultimate world the humans can seek is “AUN”. There, we do not have to adjust our minds.

I wanted to lead you to such a world during the Truth School. At the end of today’s final program, when I thought we barely made it, Toomasu was doing Yoko outside of the bathroom! He sensed her story I shared before, with intuition, and was holding a towel for me.

The fact that Toomasu talked about 10 first was correct because it can lead everyone to have the same Northern Star. He always talks about the Northern Star first, but if he does it when everyone else cannot understand it yet, it does not make any sense. Then, after he gave me the towel, he said the top of the mountain is TO and it is important to walk together after reaching the top and come back down. Those who reached the top know its value, so they can show the path to people who are going to climb the mountain. Therefore, when we reach the top, come back down, and walk together with people at stage 1, we can guide them along the path from 1 to 10. I said to Toomasu that I hope he will live such a life from now on.

Then, the stairs that I wanted you to put together, but thought it would be impossible to do so on the way, were completed finally! I was able to share the ultimate harmonious world that I wanted to during the whole Truth School at the last minute. Now, I am very satisfied.

(Tapping his heel, HI and toe, TO on the floor alternatively) Maybe, if Shu-kun and I are shoes and walk together, we would be “HITO”. Is this what it is like to be Isadon??

(Giving a OK sign to Toomasu)

Since I was a child, I did not want to read the instructions. So, I just said “I know it all already,” and I tried to put the bike together and build something, and skipped all of the steps.

That is why, you have broken things!

Exactly! I ended up getting angry, and had to go right back to the beginning. I had to do it the proper way anyway. So, it all makes sense now!

The 21st Century is the Century when Each One of Us Becomes Awakened  “Liz’s Awakening”

On January 9th, 2016, Liz from the US came to Konohana Family for the first time. She is 36 years old and has been suffering for a serious disease for 7 years. However, she has become cured since she came to Japan and Konohana Family and is looking for a new way of living to shift to a new stage of her life. Right now, she is participating in “the Truth School” which has been held from February 14th. Last time she stayed here, she wanted to talk with Isadon, the founder of this community and such a time was set. First, she explained her disease to him and he started to talk as follows.

The Chinese character for the “Disease (病気)” is written as “Sick (病) Energy (気)” in Japanese and is caused by the mind. Therefore, a mental state makes disease serious or light.

Exactly! As you said at the community meeting last night, when my consciousness is connected with the divine and energy flows, I feel good. I came to Japan for the first time and it has been 3 weeks. I feel I have met many awakened people in Japan. They reminded me that I am the divine and the disease is not myself. And I am completely free from my disease here in Konohana Family… There are so many things that I want to tell you!

Same here! To speak of extremes, although we do not share everything, you understand this is a very meaningful meeting.

I know it from the bottom of my heart! I have been receiving so many messages like a little child since last year and the tendency has been getting stronger since I came to Japan and even to Konohana Family.

Now is such an era. Konohana Family has been taking a special path, compared to that of the general society. However, we have faced some great turning points to enter a new era on a global scale. The conventional era was the one when people have considered diseases as physical phenomena, and sought physical wealth such as money and materials because we humans have physical body. Considering from human desires, such materials have been attractive in a sense. Humans have both physical and spiritual desires, but the people in the current era have prioritized physical desires and have lacked balance.

There are some energy pillars in our body, and various symptoms occur or people get healthy based on the balance. The imbalance could be the source to let humans evolve.

Yes! Thank you!!


I have been suffering from a serious disease for almost 7 years. However, I came to appreciate it since last year. So, my disease is my great teacher.

That is a good perspective. The biggest cause for Japanese people to get sick and die is cancer. Cancerous cells do not like the environment where it is warm and people live happily. Therefore, the current society is a state where cancerous cells flourish the most easily. Now, medication has advanced physically, but it is not a fundamental treatment for diseases. The medical people have not reached the recognition of the root cause of diseases yet.

