The 11th Earth Summit

〜Getting on the flow of this era,
and swing-by to the new world〜

What should we aim at in this confusing era
in which the materialistic society has reached its end?

Currently, various accumulated problems in the world have gradually become apparent, and many people cannot see their future vision in the confusion. However, it is very beneficial if you cannot see the vision. When you do not see clearly, you can trust in the bigger beings rather than your own thoughts!

When one cannot see things, s/he becomes uneasy and says “we do not know what will happen.” One feels fear of the unknown and tries to maintain the present conditions. However, the earth is constantly moving forward to the unknown place in the vast universal space at 30 km/ second. Even though we think the current place is the absolute, in the next moment, we will be in a totally different place. This is the substance and nature of this world which constantly keeps changing and transforming. The energy that comprises this world is enormous and we human beings can neither fully comprehend it nor fully attain it.

When a space probe goes to its destination, the method called “the swing-by” can be used. If the space probe tries to go to the destination with only its own energy, it would be necessary to generate additional vast energy to complete the journey. Instead, by using the gravity of the planets, the driving force of the space probe increases. By getting onto the planet’s revolution orbit, we can efficiently reach to the destination with the less fuel. In the same way, the current strongest driving force on this planet is the flow which has started from the “Winter Solstice of the milky way galaxy” on December 21, 2012. Having now transcended this winter solstice, that was the peak of darkness, the transition period has started. The time has come to swing-by to this vast flow of the era by getting out of this invisible confusion we human beings go through. The Earth summit is a great opportunity to have such a transition.

“Otona” is a person who has a will to make a good contribution to the world regardless of age. The Earth Summit is the place where people come together and discuss with each other, go beyond the boundaries of generation, country, and religion, and become a source of transmission to spread the network of awakening. On this 11th Summit, we would like to create the space for the people who are facing a dead-end or deadlock and would like to get out of that state to discover the new way of life together by expanding our worldview and unfolding the flow of the vast era. When one reaches a deadlock, it is a message from the universe that says “Please move forward to the new route.” When you can be released from your individual captivity and get on to the great flow, you will find an unseen new world ahead of you. Then, your one and only unique flower of life will bloom beautifully.
Why don’t you come together on this era, and swing-by to the new world?


Detailed Information

Date & Time: July 15th (Sat) to 17th (Mon), 2017
Please come before 11:30 am on July 15th, 2017. It will end after lunch on July 17th, 2017.

Transportation: If you arrive at Nishifujinomiya Station at 11:05 am by JR Minobu Line or at Taisekiji at 10:51 am, we will pick you up at the station/ bus terminal.

Venue: Konohana Family
It is a community which practices the life of 21st century, and about 100 non blood-related members live as a one big family in harmony with nature.
Address: 238-1 Nekozawa, Fujiinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan
Postal Code: 419-0302

Capacity: 20 people

Contents: (may change by flow of the day)
– Through the presentations you can learn to facilitate necessary changes in your life, unfold the flow of the generations, and reflect on modern social issues from the various aspects.
– Talk sessions will deepen the awareness among participants.
– Welcome concert will connect everyone’s heart

Target Person:
This program is suitable for everyone, but particularly for the people who identify with the following:
– Feels something must be wrong in the current society and acted for change, but nothing seems to change
– Trying to build a new society
– Feels deadlock in your life
– Looking for fellows to co-create future together
– Want to change yourself
– Believe that I am a truly universal being!
– Create the society which brings the true peace/ Create and live the new lifestyle in the next era, etc…

Participation Fee: 16,200 JPY
This includes accommodation and food for three days from lunch on July 15th to lunch of July 17th, Insurance, and consumption tax.

Please feel free to contact to Michiyo or Tomoko for more details

Please fill out this application form and send it back to us

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This Is The Universe Project

Nut and Mind are high school students and One is a teacher from an alternative school in Thailand, and they have stayed at the Konohana Family for three months since May 27th. They will leave in 10 days to return to Thailand, however prior to leaving they had time to talk to Isadon. Two days before, at the children’s meeting, a dialogue between a Korean girl, Somin and Isadon was shared, so this time began with questions about the World War II.

