The Konohana Family English Newsletter Vol.9

“The 21st Century View of Life and Death” Part 3 ~ What is Beauty?

In “The 21st Century View of Life and Death” Part 1 and 2, it was explained that humans were born with a body on earth to purify their souls, and we continue the journey of an eternal evolution, continuing to reincarnate in the multi-structural universe. Then, what is “Beauty” in the first place? In Part 3, we are going to analyze “Beauty” which modern people misunderstand greatly, and deepen the reason why we live in this world.

A Journey to an Unknown  World

We live out the universe. There are numerous stars in the universe, and none of them stays in the same place. As the earth orbits the sun, the sun orbits the center of the Milky Way galaxy, and the Milky Way galaxy also orbits an even bigger group of galaxies, all stars infinitely link with each other, become one majestic vortex, and continue to travel together toward an unknown place in the infinite universe.

There is an absolute order, which is the existence of time. Everything in this world boards on a vehicle of time which never stops, and proceeds toward the same direction. Because the earth gets on the flow and runs through the universe together, morning and night comes to earth every day, four seasons are born, and our lives are nurtured.

In fact, there are a wide variety of living beings which are estimated at 870 million kinds on earth. As all stars in the universe are connected with each other under the absolute order, living beings on earth also play original roles, brilliantly link with each other, and establish a world with one connection of life, which is the global ecosystem. It is a very beautiful world. In the flow of time, every single existence is given a life, and repeats birth, life and death. The whole always gains a new life energy, and continues to evolve as one life without staying still.

In such an incessant flow, there is only one existence which goes against it – humans. Other living beings exist as time flows, and fulfill their life according to the system of nature. However, humans who gained ego came to have the mind to hope to “maintain” a specific condition. Such a mind has generated stagnation in the flow, and has brought various issues.

However, as nobody can stop the earth from rotating and revolving, no matter how much we want to maintain a particular flow of time, it is impossible. Looking back on the history of the earth, it has been a succession of changes. Great environmental changes which have knocked the bottom out of the conventional way of being have occurred on countless occasions from the emergence of life to the birth of humanity. Life has repeated mass extinctions each time, and has evolved toward a new kind of existence which adjusts to the next environment. It is a journey to an unknown world which never stays still. It is us, the current humans that have become as a result.

Now, the world has begun to cause various phenomena which break the mold. It means that we are in a great transition period.

We came down as humans on earth in such an era. If “life exists to purify the soul,” what would it be like to become beautiful?


*As for the history of the life evolution on earth, please refer to the Konohana Family Newsletter Vol.3 “Eraism has Begun.”

This World is  Beautiful

Pollution is to Go against the Flow of the World and to Deviate from the Nature of the Universe
The Nature of the Universe is to Connect

Each one of us has a different individuality, and lives an original life every day. It seems to have nothing to do with the universe, but as a matter of fact, we are in the system of the universe.

It is the Milky Way galaxy that expresses the system of our life in the biggest scale. The universe expands even beyond the Milky Way galaxy. However, it is a different-dimensional world which we cannot interpret with our senses, because we live within the Milky Way galaxy. Therefore, we are going to trace the structure of life with the Milky Way galaxy as the greatest influence.

Each one of the numerous stars which are scattered throughout the galaxy is very unique. Such countless unique existences mark each cycle, work together without exception, and form the one life of the galaxy. It is the solar system and the global ecosystem that condenses the system and are expressed closer to us. Moreover, it is our body that is expressed closest to us.

Our body is the collectivity of various and complicated functions which consist of tens of trillions cells. Please look at your body. From your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, arms, legs, blood vessels and nerves which are spread around the whole body, bones, muscles, organs with various functions to hair and nails, there is a multiplicity of parts in the body. In every single part, more complicated and minute functions exist, work together without exception, and form one life of you in harmony like a miracle. If they do not work together and exist separately, life would not be able to emerge as it does. That is, the nature of the universe is to connect. Connecting is possible only based on goodwill. That is, the universe is created based on goodwill.

Life is Beautiful

In such a connection of goodwill, all existences board on the common vehicle of time.

After our body becomes fertilized in the mother’s womb, it traces a 3.8 billion year history of life evolution from a small life which is just less than 1mm, going through fishes, amphibians, reptiles, to mammals. We are born in this world over 280 days. Then, our body repeats birth and death at a cellular level every day in the circulation of the five natural elements of earth, water, fire, wind and air. We grow up from a baby to a child, then to an adult. Wrinkles are engraved in the skin across the ages, and hair becomes white. When our life span ends, the body without the soul will be decomposed at the atomic level, and become components which will compose the next life. Death is a beautiful moment when we will be released from the conventional connection and return to the circulation of the ecosystem.

In this manner, individual existences continue to change along with the flow of time. The whole, which is the collectivity of individuals, repeat metabolism and always continue to be born anew. This changing figure without stagnation is the beauty of this world.

Beauty is that everything flows without stagnation, changes toward the future and evolves. It is the exact figure of the universe. The universe always moves toward an unknown place and repeatedly changes transforms and transfigures. It is because the universe is life. Life continues to change without staying still. Our body expresses such a system closest to us, and tells us what life is and what beauty is.

Let’s Move toward a New World Together

Humans are given an extremely special ability in this beautiful world. In the system in which everything becomes connected and circulates, human who gained ego became conscious of “the self” in particular. With such a high ability, they came to maintain themselves and think of changing the world for their convenience, rather than changing themselves according to the flow of the world. Such a mind has created stagnation in the flow in which everything continues to change, and has generated various contradictions such as lies, tactics, conflicts and isolation. They are opposite from the nature of the universe in which unity is the base.

Everyone seeks a beautiful world; however, the modern society has become a world that prioritizes human convenience and cannot be really called beautiful. Cities which look developed beautifully have generated a vast amount of garbage behind them. Self-centered minds have created conflicts, loneliness, diseases and crimes; which have become rampant behind people who dress beautifully. If we go against the flow and try to control the world by force as we want, it needs a lot of energy. People have collected more and more, hurt each other, scrambled to fight, generated much waste, and ruined the earth and even their own lives. The entire world is full of problems, but it is natural for people to have many issues, and they cannot even recognize that they themselves have created the problems.

Many people look at a visible form and say “It is beautiful.” However, the true beauty is in “the mind” behind it. No matter how hard we make the form look beautiful, if the mind behind it is polluted, such a mind will surely become a problem and come back to us. However, if we do not recognize that our mind is polluted, we tend to blame others and the society for the problem we encounter. On the contrary, we pretend that nothing happens.

If the flow in which everything changes without stagnation is the beauty of this world, pollution is the function to stagnate the flow and deviate from the nature of the universe. Modern people have generated this many of problems, but they have avoided seeing the pollution of their mind which is the cause of the problems. However, the basis of the universe is goodwill. If our mind ignores the system of the body, goes out of control, and we drink and eat too much, our body becomes sick and tells us that. In this manner, if people’s minds become separated and they live selfishly, the world causes mega disasters, tells us that we cannot live alone, and promotes us to connect with each other. Connecting means weaving life.