Diseases are not bad at all, rather tell us that the imbalance is occurring inside of us. The difference in two types of spirits is huge: one can understand this truth, and the other divides the events in this world into good and bad, and judge these. When you go to an environment where you can think of the truth behind such phenomena, you feel easy. That is because you are the spirit who lives in the next era. Such people like you grew up in an environment where your mind was not understood in the current era. Therefore, you sometimes feel lonely. However, your pain will become a driving force to live in the next era.

That is right. This is difficult to express…I came to Japan this time, but there was no clear reason that I can explain. My spirit was drawn here.

For the future living, such an attitude is important. It is living with intuition. All living beings except humans live with such an instinct. Humans had such an era in the past, too.

We do not have to get rid of development of science, physics and technology in the new era. But now evolution of physical technology has reached its peak. Its efficient in a sense. However, these technologies do not bring true peace, stability, and abundance to the human world yet.

Many people like you have been appearing, who have met difficulty, question the current society, and are seeking a new value. You said you are interested in “the Truth School.” We can provide this program once a year right now, considering our agricultural based living, because from February to March is the only period when we can take time to provide various methods and information. We offer a natural therapy program for people with more serious mental and/or physical diseases. In this case, the purpose could be to help the care guest to recover their health. However, in “the Truth School,” we are going to analyze the history of the universe, the Earth and humans, and understand what kind of era we are in, how our emotions function, and how we humans should face a new era.

Now that we have faced various global issues, some great turning points have arrived for sure from the universal viewpoint. However, many of the world leaders have not understood the root cause yet. Furthermore, the time has come when each one of us will become awakened from now on. Therefore, the era when leaders appear and lead us to a new era has ended. This means people who will question the way of the modern society and try to face a new era have appeared; instead of trying to change this world based on their profits and losses, or seeking improvement of their own pains, this will be a bigger movement to create a global network in the next era, as a result of such phenomena. When such people have a broad worldview, they can expand their mental capacity, and the mental wealth will be created in the society. Then, both personal issues such as diseases and social issues will disappear automatically.

I started to receive such visions about 30 plus years ago. Then, I have realized that each one of us is really unique; you are the only existence in the past, present, and future. When each one of us becomes aware of such a self, s/he lives vividly as the way s/he is, and contributes to this world; it is the original human figure which will be expressed on Earth.

All the information from the past, present, and future is already included in the DNA inside of each one of us. Then, your spirit draws certain information from your DNA and creates your current state. Both your health and disease are caused by your spirit. Therefore, if you can accept your disease as a message, it could be the source of your health. However, if you consider it just as disease, and want to get rid of it, your disease would be considered just as a disease. Even if you are cured, it was just a disease for you forever.

It takes so much energy to solve issues physically, but it is so easy to do so spiritually!

That is right!

Physical phenomena have been led by spiritual beings in this world. It is “the Truth School” that you let such a truth come out inside of you. In order to understand the present, you need to understand the process from the past to the present. When you understand from the past to the present, you will be able to see the flow from the present to the future. Then, you do not have to worry about your future. Your mind creates the future in this manner. Now, the era has arrived when all humans stand at such a position and create the history of the Earth together.

Various religions and philosophies were born in the past and there was an era when superior people spread their teachings to the world. However, we have entered the era when each one of us understands why we exist in the universe and spread the network of awakening. This is not for spreading a specific teaching like the conventional religions. This is for recognizing why we live in this world. We humans belong to the universe, so we are at the position to realize it and accept the meaning from the universe.

As those who have sensed the coming of the next era a bit earlier than the general people, we have a role to collaborate with each other and spread the truth as missionaries. As you came here, felt so many things and have a lot to share, I have a lot to tell you, too.

That is what I wanted to ask you. When our minds are so free, messages from the divine come down to us incessantly.

You have such an inspiration and that is why you are the exact person to live in the next era.