In Thailand, we do not study about the World War II in detail until we enter university. Therefore, Mind and Nut know about such a war; however, they do not know why it happened.

Why did World War II happen?

In short, it is the result of human beings only thinking about themselves and even robbing other in an attempt to be rich.

Briefly explaining the flow of World War II, it started during the era from 15th to 17th century, which is called “The Age of Discovery”, when the European people colonized the world. An example of this era is how a country called the United States was formed through enslaving African people in order to build up an economy to become independent from England. In 1914 World War I began, and Germany, which was one of the most powerful countries at the time, was defeated in the war. The victorious countries expanded their right and interest in the world, and only Germany got poor. Out of this situation, Hitler appeared in Germany, advocated for the superiority of the Germanic race, appealed for an exclusion of Jewish people, and tried to reconstruct the Germanic race. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland, then World War II began.

In the meanwhile, the stage was being set after the Meiji era when Japan won the Japanese-Sino war and Japanese-Russian war, participated in World War I, gained global recognition, and attempted to join the strong countries of the world. After that, Japan involved themselves in World War II with Germany and Italy in the name of releasing Asian countries from the US and the UK. At that time, India was a colony of the UK, Vietnam was a colony of France and Indonesia was colony of the Netherlands. As for China, strong countries of the world flocked toward it in order to take concession. In that situation, Japan attempted to join the big countries and took over Korea and Taiwan. Later, Japan provoked the war with China with the name of integrating Asia. However, in reality, the purpose was to get concession for Japan. Then, the strong countries which colonized the world, such as the US and the UK, were in conflict with Japan since their concession would not be shared with Japan, and they imposed an economic blockade. In this way, Japan’s oil resources were cut off, they faced an economic deadlock, and entered to the World War II.

However, Japan did not start the war by itself. At that time, the biggest industrialized country, Germany was developed in Europe through Nazism, but it was isolated internationally. Later, a totalitarian state was established in Italy by Mussolini as fascism, but it was also isolated internationally like Germany. So Germany, Italy and Japan became tied together in a military alliance.

Some objectively minded people considered that the national power of Japan could not win over the US. However, as the military alliance between Japan, Germany, and Italy grew their respective governments were suppressed from opposing war. In fact, Germany occupied Eastern Europe and France and even expanded the war field in Africa. But when the war field expanded too much, it became difficult to replenish necessary goods for the army. As a result, the military alliance of the three countries were defeated. Italy surrendered first, Germany surrendered next, and Japan surrendered in the end. It is told that 7-9 million German people died, 10-20 million Chinese, 21-28 million Russians died, and in total 60-85 million people died. This shows that 2.5% of the world population at that time were victims of the war.

Japan, Germany and Italy were defeated in this way, and the allied powers won World War II. When Japan was about to lose, the Yalta Conference was held, which included Churchill from the UK, Roosevelt from the US., and Stalin from Russia. During this meeting, they discussed which victorious country would take which defeated countries when the war had finished. However originally, the US, European countries such as Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands colonized all over the world. As a result, when World War II occurred, their respective national strength fell and those colonized countries were freed. In this sense, World War II did not have all negative influences.

The atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki became the triggers to closing the War. However, that led to a polarization of strong countries, with communism in the Soviet Union, and capitalism in the US, which produced the cold war era. Immediately from this influence, the Korean War started, and the Korean Peninsula was divided into North Korea and South Korea. In the long run, this became a proxy war for the US against communist countries like the Soviet Union and China. Next, the same thing had occurred in the Vietnam War. In Cambodia, the neighboring country to Thailand, there was the Khmer Rouge massacre, but they were also communist forces. Moreover, the Jews who lived in Europe migrated to the US through German persecution, they brought their superior scientific technology, and at the same time the capital of Judea was used to found Israel. There is a story called Lawrence of Arabia, and during World War I, the UK promised a Jewish state in the Middle East; however Lawrence of Arabian was a spy from the UK.