If we deviate from this great flow and bring out contradictions to the world, the universe always guides us to return to the flow again. As long as you go against the flow and try to stay at the same place, the universe will continue to give you problems. It is because the universe guides you, saying “Let’s move toward a new world together.”

In the World like a Miracle

Living a life is not keeping the same self and seeing new scenery, but changing and renewing ourselves through encountering new scenery each moment. When people encounter something new, they tend to look at it based on their conventional path. If it is beyond their understanding, they tend to resist it. They try to protect their current self, and set the world within a range which they can accept. However, when we live in this world, originally, we do not stand at such a position.

The earth is a planet full of lives, which is very rare even in the universe. There is a world like a miracle which nurtures a wide variety of lives. The earth orbits the sun, and the moon orbits the earth. The moon and the sun play a role of yin and yang in a miraculous position from the earth, and nurture living beings on earth. Light and heat which arrive from the sun create the circulation of earth, water, wind and air. The gravitation of the moon causes the rise and fall of the ocean, and circulation of the water. Comparing the earth to the size of an egg, the thickness of the atmosphere is said to be just an egg shell. In such an atmosphere, life breathes. At the same time, the magnetic field of the earth protects the life from harmful solar flares, and moreover, the solar magnetic field protects it from harmful cosmic rays. Because the planets in the solar system mark the accurate cycles around the sun, morning and night repeatedly come to earth, and so do four seasons. The relationship of the solar system exists in a network of harmony which is created by numerous stars in the galaxy. If just one thing becomes out of order, life will not be able to exist on earth as it does. Only when relationships based on such a miraculous balance link with each other, the world where we live can exist. There is nothing which is created by humans.

Many modern people think that they live in this world with their own power. However, the truth is that our life is supported by a vast universal system which is far beyond our understanding. When you let go of the small constraint of the self and understand the universal system which continues to support your life even in this moment, a beautiful world will be revived in you. Then, the universal will becomes your own.

A Story which Continues Forever

Things are supposed to go forward only based on facts in the universe. When humans become one with the universe and express their pure will without lies or tactics on earth, things will become phenomena surprisingly smoothly. Other lives fulfill their life according to the system of nature. On the contrary, humans have their own will and the ability to create this world along with the universe.

When human consciousness becomes one with the universe, a world with infinite free energy will be expressed. Stars continue to race through the vast universe and have never refueled over the 13.8 billion years from the birth of the galaxy. Originally, the universe is an existence with perfect free energy. If we follow the system, everything flows beautifully with very little energy, without any waste. It is a very calm and comfortable world.

People have gone against the flow in such a world with free energy. As a result, they have fought, become tired and become hurt. However, no matter how hard we resist it, the universe surely moves forward. For humans who have gained ego, the existence of the self is very significant. But, looking from the universe, it is just the piece of a figure which expresses the era.

No matter how hard each one of us humans lives on earth, the era surely moves forward with the will. Then, an existence which does not match with the flow will just be destroyed as the conventional history of the earth shows. The era creates a new life which replaces it. In this manner, the story of the universe continues forever.

The Fundamental Mind of the Universe

Humans who gained ego became conscious of “the self” in particular in the world where everything changes, and have brought stagnation to the flow. We can perceive it like this: if it just flows without stagnation, we cannot really know what it is. When we go against the flow and experience the stagnation, we will know what the flow is from such a comparison. Then, if we let go of the constraint which became the cause of the stagnation, and live along with the flow of the universe with the stagnation-free mind, how beautiful our life will become!

In other words, ego is individuality. Each one of us humans has an original personality. Out of a wide variety of living beings which exist on earth, humans are the only kind which is this full of diversity. Humanity longed for beauty, created scripture and models in the past, and tried to copy them uniformly, thinking “this is the right way of living.” However, it is a world which is borrowed. If the universal system is based only on phenomena, then truth is not in the world which is borrowed and written in scripture, but in your original path.

There is another important element for beautify, which is diversity. As complicated and various functions form our body, about 870 million kinds of lives weave the global ecosystem, and numerous stars create vortices and travel in the universe, a wide variety of existences become connected, resonate each vibrancy, and become like one life. That is why, an abundant, dynamic and beautiful world will be expressed like a symphony.

The world gave diversity to us humans, and entrusted it to us to express the universe on the common vehicle of time. Now, while we live this life, how much can we reach this truth? You might think that you live a healthy life, but your own daily activities continue to pollute the earth and yourself even now. If you realize this fact and wish for a truly beautiful world, please begin with you first. It is not a difficult matter at all, but we move toward our true life purpose which is sleeping in everyone. When you move toward the purpose and fulfill your life with all your might, you will know what you have brought to this world throughout your life. You will experience your own worth when you leave the body and return to the original place as the soul.

Even if we have lost the purpose, the universe always causes various phenomena and guides us toward awakening. This is the exact will which the universe shows to us —- the fundamental mind is love.

ー The story of the universe ー


One day, seven Korean children came to play with Jiiji, Mr. Universe who lives at the foot of Mt. Fuji. There was a girl who often lied among them. Her mother asked Jiiji to explain why we must not lie, and he talked to the Korean and Japanese children as follows:

Please Tell a Lie

First of all, do you think it is all right to lie? Or, do you think we must not lie? Jiiji thinks it is all right to lie. In order to experience what is going to happen if we lie, unless we lie, we would not understand, wouldn’t we?

Lying is saying what is different from truth. There is only one truth, but there are many lies. Therefore, when people lie, they become clever. Such people will be in trouble if the truth is revealed, so they think a lot in order to continue to hide it. However, such a way of thinking is bad. If bad thoughts increase in the head, this person becomes bad.

Children do lie. So, when you want to lie, please do so. However, there is one important thing when you lie, which is to know that “I am lying now.” A lie is different from truth, so when you lie, you will be surely in trouble later. Then, if you know you have lied, you will be able to realize “Oh, I have lied, so things have become like this.” If so, it will become an opportunity to quit lying.

If people do not understand that they have lied, when a problem occurs, they tend to blame others, instead of considering that they were the cause. Such people are real troublemakers. Lying in childhood does not make a child a liar, but it will allow them to learn what is going to happen if they lie. However, if they do not understand that they have lied, they cannot learn from lying. They become genuine liars who lie without realizing that they lie. Jiiji has met many adults like that. Adults tell children not to lie. However, in fact, adults lie more than children do. That is, humans lie.

When I grow crops in the field, I encounter various things. First of all, the sun, plants, animals, soil, rain, wind – everything is honest. If crops do not grow well, they tell us honestly where the cause is, such as an imbalance of the soil, unsuitable weather and so on. When fertilizer was applied too much, crops will become sick and tell humans that something is wrong. If humans try to learn from nature all of the time, it never lies and tells us various things honestly. Therefore, when I am in nature, gratitude comes up and my mind becomes very calm.