When someone gets trapped in their own thoughts, it is described as “囚” in the Chinese character. This shows the person (人) is trapped in a frame (口). When the bottom part of this is removed, an entrance is created and information is coming from outside. When the top part is removed (門), the divine law comes in. Then, Trapped (囚) becomes Inspired (閃). When one is trapped, thoughts go around in one’s brain, and the person judges things with his/her values and lives in the society. On the contrary, a state with inspiration is created by both intuition from above and awareness that comes out within. This inspired state is called “vertical” thoughts and the trapped state is called “horizontal” thoughts. When the horizontal thoughts follow the vertical thoughts, they function healthy. When the vertical energy (I) and the horizontal energy (一) are combined, they become integration (十) and indicates the figure of a complete human. According to Katakamuna, this is considered as the path from HI meaning one (I) to TO meaning ten (十), and together it is read as HITO (十), which indicates the figure of enlightened humans.

Katakamuna people who existed in East Asia about 13,000 years ago sensed the physics in nature and the potential world with intuition and lived.

I need to learn Katakamuna!

Yes, Katakamuna is the origin of all the languages in the world. Our Japanese culture has Chinese characters and each letter has a specific meaning. However, the source of all the languages is sound. Each sound has a very deep meaning. We spread sounds, and try to communicate with each other by combining sounds. There are a total of 48 sounds. Combining some sounds with specific meanings indicates physics. Therefore, this world is made of the vibrancy of sounds. We spread sounds and create this world.

The vibrancy affects the invisible world that we cannot hear. For example, there is a forward vibrancy to proceed things or a reverse vibrancy to go backward. Therefore, there are some families with a reverse vibrancy who make conflicts. As a result their vibrancy decays food in their homes. On the contrary, there is a vibrancy that goes along with the universal law as this world proceeds from the past to the future. In this manner, when people spread a forward vibrancy appropriate to the law, people can live healthy.

People have made efforts to solve the issues superficially so far. However, when we analyze the reason why we have reached such a state, and create a forward vibrancy and flow, all the issues will disappear automatically. The current world is so complicated that we are in a chaotic state where we cannot understand what a beautiful and original vibrancy is. In a sense, the current era is very dynamic, but it is difficult for people to break through the current crisis. However, if we understand the root cause and improve it, we will be able to live simply, efficiently, and richly. Humans can let such a world come out from inside of us, but we need inspiration for that.

All the lives compose the universe, and the universal wisdom exists in all the lives. Especially, humans; we have the most advanced ability out of all living beings. However, at the same time, if humans misuse their high ability, they could go down to a very silly stage.

In “the Truth School,” I would like to make a place where we provide all the information that we have reached and confirm it with everyone. However, learning is not just for a month. Humans continue to evolve, so this program would become an opportunity for the participants to find a new way of living. If it is possible for you to join it, of course, it is for your own sake, but I would you like to utilize it to contribute to create a new world.

There is a world that I aim for. For example, a person who needs wisdom comes to me and the wisdom comes up from inside me. We communicate with each other when our eyes meet. When I smile at this person, s/he gets what s/he wanted to receive and they say, “I got it! Thank you!” and goes back home. That is an ultimate world I am aiming for. Originally, it is possible for humans to do so.

Exactly! I have a question. You talked about “Transmission,” the theme of this year, 2016 at the community meeting last night. Then, I thought about the importance of words. Now, I have a teacher and he is like a guru in the Indian tradition. There were so many teachers in my life and I could not understand everything they say. However, often I just feel something from them, and I learned somehow…Sorry, I forgot what my question was!

Let me answer your question! You are the only one who can take your own path. Therefore, the teachers and learnings that you have met are given to you so that you become aware of your original path. You do not have to have a teacher anymore. When you are aware of your own path, you will become your own teacher. Originally, humans should be like that.

All the lives play their roles and maintain this world. Therefore, all the beings are precious. Relationships between masters and disciples existed in the past, but in the new era the difference among people is just a difference of positions and roles.

That is right. There are so many things that I need to learn.