However, he is described as a hero, isn’t he?

That’s because the story was drawn by the western countries. They have created Israel, a Jewish state in a region were the Arab people originally lived. Many Jews who settled there were those who once lived in the Soviet Union. So collective farm communities, such as Sovkhoz and kolkhoz, became the basis for the current Kibbutz (collective agricultural community) in Israel.

Oh, I did not know that!

I have briefly explained about the background of World War II, in fact there are so many cruel events that occurred and many people died. That kind of national character has not changed and still continues today.

Therefore, even after World War II ended, there are many stories related to exploitation and colonization which have led to the Middle-East wars (i.e. the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the War in Afghanistan, and the current development of I.S). The developed nations have continued to search for national benefits, which have become the dominate forces of the world. The victorious countries of the past, that have led the world with the illusion of justice, are now being revealed as gratifying their own desires based on savage laws and partnerships.

Because the US does not want to end the war, does it?

That is right. By now, the US was on the side of justice; however, the US moves based in its own rights and interests. The US seems to be involved in most of the recent wars in the world, such as the Iran & Iraq Wars.

The power of the US comes from selling guns and arms, right?

President Obama went to Vietnam and had a business meeting to sell them arms before he came to the Ise-Shima Summit that was held in Japan this past May. Later, he visited Hiroshima and gave the speech to say “Let’s make a world without nuclear weapons”.

Why did President Obama go to Vietnam to sell arms and come to Japan to talk about peace??

Because he is a politician!!

Politicians always think of their national benefit, and they are chosen based on the rights and interests of their country. Therefore, they are not necessarily superior people even though they are at a socially high position. That is because the current people are always search for their own benefit. Then, Isadon is aiming to build a world in which each one of us are awakened, who can become a superior person based on harmony, think of the earth as a one country, and create a world together rather than creating a country only representing the rights and interests of individual desires.

A peaceful world can still be created if Isadon could represent us, because he does not think of himself first. That attitude is the same as the divine. The Divine creates this world in an autocratic way; however, the Divine leaves this world for his/her own creation. Therefore, when human beings feel the will of the Divine, an ideal world will be created any time.

Why can the corrupted politicians hold power in the world?

Isadon: That is because human beings put priority on their own benefit, and choose politicians who are beneficial to themselves. For example, a money making world can only be established when people are greedy. Currently Japan seems peaceful; however, it is like having a war every day with moneymaking and competition. In addition, the US capitalist companies, such as McDonalds, KFC, and Seven-eleven infest the world, and the financial system of the world is dominated by the US right now.

When I speak about World War II, the story does not end as a single story. Before that, there was World War I, and more stories continued from the previous era, and even after World War II, this story of human greed continues.

If World War Ⅲ occurs, there will be no place for us to live…

Before you worry about the possibility of World War Ⅲ occurring, the earth has been giving humans messages through earthquakes and volcanic activities. We have faced the winter solstice of the galaxy from 25,800 years on December 21st, 2012, and now the era shows that it is changing greatly.

Today, the Japanese emperor announced his feelings and showed his intention to abdicate the throne before he passes away. The Japanese imperial system has continued for 2,600 years. In such a meaning, it is said that Japan is the world’s oldest nation, based on the same bloodline. However, it is just 2,600 years, so it is only one-tenth of one solar spiral of 25,800 years. So far, 59 Japanese emperors have retired out of 125. Therefore, living retirement is not rare in the Japanese history. However, it has been 200 years from the previous one, so I sense the fact that the current emperor announced his feelings at this timing as an important sign from the viewpoint of the era.