However, when humans come to nature, lies will emerge. It is because they tend to think of everything for their own convenience. However, it is different from truth, so it will surely lead to problems. Which means, when humans live, problems occur.

When people lie, they think there is a good thing to be had by doing so. That is why, they lie, don’t they? However, when we lie, an inconvenient thing which is opposite from what we thought will occur. Although we think we get the benefits in the midstream of life, we are supposed to receive trouble equivalent to our lies in life and die. When we end our life as a liar and are born again next, our life will begin as a liar.

If we continue to lie, our minds become bad. Then, good things will not occur in life. In this manner, this world tells us “it is not good to lie.”

Therefore, please tell many lies for learning in your childhood. And please be in trouble many times. Please realize the reason why you are in trouble is that you have lied. Then, you will become a person who does not lie without fail. And please live a beautiful life.

That is all for Jiiji’s lecture about lying today♪


Living beautifully is expressing the original figure of life. The life begins with sex. In “The 21st Century View of Life and Death” Part 4, the truth of sex which is the source of our life will be revealed!

As for a beautiful way of living, if you would like to learn more practically, please participate in the “One Month True School” which is held annually at the Konohana Family from February to March.→Please refer to the One Month True School Blog (in English) for the details!

*The One Month Truth School is a place where you make a breakthrough in your life by analyzing the vast flow of the era and awakening to the true-self which you have been unaware of. This program will allow to you to gain power over your life in the world by going beyond your set ideas and expanding your worldview. We are open for application! Please visit the above link for more details!



One Month Truth School at Konohana Family in Japan

Dear Earth Family,

I hope everyone doing well and happy.
After passing the autumn equinox, day (light) is getting shorter and shorter everyday.

However, with the universe point of view, after the winter solstice of the solar system towards the center of the Milkyway galaxy on December 21st, 2012, we are moving towards the peak of light which is coming about 12900 years later.

Today, we are pleased to inform you about the very special residential program to learn about yourself and also law of the universe in order to create a harmonious world.

The program is offered in Japanese with English translation. In 2016, three Americans participated in the program.
You can see their experience from this site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Yoko.

with warmest regards,

One Month Truth School


February 19th〜March 18th, 2017
We are open for application


5Who are you and why do you live?

When a problem happened, have you ever thought like
“Why did such a thing happen to me although I am not wrong?”
When people encounter problems, they tend to find causes outside of themselves, and try to change their environment. However, it would not change and only problems piled up. As a result, we have reached the current world where we cannot see our destination anymore due to various problems everywhere, from the domestic level to the global scale. But, if we change our viewpoint, a chance will come for a big transformation.
All humans have an ego (=individuality). Humans see this world through the filter of their ego. There are 7 billion people on earth, so there are 7 billion kinds of viewpoints. However, people have considered their own viewpoints as absolute, and have made other ones wrong. Therefore, human minds have become more and more separate in the past. We have fully experienced a world of anxiety, isolation, friction, disparity, and confrontation. Now, we have reached the stage where we cannot move forward anywhere at this rate. If you encounter a problem right now, it might be a message from the era, which has faced a great turning point.
“The seed of the problem is inside of you. So, change yourself.”
That is, when you change yourself, the world changes.


What kind of individuality do you have? How do you see the world through your own filter? When you can understand this objectively, you will be able to see the great system of this world which is a collectivity of 7 billion egos. Then, you will step out of the narrow frame of yourself, infinite possibilities which are sleeping inside of you will bloom, and you will be able to live freely as a majestic life beyond the individual frame. In contrast from the past era, when people become unified under a common value, they can richly resonate their individualities and they harmonize with each other to create a beautiful world. This is the figure of the universe where we live. This world exists under the fractal structure where everything from the microcosm, such as atoms, to the macrocosm, such as the universe, exists in harmony. Out of all, the human body can be perceived as an expression of this system in the closest and the most visible way. Therefore, analyzing yourself with a physical body is a shortcut to analyzing the whole world, and to know the true meaning of living in this world.

The One Month Stay Truth School is a place where you make a breakthrough in your life regardless of the presence or absence of life problems. There is no specific right answer. During the Truth School, each participant will nurture calm and objective viewpoints to perceive themselves, expand their worldviews, and master the power to open an original life by themselves.


Date:  February 19th (Sun) to March 18th (Sat), 2017 For 28 days

Venue:    Konohana Family,
238-1 Nekozawa, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan

Capacity:  15 people

Participation Fee*: Self-assessed sliding scale.
*Participation fee covers tuition, accommodation, food, insurance, etc.

High income (more than 4mil.JPY/yr) : 220,000JPY,
Medium income (more than 2mil to less than 4 mil. JPY/yr): 200,000JPY
Low income (less than 2mil. JPY/yr): 180,000JPY


Contents:  Through the various facets of the program such as “Farming”, “Food”, “Medical Care”, “Economy”, “Environment”, “Education”, “Social”, and “Art”, you will be guided to open the eyes of your heart to see the truth of this world by reading individual personality, mission of life, and analyzing the flow of the era.

Example of the Program : Learning of Humanity (Karma reading & Heliocentric Calendar)/ Establishment of Community/ Farming of Universal Circulation Method/ Facilitation/ Wide Open Your Worldview/ Economy of Bodhisattva/ Natural Therapy Program/ Food Therapy/ Culturing Microorganisms/ Making Miso/ Creativity & Art/ Katakamuna/ Sex & Universe/ Preparation for Natural Disasters / How to have sustainable spirit
– As the program is not fixed, the above are just examples. The most suitable options for interactive communications between the participants and the organizers will be offered, so this is the one and only program anywhere which is unpredictable for everyone.
– When we receive application form from overseas, the program is offered in two languages, Japanese and English.



Flow of A Day
7:30  Breakfast
8:30  Morning Class (Including tea break)
12:00 Vegetarian Lunch/ Break
14:00 Afternoon Class (Including snack break)
17:30 Bath Time
18:30 Dinner
20:30 Community Meeting (Optional)

*Time may be varied by programs.
*Every Sunday (or Saturday) are program free day.
*You can experience community life on the free day.

Supporter System
A supporter is selected for each participants in order to support life in general. You can consult with him/her on whatever is difficult to talk about in a big group. At the end of the 2nd week, you can change your supporter and appoint whoever you would like to be your supporter for the remaining two weeks.

Main Organizer: NPO Greengrass
Co-organizer: Konohana Family

Inquiry: Michiyo or Yoko
Telephone number: +81-544-66-0250 or +81-544-67-0485

Application: Please fill out this form

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We are all waiting for your participation!

The Time When Everyone Lives as a Specialist in Exploring Spirituality

Have you ever heard of Yuzuru Hanyu? He is a 21-year-old Japanese male figure skater and currently ranks at the top in the world. He got a gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics, and amazingly marked the world record of 330.43 in the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals; held in Barcelona, Spain in December, 2015! He broke the score of 300 for the first time in history, whereas before reaching a score of 280 would secure the gold. When he broke the world record, it was said, “A miracle has happened!” and “He has reached the Divine state.”