You did not have confidence in yourself so far.


You are going to have confidence based on conviction, not confidence with arrogance in the future.

I understand it very well!

Then, even if nobody guides you, a path will come out inside of yourself. When that comes out inside of each individual, it creates a network, we will be able to recognize we humans are family composing one life of the Earth. Moreover, the Earth family is going to develop a new vision toward the universe. As the universe operates by free energy in a vast cycle, we have function which resonates with infinite energy.

Today, I am talking, feeling it is difficult to talk with words. Although my talk is a little bit awkward, Yoko translate it into English very smoothly. I would like to create such a relationship with everyone.

I am doing the translation, adding some information so that it is easy for Liz to understand because she listens to such a talk for the first time.

That is right. Even before I talk, she feels the content of what I am going to say, and translates. Therefore, what I should do is just to pretend to be talking!

If people have such relationships with their hearts, many issues that are occurring in the world will disappear automatically. People do not have to secure their profits by themselves in such a world. If everyone opens the closed gate, and creates a network with inspiration, everyone will be able to live abundantly. A new technology and various wisdoms will be utilized for everyone in a new meaning.

This is a world where the divine will penetrates. Humans live on Earth, so they are not used to living in a logical world. Humans live on Earth, and get used to conflicts, competition and discrimination. That is why, the heaven will not come down on Earth. The heaven will not be expressed in the natural world, either. This could be the current people’s mistake, but at the same time, this means a process to create such an era. The reality is that there is no bad person.

The door of the new era has already opened from the universal viewpoint. It will manifest on Earth from now on. Therefore, we are living at the time of departure, shifting toward a new world. The transition period will be about 100 years from the Earth time. However, 100 years is just a second from the universal viewpoint. If we place the history from the creation of the Earth to the present into one year, the transition period is shorter than a second!

(Yoko added and translated that it has been just 2 seconds since the Industrial Revolution of 250 years ago from this comparison.)
earth history in one day
Yoko has translated what I did not talk.

It is just perfect! So many strange things have been occurring in a sense since I came to Japan.

Unless we become strange, the mind-control of the modern society cannot be released.

It is a great thing!

The Konohana Family is a group of strange people.

It is good! This has been occurring since I came to Japan, especially at Konohana Family. I have many dreams at night and have experienced so many lives. These are very clear! As you said at the community meeting last night, if we let go of our egos, we will be connected with a higher consciousness and infinite awareness.

You do not have to talk any more. I fully understand how you feel. If we are trapped in ourselves, we are just small selves and create contradictions even against ourselves. However, if we let go of our mind, this world itself becomes ourselves, too. However, if your mind is too free, there would be no meaning to be yourself. Therefore, we can come back to ourselves again for now, and play our own roles.


Many people in the modern era consider they live with their own will, but each individual is given a position in a bigger scale. When you return to this level to recognize yourself, will you be trapped in a narrow frame or will you recognize the relationship between yourself and the whole world and exist with a broad worldview? We ourselves are a collection of infinitely small parts. This is a fractal structure. Katakamuna analyzes such a thing! People of 13,000 years ago knew it and lived. 13,000 years is just a second from a universal time!

I have so many memories: when the galaxy was born, I was there. Before the Earth was created, I discussed with my company what vision the Earth would be created with. I have visions of not only the past, but also the future: When the Earth reaches an expiration date, I will leave the Earth and shift to the next stage.

Therefore, from a bigger picture, you should pay attention to what is in front of you for sure, but you do not have to worry about it. Now, humans have reached the stage to become awakened. That is why I am here to play a role to convey such a message. I do not have any personal wish on the Earth. After I convey such a thing, and the network of human awakening is created on Earth, I am going to shift to the next vision. I would you like to play a role to create the network of human awakening with me. OK?


See you at the Truth School!

Thank you!!


How is she going to change during “the Truth School”? She has been sensing the flow of the era and the will of this world. Therefore, she is going to spend this month with such a Great Will.