The peak of darkness arrived on December 21st, 2012 and the dawn of the galaxy ended on the day of the summer solstice on June 21st, 2016. We are going toward the era of light, so the Japanese emperor sensed the shift of the era, and felt like this. This is a great event from a universal viewpoint. Moreover, looking at the 248-year cycle of Pluto, we can see the transition of the Imperial succession interlocks with the era based on the relationship between the sun and the Pluto.

pluto slide

Therefore, now that we have faced the great turning point of the universe, we can predict that big disasters will come to Japan. Of course, they will come all over the world, but they will come to Japan first ahead of other countries.

Do you mean natural disasters?

In various ways. The current situation is happening so that Japanese people can restore the original spirit of Yamato. Now, Japanese people’s spirits have been polluted by the US, so such disasters are necessary in order for the Japanese people to become aware of the spirit of Yamato. Then, the Japanese emperor who is getting old has sensed with his intuition that it is getting difficult to accomplish a heavy duty like before, so he has been thinking of giving the throne to the young Crown Prince. The emperor is called “Ten (divine) No (emperor)” in Japanese, so I feel he has sensed the “divine will” with intuition. In such a meaning, his announcement shows the arrival of a universally new era.

Now that we have faced the great turning point from 25,800 years ago, we have entered an era when each one of us will become awakened, from the era when kings and saints governed people. The Japanese emperors have offered rituals with the divine in order to govern the nation. However, the era has arrived when each one of us connects with the divine and thinks of how to operate the earth. It is the arrival of the era when each one of us becomes aware of the consciousness of the “celestial being.”

In order to awaken human minds, which prioritize gratifying their own desires with an expanded ego, the universe and the earth will continue to give humans a severe environment in the form of disasters. That is because the more severe the environment becomes, the more humans will remember to help each other.

The big flood which happened in Thailand two years ago is a good example. Because of this natural disaster, people got together and helped each other.

Especially Japanese people are known as ones who support each other and maintain order in case of such disasters like earthquakes. If Thai people also have such a tendency, this might come from the Buddhist spirit.

What I would like to convey the most is we can create a heaven on earth if we try to enhance our spirituality, transcend our ego and gain a great spirit, without receiving such severe messages. In such a meaning, don’t you think the Konohana way of living can be a model of the next era? When you return to Thailand, I would like you to create such a place there, too.

It is very difficult!

Never give up!!

Will you live with a low consciousness, saying it is difficult? Or, will you aim for a higher consciousness and live without giving up? Which would you choose? When your ego is prioritized, you will live with a low consciousness. When you look toward the divine, and depend on the divine, you will be able to live with a high consciousness. It is just up to you if you can accomplish it or not.

What Isadon is saying is true. It is just up to us if we live with a high consciousness or give up. When I look at the Konohana Family members, they are trying to live their daily life to become a model. If I feel like giving up, I will remember everyone here. No matter how difficult this way of life is, everyone here has been trying to live with a high consciousness. Therefore, we should not give up easily!

I sometimes have mixed feelings. I want to help people, but my friends are very stubborn. So, I feel they deserve it.

You do not have to think of achieving that. The most important thing is that you live with a high consciousness. Today, we talked about World War II. As a matter of fact, nobody wanted to do such a war. However, nobody could stop it and humans had to experience such a horrible matter. In a sense, the era was necessary.

Now, the era has shifted from that of conflicts to that of integration. The divine and the era is for those who have realized this. Many modern people cannot understand the pioneers of an era, but the divine is for them. That is why, they can become a person to accomplish an important mission in this world. Such people are called, a “celestial being.” Therefore, it is important what kind of spirit we have. Then, the flow of the era carries us into the next one.

You have come here with a very deep connection with us. This connection does not end at this time. This is just a beginning for us to accomplish an important mission together.

The reason why I am crying now is that I feel like I am a stubborn student and was hit by a great teacher! So, I should work harder.

First of all, it is essential for you to become flexible.

I feel it is very difficult.