What is a difference between him and us? He is just an ordinary young man in a sense. The difference is that he has removed all restraint.

This year, an 18-year-old Japanese male figure skater named Shoma Uno accomplished a quadruple flip officially for the first time at the Team Challenge Cup, which was held in Spokane, US. In this manner, the current best record continues to be updated. When someone achieves something new, the old goal is updated and the new world-record holder becomes the goal for everyone. Then, everyone’s restraints are removed. This world continues with such a succession.

Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno (Dec. 25, 2015 - Source: Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images AsiaPac)
Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno
(Dec. 25, 2015 – Source: Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images AsiaPac)

However, many people have a strange mind such as “I cannot do this!” or “I am not good enough!” In a meaning, it is the way they are. But…

Aren’t you confining yourself with such assumption?

The truth is that your life goal has no limit. It is you that create these limits. People tend to think like “I am such a person” and try not to do more than that.

If we would like to bloom our potential, we need to remove such hindrance. When most people have an experience, they begin to determine themselves based on that. However, an experience is for removing the resistance. Nevertheless, people own their experiences due to their ego, make them a common knowledge, and continue to be in such a narrow frame. However, the future exists for us to transcend our past experiences. Therefore, it is all right to utilize them, but we should not fix upon them and reach a conclusion based on them beforehand.

This is how to transcend our ego.

Now that we have entered the 21st century, young professionals in various fields including figure skating like Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno have appeared and blossomed their own potential to expand the human possibility further.

However, here is a little concern. Does the expansion of human potential contribute to humanity or for the livelihood of the Earth? Looking at the current society, many people have a narrow worldview and set their goal only to blossom their own ability. A new era has arrived for sure, but still it is expressed on individual desires. A 15-year-old Japanese genius programmer named Soto Yamauchi, who got first prize at the age of 11 as the youngest in an international programming contest, said, “I would like to contribute to human evolution and think it is cool to advance the human path, rather than become a billionaire!” His passion is the exact goal for humans to achieve in the 21st century.

The time has arrived when humans live with such a broad worldview. No matter how high your ability is, if it does not match with the universal structure or the flow of the era, your high ability becomes a seed for problems in your life and for this world.

Many people who want to create a community have visited the Konohana Family. The important message for them is: This world consists of a circulation of infinite lives. Therefore, a community is not to be created, but simply emerges with the era. When the era is expressed, each one of us is given an appropriate role to express the era, and then we are born on Earth. So, a community cannot be created because you want to do so. On the contrary, those who are eager to create a community express their strong ego. Therefore, it can be said that they are unsuitable for that.

In fact, many of these people cannot see their reality. In this manner, certainly the time has arrived when human consciousness should change.

Various contradictions have piled up in the current human society. However, the truth is that there is no mistake in this world. There is no right or wrong. IF there is a problem, it would be “ignorance (it is written as 無知 meaning “no wisdom” in Japanese).” It is a root cause of all problems. It is the ignorance at the origin of this world, as well as our own existence.

On the contrary, what kind of person would be with “wisdom”? As 無 also means infinity, it is the one who has infinite wisdom. So, it is the person who accumulates experiences infinitely, gains wisdom, and continues to evolve. When people reach such a state, the human consciousness to gratify individual desires will disappear, and they will live as the universal being.

In order to do so, what kind of attitude should we humans take? Originally, we were born to accomplish a mission given by the era, and play a role given by this world. This is the exact meaning for our existence. The individual exists for the whole, and the whole makes the individual exist. Only when these two become consistent, will both individual health and true peace prevail on earth.

When will humans be aware of such a truth? President Obama visited Hiroshima on May 27th. Hopefully, he will visit Nagasaki next time. Now, this has been a very significant topic which that the whole world has paid attention to. The fact that he has suddenly decided to visit Hiroshima indicates that the era is moving forward very quickly. He did not visit Hiroshima for the convenience of Japan or the US. Clearly, this is a sign that the era is facing the next stage.

That is why the young generation with unprecedented talents has appeared recently. They have ignored the common knowledge of the past, including ideas such as “this is the current world record, so there will not be another,” removed such limitations, and have been exploring such a new world.

Then, what kind of role has been given to the Konohana Family, and what kind of switch have we turned off? It is to turn off the switch of the “ego”. Because we have turned off the switch of the ego, our current lifestyle has been possible. We have already lived for more than 20 years, sharing one wallet and all belongings with everyone in the community. Moreover, we cherish and scold other people’s children as our own. How many people in this world can do such a thing? A world without any boundaries has been already achieved here!

However, the range of the ego is diverse from something rough to something fine. Therefore, as a spiritual specialist who faces the ego seriously every day, and removes it beautifully, we will continue to seek this path where people might think, “Oh my goodness! Can humans do that??” We are a specialist in exploring spirituality, and live as a model for the future of humanity.

The era surely removes restriction and continues to move forward. Therefore, removing the limitations of the “ego” is the true figure of our life and our purpose. Now, the era has entered the stage where everyone lives as a specialist in exploring spirituality.

Those who can prioritize removing limitation can live with the era, and contribute to the whole of humanity, and the era.

An Ultimate Harmonious World: Toomasu’s Path of “HITO”

The “One Month Stay Truth School” ended successfully on March 12th, 2016. During the Truth School, Isadon always started a program, saying “I am doing Isadon today, too!” In the morning of March 13th, Toomasu, one of the participants had time to talk with him before he left for Bali, Indonesia where he is going to establish a community.

12 participants and Isadon after the completion party of the Truth School 2016
12 participants and Isadon after the completion party of the Truth School 2016

I am playing Toomasu today!

I am going to watch the path you will take from now on. You have not been so realistic in the past, but I feel you are getting a little more realistic during the month. However, being realistic does not mean things go well the way you wish. When people become realistic, they will realize that various corrections are necessary to be made in their life.

When humans set a goal, trying to achieve something with their own will, they have an ability to achieve it forcefully. However, we have reached the current global situation because we have maximized such a possibility. It has caused a dead end in human society as well as rebellion from nature. That is because humans have misunderstood the meaning of expressing their nature in this world.

Therefore, it is important to stay with people close to you, stay with nature and the global environment, and stay even with the universal flow and law with a broad worldview, instead of trying to dominate this world and gratify our desires. If our life purpose exists in an extension of staying with these things, we will be able to resolve the contradictions that have been brought about by humans and have expanded.

You have inspiration to resolve such contradictions in this world. It should bring something beneficial for the world and people. However, if you are self-centered and do not stay with nature and other people, you will end up bringing a similar contradiction into this world. Then, first of all, it is significant to broaden your capacity. Next, it is essential to stay with other people and always be aware of all the existences. If you do so, your precious ideal, which is your final destination, will come true. This is to live a life of Buddha.

We say “The house where people gather will flourish” in Japan. In terms of prosperity, there is a low and high level of prosperity. This means phenomena occur appropriate to our consciousness. In the past, people have brought harm to other existences to attract human desires with a low consciousness, and as a result, they have flourished. However, the time has arrived when the Buddha’s spirituality attracts people. A place where people with the Buddha’s spirituality gather and make a community—this is an ideal figure where people live, and the “Village of Bodhisattvas” which is expressed in the Konohana Family. In order for your future community to attract people, you need to have the Buddha’s spirituality which becomes a core of your community.

You are 27 years old and still young. Watching you, you remind me of my youth. You are more awakened than when I was young. Also, I was much more out of control than you are! And the biggest difference is when I was young, I took my path with my own thoughts. Nobody gave me a guideline. I was not even aware of the divine existence at all at that time! Now, you have what I did not have. In this meaning, you have a very good environment. Therefore, if you become considerate to other people and stay with them, you will be able to create a place as a model for society, and your life purpose will be achieved. Then, it is important that your goal equals the divine one.

I believe it is a very good idea for you to create a community in Indonesia, from the viewpoint of the era. However, there must be a cultural difference between you as an American and the local people, so what I am telling you now will be required in your reality. Then, the key here is how much you are going to correct your inner self, rather than just try to adjust your relationships with other people.

That is what I am learning. It is taking a 180 degree turn. It starts spiritually. But, it also requires changing the thoughts, feelings and relationships. And the culture is who I think I am. As I say, culture is where our spirit connects with the earth. It is what makes us a community. Without culture, we are just separate beings. So, this is how much we are making a brand new culture. But, that also requires changing the way that I see myself. From my experience here, I know what I am looking for. So, I need to jump into it.

When Isadon was talking about the “HITO” in the final program two days ago, I thought of how it works. Once the pattern is created, then the divine lives in it. So, once I see the pattern, I need to live in it. If I see it as an object, but I do not put my life into it, then that does not live. This is how all things are created. This is how we really are the spark of the divine. The divine made the form, and then jumped into the form to give it a life. This is the ultimate reality where we are no difference between what we see and what we are.

When talking about the ultimate reality, unless you see the actual reality and connect with the ultimate reality from your grounded position at the same time, you cannot connect yourself with people close to you. When you are talking about the ultimate reality, I am not listening to your words, but I am trying to sense what you are talking about. Then, I can understand what you mean. However, most people cannot understand you. Your purpose is to create an ideal world with people around you. Therefore, only when you face your reality, stay with people around you, and connect the steps from 1 to 10 of the ultimate reality, you will be beneficial for other people and the reality of this world.

“Phenomena show the truth”. There were many saints who did not have a good reputation from the human society, but reached enlightenment in the past. There were so many people like that especially in the Himalayas. They took the path of their individual enlightenment, so they did not stay with the general public. After their spirits returned to the divine, they came back to the earth through reincarnation in order to spread enlightenment to the general public. Then, they could fill the gap between the individual enlightenment and the one with other people. Originally, the enlightenment is not for those who reached it. It is for the general public. That is why, those who reached enlightenment need to stay with and live in harmony with all the people as the universal figure.

Listening to what you are saying now, I imagined ascetics who reached enlightenment in the Himalayas. In fact, when I first came down on earth as a human, I had such a training. However, eventually only when we stay with many people, can we become the one who expresses the divine will on earth. Also, it is important that it is expressed as phenomena in our lifestyle with real people, not in our fantasy. Therefore, it is significant to live in harmony with all the living beings and with the law of the earth and the universe. We do not have to look for a guideline for harmony somewhere else because we already exist in something absolute such as the natural system and the universal law.

However, the modern people have considered nature as what their ego dominates, so the current contradictions have been generated. As long as humans continue to live in the direction of gratifying their own desires, we will face a critical situation for sure, and the contradictions will become even bigger. Therefore, it is necessary to change our direction, stand back, and see calmly what kind of energy creates such contradictions. The attitude to see things calmly is a very relaxed state at the same time. Looking at things from the divine viewpoint beyond the era, and looking at the planetary movement from the divine viewpoint—having a broad worldview in such a universal way is essential.

As I experience, all these things are ahead of me. I need them at the time necessary. Like you said, I see the theories and say, “I see the final picture”. But, just like I said, there are the forms that the divine must enter. So, like you said, this is a theory in real life, so I still need to go through it. And the experience will take us to the next time.

The experience can make your goal that you see ahead of you realistic.

I felt this has been a part of my passing life, when Isadon said, “When I was your age, I was wilder”. I have a wild spirit, too. God is very insistent. So, God says, “You do not need to do that anymore.” But, during my wild time, that is when I began to see there is a different reality. Up to a point, I only thought this is what it is about. It is just about having the enlightenment. It is just about having the experience. But, when I try to tell people, they do not understand me. Or, many of other people say, “Oh, yeah. There is something there”. “It is like looking at the clouds”. “I have seen faces in the clouds”. We are just living in our own world. And I realized that this world is becoming more isolated from other people. The way of life is actually going down. So, despite the awareness, it is not making life better. And I realized how foolish it is. We can take something very positive from it, but then we just take it for ourselves.

Or, we can consider it positively with a broader stance. If we have a thought of separating ourselves from this world, we cannot consider things positively. Therefore, which direction you are looking at is important. You just said that this world is getting worse. It is correct. Humans have forgotten to live in harmony with nature, and lost the ability to sense it. Moreover, even though they talk about God, He does not live in their own minds. As a matter of fact, human consciousness has been parting more and more from God.

According to the Heliocentric Calendar, the “Conjunction” is the strongest and closest aspect of all. This is a state where two planets in the solar system line up in the same line of sight from the sun, and two different consciousness stay with each other completely. On the contrary, the “Opposition” is the farthest aspect of all. This is a state where two planes line up in the same line and face each other across from the sun. The farther they get from each other, the broader a stance they can connect with. Although it looks like it is getting farther at the first glance, if we become aware of the absolute existence of the sun in the center, we can express even a broader world.

In the same way, even if this world looks like it is getting worse at the first glance, it will become an even stronger energy with gaps to make humans evolve and reach enlightenment, in a broad meaning. Therefore, looking worse means getting better at the same time.

I have a relationship with Shiva (the Hindu God of destruction) because I get excited when I see all of the disasters!

Now, I was imagining Shiva when talking. It is March 13th today, so we had the 5th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th, two days ago. Today is the first Sunday after the anniversary, so many TV programs have been broadcast featuring that Earthquake since two days ago. Many people consider that Earthquake as an unfortunate disaster. And many people think of restoring what has been destroyed. However, has that Earthquake brought only unfortunate things to us?

It has washed away the contradictions which have been created with the human mind of possession. If humans can abandon the possession with their own will, the divine would not have had to give such a disaster. In order to do so, before the contradictions reach the peak and explode, we need to be flexible enough to always release our contradictions every moment. That Earthquake occurred because the trapped energy of humanity has reached its limit. In this manner, there are various ways to perceive things.

So, I was thinking just like you!

It is not something that many people will understand.