That is because you make yourself a top priority. It would be good if you can live for other people.

What you say is always right, so there is no room to discuss with you. No matter how difficult it is, I should do it. In a sense, I feel like I am a wild animal, and Isadon is a hunter and caught me. So, I cannot escape anymore!

Do you know what will happen next?? We will welcome you as our family and live together happily♪

Wow! Thank you!!

This is not a project just for you. This is not a project for Japan and Thailand, either. This is the story of earth and a universal project.

You came here and thought, “The Konohana Family is a great place!” Therefore, you should not think, “I cannot do this in Thailand!” when you return there. Now, the divine project has begun. The era has arrived when stubborn people like you will become awakened instantly. The era has passed the great turning point already.

The divine is for us. The era flows the way it is. The important thing is that we live with a high consciousness.

Exploring This World from “Blood”

 ~ System of the Universe ~

Nut and Mind are high school students and One is a teacher from Mab-ueng School of Sufficiency Economy, an alternative school in Thailand. They have been staying in Konohana Family for three months since May 27th. As a part of the program to expand their worldview, they have had four occasions to deepen their understanding with the theme of “Food” for four times. In the 4th session, they had the opportunity of exploring the “blood” of this world with the theme of “Spiritual Evolution”.

Spiritual Evolution -2


Do you say Shinzou 「心臓」(heart) as “organ of heart” in English?

Shinzou「心臓」 (heart) is called “heart” in English.

Heart also means Kokoro 「心」(mind and spirit), doesn’t it?

In English both Kokoro 「心」and Shinzou「心臓」 are described as the same term, heart.

That is the same, isn’t it? How do you describe Shinzou 「心臓」(heart) in Thai?

Kokoro 「心」is described as “Jitwinyan” and Shinzou 「心臓」(organ) is described as “Huajai”. The word, “Huajai” relates to Kokoro「心」.

That means both Kokoro「心」and Shinzou 「心臓」relate to 「心」(heart). In English both words are in common.

Shinzou「心臓」means center of the organ and it sends blood all over the body and the body functions. This is the same structure for the earth, the solar system and the universe. In terms of the solar system, the heart plays the role of the Sun. Therefore, depending on what the sun releases, movement of other planets are found. That is how the solar system operates.

In our body, when your mind gets excited, your heart beats a lot. Therefore, depending on whether your emotional state is excited or calm, an order goes to the heart, and how the blood is sent influences our activities. If your diet is unbalanced, the quality of your blood goes down. Putting a burden on your heart means polluting the person’s life and leads your life in a wrong direction.

My teacher One supplementally explained “In order to live healthily, it is necessary to have a heart with goodwill and peace. If you get angry and irritated, your emotional ups and downs are erratic, your health is also like being on a roller coaster, ups and downs become erratic and cannot be healthy.” By hearing that, I feel I was slapped in the face.

It is important to choose good food in order to not to become a burden to your body, and keep your mind calm to judge things correctly. In any case, polluting blood caused by “Kokoro 「心」” will pollute your blood in your life habits. By polluting your blood, it influences other parts of organs and becomes unhealthy, and finally, this will result in death with stoppage of the heart. Therefore, it is important to maintain a beautiful body, a beautiful heart, and a beautiful life which do not pollute blood.

Human blood is a life itself, and that circulates life and distributes it to all equally. If the blood was polluted, pollution will be distributed to everywhere. And if the blood tube which is a passage of blood was crushed, the further parts from that point will be rotten.

It is a very easy conclusion!

In fact, in the human society, there is a thing that circulates like blood and connects everything equally. What do you think of “blood of human society”?

Isadon gives us a good question!

Ha, ha, ha.

In a society, we influence each other by our activities and communication. I think if one group is not happy in the society, their unhappy vibrancy will be passed on to other groups by their words and actions, thus the current unhappy society is created. That caused by our thinking and actions. Therefore, it is necessary to think and act consciously in order to not to spread bad vibrancy to the society.