The human activity on the earth is the reflection of the human mind. We can see ourselves through the mirror of phenomena. If we do not understand what the phenomena are trying to tell us as the mirror, we will not see the results as the retribution of ourselves. This is an extremely compulsory lesson. We can also say it is the exact proof that God always faces us. When we stand at the divine position where we create this world together with God, we will be able to consider we express the divine will as his substitute, not our ego, and accept all the phenomena as the divine will.

Then, our life will be expressed freely, and we will be able to understand the fact that we are in a very free space. This is the exact abundance that God wishes. And the final destination that you are talking about exists there. However, the final destination should not be your goal. Only when you take all of the steps from the beginning (HI) to the final destination (TO), and reach it eventually, can you become “HITO”. This is the path of “HITO”. It is the divine existence that always stays with us along the way, and this is the universal figure.

When we become aware of our divinity inside of us, and stay with all the existences as God does, I think we can exist as God. What do you think?

As I experience what Isadon says, I feel this is one of the many voices of God. Just as I speak, we say the same thing from different angles. As I said, God makes the form and enters it. It is the “Chon (the divine will)” and gives it a life. We make this life for ourselves, and then we enter it to live. So, for the HITO, we start off in this life, knowing nothing. But, through our lives, we are just expanding on every awareness that has come before us.

It is also a path to remember who we are.

Until we finally face ourselves. And then, that becomes “TO” when we see, “Oh! I have already done this!”

In fact, that “TO” is just “TO” in the first step, and there is the second step from HI to TO, and the tenth step from HI to TO. Furthermore, the whole from the first step to the tenth step is just “HI”. This is the structure of this world. In this manner, we exist in the infinite world with multi-dimensional layers. Therefore, if you consider the world you can think of now and you aim for are everything, and accomplish your goal, the next goal will come into sight. God is infinite and so is this world. The inner minute world is infinite, too. Even if we try to understand it by thinking scientifically, we cannot do that. It is important to sense it, not try to explore it with our brain. In order to do so, we need to utilize all the cell sensors in our body.

According to Katakamuna, this is to sense the purest energy in the potential world. That is, all the cells in our body will blossom and the ability of its antenna will function fully. And when each antenna of all the cells is fully open, “Chon (the divine will and energy)” enters the center of each antenna. Connecting with the divine in such a state is a figure of the ultimate human communion between a man and a woman. According to Katakamuna, this is called, “KAMU-UTSUSHI, AMA-UTSUSHI”.

I could talk about it only theoretically during the Truth School. However, it is said it is possible to experience and manifest it in the Katakamuna world. Nobody has conveyed it in such a way so far. When a society is created beyond the conventional value, those who can express it in reality will appear. Probably, it would be possible for the children under 10 years old and those who will be born from now on.

As I see my role, I am just here to make the space for the divine to enter. There will be those that will come because they can no longer go backward. And that will be the older generation. But, there also will be a younger generation that will just naturally gravitate.

People tend to separate their own lives from others, but it is important to consider that we are responsible for the era. We need to know that our lives have the same structure as the space between railroad ties when a train runs on the track. Whenever a train arrives at a station, the era changes. And whenever a train reaches a station, people of a new generation get on the train to express the next era. At the same time, people of the old generation get off the train. Then, it is necessary to know that our lives are the space between railroad ties. We can consider that a space between ties is the period from the beginning to the end. Or, it is only a part to connect a possibility of a long train journey.

This is what I said at the community meeting the other day, which is the “joy of sadness”. It is so beautiful, and at the same time, we cannot possess it.

Hahaha. Would it become sorrow because you have a mind to want to possess it? If people expand their stance, they will not possess anything. When they see things with a narrow viewpoint, they will possess them. If we think we exist in this world, we do. But, if we do not think we exist in this world, we do not. Therefore, as I told you yesterday morning, when we reset ourselves, everything becomes illusion! If you are aware of it, it becomes your reality. We see the reality from birth to death, but when we die, all the events in this phenomenal world become illusion. What we do is just to connect each railroad tie, and take a journey as a humanity. It is a journey from the beginning of humanity to the end, but it is just a part. It is a journey from the beginning of life to the end, but it is just a part. It is a journey from the beginning of the earth to the end, but it is just a part. It is a journey from the beginning of the universe to the end, and there would be more than that. If there is an infinite stance, it is more important to sense the infinite universe, rather than analyze it in this manner. Then, we will be able to become released. OK?

OK! This is how simple God makes this world.

That is right. This world expresses both this ultimate simplicity and an ultimate complexity. Therefore, we can say both. When I consider the universe and the divine, it is always a very simple structure of fractal and TAIKO-HASSEI (a Katakamuna word, meaning that two opposite qualities face each other to create something new), and at the same time, an extremely minute and complicated world exists. On top of that, it is expressed not only in the three-dimensional world that we can recognize physically, but also in the multi-dimensional world! It is impossible to interpret this with the brain given to us to utilize in the three-dimensional world. Only when we release the function of the brain to sense it into the universe, will it be possible. What we should do is release all of the brain cells into the universe, and sense them with all of their receptors. Then, we will be able to sense the universal figure surely. If so, the real world we see now would be just trivial.

Exactly! (Holding Isadon’s hands and putting his forehead to Isadon’s hands) Thank you so much for everything!

This was a wonderful meeting. Thank YOU.


One week later, the following mail was sent from Toomasu to the Konohana Family to let us know his updates.


I hope this email finds you well and well adjusted from the conclusion of the True School. I have been back in Bali for almost a week now. It has been a whole new beginning since I have returned. I have had a rather difficult time since I have come back. There is much to be humbled by in the world, and the spirits that God allows to do His work are always eager to train us 🙂

I went home and felt very low and found it very difficult to find the clarity that I finished with in the True School. Hahaha, almost like I went right back to (Hi).

I was told at the age of 33 I will come to Buddhahood, and that I will enter the state that I speak of (HiTo). However, it will be full of training along the way, and that I must enter the extreme depths of darkness, before I can sit among eternal light. I felt a renewed courage and devotion to the Divine, as all has been God, and all is God. When I came down stairs, I saw the number 33, and I felt that only God can bring clarity to my path. Later, I read the blog called “An Ultimate Harmonious World: PART 1 & 2,” I felt that God has been with us all along. He has secretly been guiding us on this path, so subtly, that many times we are not even aware that He has been with us.

I read my conversation with Isadon in the blog, and I felt like this is both God’s wonderful sense of humor, and God’s virtue to His creation, that we are never abandoned, and in fact we are always retracing our steps, with renewed enlightenment and opened hearts. It is so amazing to be allowed to read back my time in the True School, and though it is only a week ago, I feel like I have already found the wisdom in its passing. The gap is closing, and so is my email.

With all of my heart to Konohana (and of course Isadon 🙂


“Your Reset is in Your Hands” – Isadon’s Message to the Participants of the Truth School on the Day of Departure March 12th, 2016

The One Month Stay Truth School has faced its reset today. I have provided various information to you during the month. I was trying to help you start a new life by doing so.

As a matter of fact, I have reset myself from the Truth School since we had a final party last night. When I woke up this morning, I have realized that.

When I woke up this morning, I thought I wanted to die. What kind of impression do you have toward people wanting to die? Has anyone wanted to die so far?
(The majority raised their hands.)

Then, is there anyone who does not think you will die?
(A few people raised their hands, saying, “Our souls never die”.)

What I mean by “Death” here is “Reset”. Each one of you has his/her original life and has taken a path up to now. Depending on the worldview, some consider life the period from birth to death, and some who believe in reincarnation consider it spiritual journey. If the worldview is limited physically, they consider life as the process of reincarnation. When it expands universally, life would be interpreted as the period from the universal beginning to the present. Moreover, when the worldview becomes infinite, this world just continues to circulate, so there is no beginning or end and life is only a process. Death does not exist there. The recognition of living in this world is totally different by how broad and high your consciousness is. However, it is up to you which level of consciousness you have. And it is the result of your life history. For example, if people are interested in if they can eat or not every day, it would be their world. Therefore, they would lose hope for life by facing a difficulty in front of them.

In this manner, how to perceive things varies by the worldview. You think based on your own experiences, within the frame of your current point where you can recognize from your origin that you can imagine. Then, if you are trapped in your thoughts, you determine things based on these. Also, you only accept what you can understand, and consider what you can understand is correct. In this meaning, we can say each one of us is a ruler.

The monolith that appears in the movie called “2001: A Space Odyssey” is the standard of human wisdom. The thoughts which have been woven and established as the history of our life journey is the individual human individual. The process of human history, in which the universal wisdom was given to monkeys as its origin, was described in this movie.

The Chinese character of “God (神)” consists of two parts: to show (示) and to tell (申). This is interpreted as “to tell something and show”. The part of 申 also means “monkeys,” so we can interpret this as “to show monkeys”: God’s will is given to monkeys so that they can live as the substitute of God. This is the origin of the letter for “God”.

From this viewpoint, the spirits that exist in the universe created the earth according to universal cosmophysics, and brought down the seeds of life. This leads to the flow of life’s evolution. Then, we, the three-dimensional life that lives on earth are compact expressions of the universal structure itself. This means humans are a microcosm. The fact that humans were created as a microcosm in this world is like humans creating an artificial brain to imitate themselves. We have taken a path of independent life as “divided beings of the Divine” when a sperm and an ovum (yin and yang) meet in a mother’s womb. The path is binary, so all the lives are divided into two, yin and yang. A life starts with the first cell, becomes complicated by repeatedly dividing into two, and develops various functions. The heart is created as the first organ, and plays the role of the sun in the solar system. Also, its center is the core of our human body. That is why, the heart is created first out of all of the organs. However, still at this stage, we are just a primitive life.

Just like in the process of evolution, we develop in our mother’s womb, first from fishes with gills to amphibians, reptiles with scales, and then to birds and mammals. Therefore, if a premature baby of 7 months is born, it would be hairy like a monkey. If so, when a baby is born in 10 months, it would be more hairy. However, the reality is its hair is gone and the baby is born as a human.

When I was analyzing the meanings of the 5th and 6th Katakamuna Songs with Mikako the other day, I realized that the system of the universal structure is exactly the same as the process of pregnancy. According to Katakamuna, 1 is called “HI” and HI also means the beginning. 10 is called “TO” and TO also means completion and integration. That is why, the meeting of a sperm and an ovum begins (HI) secretly, and after 10 months and 10 days (TO), we are ready to be born as humans (HITO). We are created in our mother’s body with the seed of our father as the origin. The seed of our father means that a vertical pillar comes down. Therefore, a pillar comes down from the divine (a spirit comes down from the divine) or a pillar stands from the earth to the divine (welcoming a divine spirit). That is, the father penetrates a pillar in the mother’s womb, sends a seed, and welcomes a spirit. And the mother creates life in the womb just like the earth does. This is the origin of life over 3.3 billion years out of the 4.6 billion year history of the earth. When humans are born, we go through 280 days compacted in our mother’s womb, and then we reach here.

Moreover, analyzing the history of life on earth, we became from proteins to amino acids in the beginning. From the universal viewpoint, it was brought by an extraordinarily miraculous change. However, it is not a life yet at this point. The amino acid became the first cell by some chance. It became a primitive life, evolved into a complicated one, and changed into microorganisms and planktons. Ocean (pronounced as Umi or Ama in Japanese) expresses a woman (pronounced as Ama in Japanese) and is the origin of life, playing the same role as a woman’s womb. The first life was born here, became fish and crawled up on the land as an amphibian, became a reptile, and divided into a bird or a mammal through evolution. Monkeys evolved from mammals.

In this manner, we were divided from monkeys into humans in the process of evolution. When we follow the evolution of life archaeologically, the theory of evolution can explain the process to the stage of monkeys. Biologically, monkeys and humans are almost the same. However, the theory of evolution cannot fill the gap from monkeys to humans. About 60 percent of Americans deny the theory of evolution, from the viewpoint of faith. However, most Japanese people consider humans to be the evolution of monkeys. Physically, humans exist as an evolutionary extension of monkeys, so there must be something to fill the gap between monkeys and humans.

In terms of DNA, there is a theory that the DNA of humans is 99 percent the same as monkeys. The life system of an amoeba is about the same as humans. There is an extreme difference between life and non-life. Therefore, the fact that a three-dimensional life emerged on earth, is an extraordinary miracle in a chain of non-life in the universe. In this meaning, all the lives of earth are friends!

The monolith that appears in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” was described as a physical pillar. I interpreted it as an invisible pillar inside each one of us. It is the universal pillar called “AMENO-MINAKANUSHI”. Its origin is the great universal wisdom called “AMANO-MINAKANUSHI”. According to the theory of evolution, the life of earth evolved to the stage of monkeys, and in fact, the universal will led that. The divine spirits were watching the earth from above. After the earth was created, they brought down the seeds of life and nurtured them. They nurtured life from the stage of 1 to 8 (HI FU MI YO I MU NA YA), brought it out in this world at the stage of 9 (KO), and were watching life evolution from above. Then, life evolved to the stage of monkeys. The divine spirits nurtured the receivers as themselves. When they looked at monkeys, they made monkeys their receivers on earth. That is how they started to walk on earth. The universal wisdom of humans entered monkeys and became with the theory of evolution. Once they touched the monolith, they started to pick up animal bones around them and show their will spontaneously. From there, they started to take the path of spreading their power using tools. This is all the beginning of egos. I interpreted the movie in this manner.


In this way, since the beginning of life’s history, an invisible pillar has been standing inside of us. Therefore, our history is not just what our brain can recognize within its current analytical ability. Something much older exists in our life’s memory of DNA. However, the modern people can only recognize themselves through the currently used part of the brain. It is said humans use only a part of their brain, which could be just 10 percent. Therefore, the rest of 90 percent is asleep. We can wake it up since it is just asleep. In order to do so, we need to utilize our patterns of thought.