If we compare that to our body, the blood carries our heart as habit and expresses it. Human society is one creature in this case. So, what would be the thing which plays the role of blood which is equally distributed to the society?

What Nut expressed right now is the pollution of blood. There is a thing that carries pollution and beauty in the human society. That turns into polluted or beautiful things depending on the human mind. Our blood also becomes dirty or beautiful depending on our own heart, doesn’t it?

Three Thai people:
(They thought for a while)We give up!!

OK, I will give you the answer. (Laugh) That is “Money”.

I also thought that is “ego”.

“Ego” is carried by money. Originally, money exists as a social system to distribute to everyone equally; however, there is some money that is kept in one place and not distributed equally. When the blood gets polluted in our body, it is purified through kidney and liver. In the same way, there is dirty money in the world that is used for crimes and wars. People’s heart can purify that kind of money.

I understand why people do money laundering.

That is right. Well, I give you the next question. What do you think the “blood of the earth”? What is the most important thing for the circulation of life of the earth?

Air or water?

I think that is water.

I think that is the natural system.

That is “water”. Water healthily carries the system of nature. That is the same as blood in our body.

We, each human being, are the cells of the earth, if there is no water, the earth will die and as a cell, we will die out.

If so, the natural ecological network will not be maintained. When the water is polluted, the pollution will spread to all other lives.

Our king also said the same thing, “Water is life”.

Well, the next question♪ What plays the role of the heart that circulates water which is the blood for the earth?

I cannot respond if I do not concentrate to think since Isadon’s questions are becoming more and more difficult! It is more difficult than the national university entrance examination.

Since this is an important question, please think seriously. This is a very important matter.

Isadon, please give us a hint!

That is given equally to all lives.

Is that time?

Is that soil??

Before the soil.

It must be microorganisms!

That makes life to circulate and to nurture.
Here is the hint! That falls down from the sky.

Is that rain?

The rain is also made of it. That is the most important thing for life.

Is that spirit?

If the blood for the earth is water, will the water circulate as blood does? In our body, the system for circulating our blood is the heart. If so, what takes the role to circulate the water which is the blood of the earth? That falls down from the sky equally to everyone. That is the most important for life and also more important than water.


Yes, it is energy, but that is the source of energy.

Three Thai people:
We do not know ~!! (Laugh)

Do you give up? (Laugh) If you hear that answer, you will totally “understand!!” ♪ That is the source of all lives. That is the Sun.

Ah~! (Laugh)

However, the sun does not fall down to the earth, does it??

The sun light falls down to the earth and the sun will circulate the water. The sun light itself will not get polluted. Receiving the sun light, circulating blood of water, air and soil will get polluted

Well, I have a next question!! If the blood of the earth is water and its heart is the sun, what would be the “blood of the solar system”?

I will think harder …

If you think it is difficult. Just imagine how the solar system is structured.

Is that star?

That makes stars cooperate and circulate.

One: :
Is that the movement of each planet?

That is the source that creates them and makes them cooperate. Do you all give up? (Laugh)

I give up!

Is that the force of magnetic field?

Yes, it is! That is the “magnetic field”.  The solar magnetic field makes cooperation and circulation possible in the solar system. Well, this is the last question. What do you think is the “blood of the universe”?

What consolidates the whole universe is “the Spirit”. In this sense, the Spirit is the massive spirit, and existence of soul. That is the divine.

Today, I talked about blood of human body, blood of human society, blood of the earth, blood of the solar system, and blood of the universe. The blood of human society is money, the blood of the earth is water, the blood of the solar system is magnetic field, and the blood of the universe is the spirit.

As the scale is getting larger and larger, the materialistic staff will vanish and only the spiritual element will remain. As the thing minimizes to our body size, its density increases and becomes a physical matter. As the size becomes smaller and smaller, the physical matter vanishes and only spiritual matter remains. As it goes back to “KA”, the extreme smallest particle of the universe, the being as a phenomenon will vanish.