Unless modern people utilize the unused part of their brain gradually, humans will miss the evolution of the era. People who try to protect themselves, and are trapped in their own thoughts, are already living in the past. They seek their own happiness in such a state. However, the more happiness they seek, the more they are trapped in themselves. Then, their ego just expands more and more and they continue to wear an armor of attachment. Even though they seek a comfortable environment to protect themselves, the armor will become even heavier. Also, they will crush the possibility of their life. The possibility will be open only by removing attachments.

Then, if we just talk about the final destination without explaining the steps in between as Toomasu does, people cannot understand it. As a result, we would feel lonely as he did. However, originally life does not have a state of solitude because the original figure of life continues to circulate and spiral in a mutual cooperation. This world needs every single existence to make it exist. All continue to circulate and spiral from the beginning of the universe (life) to the completion of it (life). Therefore, when you fall into loneliness in such a system, an awareness will be given to you that you have deviated from the original figure of life and created contradictions. This world operates like such a complicated fabric.


Considering ourselves in such a frame, there is nothing that specifies ourselves. Therefore, once we release ourselves from attachment, all of the ego that you have been trapped in becomes just an illusion. When we reset ourselves, everything is just illusion. The experience of being trapped is the reality that you have not reset yet. What Toomasu says is correct. However, if he only talks about it, those who are trapped in themselves cannot understand. Therefore, understanding such people’s feelings and leading them to integration is showing the path. Otherwise, the completed state inside of us will bring us solitude.

All of you are in uniquely trapped positions. It is easy to release your attachment. For example, when you look at someone and want to become like him/her, you reset yourself and become like them.


As I said in the beginning, when I woke up this morning, I wanted to die. Looking up at the divine in the air, I am very confident this path must be it. I can see such an absolute state without any specific reason. When I met the path of spiritual exploration, a Golden Buddha appeared overhead, and I cried for half a day. The reason why I cried so much is that I was very moved by its preciousness. However, I cannot express it with words or find the meaning within it. It was just precious. No reason. The figure of this world (the universe) is life. Life is light. Light is the beginning of life and precious. In this manner, I have such a conviction inside of myself, and have reached certainty which is beyond expression. I would like to share the joy of this certainty. Then, I founded a community at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and started this lifestyle with my company 22 years ago. However, the divine will guided us, instead of my will doing so. Therefore, my role is to spread such a certainty and lead people. Certainty is something firm. At the same time, certainty is also the will inside of each one of us.

Then, if humans come down on earth and get lost in the current society, their final destination will be to meet it with certainty. Therefore, wherever we live, once we become awakened, we will be able to reach the final destination.

(Pointing to each participant) You cannot make up your mind. You are at a quiet good stage, but still your thoughts are not deep enough in order to reach such certainty. You take a detour due to your distorted personality. You do not put up a ladder from the ground, and just think of the top of the shelf. You look at something very important, but you need to sort out your own attachment to get there. You care about your reputation from other people, rather than take your own path. You take a detour even though you have an ideal. You feel an ideal somewhere, but you have not organized your thoughts. Although you have an acute sensitivity, you do not live with the truth and are bombarded with your ego. Your ambivalence is expressing your life. You have an ability to see the truth, but you say you do not know and do not do it. You have a sharp analytical skill, but you are so stubborn and awkward that you cannot manifest it in yourself. In this way, each one of you is very unique and diverse. What a pain it would be to tell you the truth over a month in a sense. There are as many as 7 billion people on earth, so what a work!

While I was talking, I have just realized that I do not have to take all the responsibility by myself. The time has arrived when human consciousness reflects the shift of the era. Therefore, I am expressing myself in this manner, and at the same time I am beginning to feel easy. Since the era has shifted, a new thought comes up to each one of you. It is the will of the era and the divine. Then, when I feel responsible for everything by myself, I feel it is bothersome and feel like dying. Even if I have such a precious role and path to convey to people, if I am trapped as a human individual, it would be a bother and pain. However, if it is considered as a collaborative work with the divine, we can move forward with joy. The divine said to me, “You are given difficulty, so proceed with your determination.”

In a meaning, humans are at the top of all lives. However, current humans are at the highest point full of ego ironically. We can say that we are at the point where the human ego has reached its peak in the history of life on earth. Human values have become contradicted, and have become the same meaning. If I try to reset such a situation, reverse it all, lead people to a new value, a difficult path seems to continue infinitely.

Then, what I thought today is to return this path to each one of you. Your reset is in your hands. Then, each one of you will become awakened. Becoming awakened from now on means sleeping right now. Therefore, your current pain emerges because you are confining yourself with attachments. When you reset yourself, all of the pains become illusion and you can switch on a new life. Happiness is in the hands of each one of you, so if you do not switch it on, you should not make any complaint.

Then, I reset myself this morning. I do not think my role is a pain any more. As a result, I am sharing my reset with you immediately. The era has entered such a cycle. The values of this world will be changed completely in the future. Therefore, as its manifestation, many issues have come up to the surface. This is a divine arrangement. The time will come when each one of us blooms as an individual flower. If you reset the old you, all your life becomes illusion. Such a simple trick is hidden in this world. Your life as well as this world is a trick. In other words, once you analyze and understand it, you can transform yourself into whatever you like!

There is a conviction inside of me now. Looking up at the divine in the air, I am confident that this path must be it. You cannot understand it by thinking it over in your brain. This is the same as we cannot express preciousness with words. The door of the era has already opened when people can understand such a thing and live on earth.

This might be the first time when such a thing is told on earth. You might not believe this, thinking like “Oh! Am I really in such a precious place?” However, everything always begins secretly. There is always a probability that it is you. Those who can believe this can stand at the very beginning. Unless you do so, you can never stand there.

When I reset myself, thought I wanted to die this morning, and released my conventional interpretation, this story came down to me from the divine. The more we open the door of attachment, the more wisdom the divine gives us. Then, I open my mouth and talk. My talking means my gate is open. Because it is open, the wisdom comes inside of me. This is to live with the divine and live in the universe as those who have reached such a consciousness.

Today, you are going back to your original environment where your ego has been reflected and expressed in the past. When you return there, will you return to what you have been? Or, will you go toward a new direction? It is just up to you.

We are always with the divine, and all lives, as one life. Therefore, no one can be lonely. Will you recognize this and live in an abundant and harmonious world? Or, will you be trapped in your ego? It is up to you. However, as you have learned during the Truth School, when your path goes toward a reverse direction, the universe always gives you a pain. Both living in the universe and expressing the era show there is one direction of the universal law (the forward direction).

The divine gives humans freedom, but at the same time, asks us to exist within the law. Giving us egos as a proof of free will, the divine works to pull humans back to the law, when humans are trapped in their egos and deviate from the law. This is the divine will, guidance, and love to humans. And it is important for us to understand the value of our existence as humans. Therefore, if you still want to value your ego, please go to that direction. It is all up to you.

I went through a month, had the final party last night, and reset myself this morning. I am still Isadon, but I am the new Isadon! What will you do? I hope to see you again.