This means, our body describes the best condition to see the state of our heart (Kokoro). The state of the blood exactly shows our state of spirit (Kokoro). Pollution of blood has a physical element and a spiritual element. Money, the blood of the society also has physical pollution and spiritual pollution. Thus, everything is in the same system.

That is why if one’s spirit (Kokoro) is beautiful, the blood of the person is beautiful, and the person is physically healthy and lives a good life.


The Time When Everyone Lives as a Specialist in Exploring Spirituality

Have you ever heard of Yuzuru Hanyu? He is a 21-year-old Japanese male figure skater and currently ranks at the top in the world. He got a gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics, and amazingly marked the world record of 330.43 in the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals; held in Barcelona, Spain in December, 2015! He broke the score of 300 for the first time in history, whereas before reaching a score of 280 would secure the gold. When he broke the world record, it was said, “A miracle has happened!” and “He has reached the Divine state.”

What is a difference between him and us? He is just an ordinary young man in a sense. The difference is that he has removed all restraint.

This year, an 18-year-old Japanese male figure skater named Shoma Uno accomplished a quadruple flip officially for the first time at the Team Challenge Cup, which was held in Spokane, US. In this manner, the current best record continues to be updated. When someone achieves something new, the old goal is updated and the new world-record holder becomes the goal for everyone. Then, everyone’s restraints are removed. This world continues with such a succession.

Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno (Dec. 25, 2015 - Source: Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images AsiaPac)
Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno
(Dec. 25, 2015 – Source: Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images AsiaPac)

However, many people have a strange mind such as “I cannot do this!” or “I am not good enough!” In a meaning, it is the way they are. But…

Aren’t you confining yourself with such assumption?

The truth is that your life goal has no limit. It is you that create these limits. People tend to think like “I am such a person” and try not to do more than that.

If we would like to bloom our potential, we need to remove such hindrance. When most people have an experience, they begin to determine themselves based on that. However, an experience is for removing the resistance. Nevertheless, people own their experiences due to their ego, make them a common knowledge, and continue to be in such a narrow frame. However, the future exists for us to transcend our past experiences. Therefore, it is all right to utilize them, but we should not fix upon them and reach a conclusion based on them beforehand.

This is how to transcend our ego.

Now that we have entered the 21st century, young professionals in various fields including figure skating like Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno have appeared and blossomed their own potential to expand the human possibility further.

However, here is a little concern. Does the expansion of human potential contribute to humanity or for the livelihood of the Earth? Looking at the current society, many people have a narrow worldview and set their goal only to blossom their own ability. A new era has arrived for sure, but still it is expressed on individual desires. A 15-year-old Japanese genius programmer named Soto Yamauchi, who got first prize at the age of 11 as the youngest in an international programming contest, said, “I would like to contribute to human evolution and think it is cool to advance the human path, rather than become a billionaire!” His passion is the exact goal for humans to achieve in the 21st century.

The time has arrived when humans live with such a broad worldview. No matter how high your ability is, if it does not match with the universal structure or the flow of the era, your high ability becomes a seed for problems in your life and for this world.

Many people who want to create a community have visited the Konohana Family. The important message for them is: This world consists of a circulation of infinite lives. Therefore, a community is not to be created, but simply emerges with the era. When the era is expressed, each one of us is given an appropriate role to express the era, and then we are born on Earth. So, a community cannot be created because you want to do so. On the contrary, those who are eager to create a community express their strong ego. Therefore, it can be said that they are unsuitable for that.

In fact, many of these people cannot see their reality. In this manner, certainly the time has arrived when human consciousness should change.

Various contradictions have piled up in the current human society. However, the truth is that there is no mistake in this world. There is no right or wrong. IF there is a problem, it would be “ignorance (it is written as 無知 meaning “no wisdom” in Japanese).” It is a root cause of all problems. It is the ignorance at the origin of this world, as well as our own existence.

On the contrary, what kind of person would be with “wisdom”? As 無 also means infinity, it is the one who has infinite wisdom. So, it is the person who accumulates experiences infinitely, gains wisdom, and continues to evolve. When people reach such a state, the human consciousness to gratify individual desires will disappear, and they will live as the universal being.

In order to do so, what kind of attitude should we humans take? Originally, we were born to accomplish a mission given by the era, and play a role given by this world. This is the exact meaning for our existence. The individual exists for the whole, and the whole makes the individual exist. Only when these two become consistent, will both individual health and true peace prevail on earth.

When will humans be aware of such a truth? President Obama visited Hiroshima on May 27th. Hopefully, he will visit Nagasaki next time. Now, this has been a very significant topic which that the whole world has paid attention to. The fact that he has suddenly decided to visit Hiroshima indicates that the era is moving forward very quickly. He did not visit Hiroshima for the convenience of Japan or the US. Clearly, this is a sign that the era is facing the next stage.

That is why the young generation with unprecedented talents has appeared recently. They have ignored the common knowledge of the past, including ideas such as “this is the current world record, so there will not be another,” removed such limitations, and have been exploring such a new world.

Then, what kind of role has been given to the Konohana Family, and what kind of switch have we turned off? It is to turn off the switch of the “ego”. Because we have turned off the switch of the ego, our current lifestyle has been possible. We have already lived for more than 20 years, sharing one wallet and all belongings with everyone in the community. Moreover, we cherish and scold other people’s children as our own. How many people in this world can do such a thing? A world without any boundaries has been already achieved here!

However, the range of the ego is diverse from something rough to something fine. Therefore, as a spiritual specialist who faces the ego seriously every day, and removes it beautifully, we will continue to seek this path where people might think, “Oh my goodness! Can humans do that??” We are a specialist in exploring spirituality, and live as a model for the future of humanity.

The era surely removes restriction and continues to move forward. Therefore, removing the limitations of the “ego” is the true figure of our life and our purpose. Now, the era has entered the stage where everyone lives as a specialist in exploring spirituality.

Those who can prioritize removing limitation can live with the era, and contribute to the whole of humanity, and the era.

“Your Reset is in Your Hands” – Isadon’s Message to the Participants of the Truth School on the Day of Departure March 12th, 2016

The One Month Stay Truth School has faced its reset today. I have provided various information to you during the month. I was trying to help you start a new life by doing so.

As a matter of fact, I have reset myself from the Truth School since we had a final party last night. When I woke up this morning, I have realized that.

When I woke up this morning, I thought I wanted to die. What kind of impression do you have toward people wanting to die? Has anyone wanted to die so far?
(The majority raised their hands.)

Then, is there anyone who does not think you will die?
(A few people raised their hands, saying, “Our souls never die”.)

What I mean by “Death” here is “Reset”. Each one of you has his/her original life and has taken a path up to now. Depending on the worldview, some consider life the period from birth to death, and some who believe in reincarnation consider it spiritual journey. If the worldview is limited physically, they consider life as the process of reincarnation. When it expands universally, life would be interpreted as the period from the universal beginning to the present. Moreover, when the worldview becomes infinite, this world just continues to circulate, so there is no beginning or end and life is only a process. Death does not exist there. The recognition of living in this world is totally different by how broad and high your consciousness is. However, it is up to you which level of consciousness you have. And it is the result of your life history. For example, if people are interested in if they can eat or not every day, it would be their world. Therefore, they would lose hope for life by facing a difficulty in front of them.

In this manner, how to perceive things varies by the worldview. You think based on your own experiences, within the frame of your current point where you can recognize from your origin that you can imagine. Then, if you are trapped in your thoughts, you determine things based on these. Also, you only accept what you can understand, and consider what you can understand is correct. In this meaning, we can say each one of us is a ruler.

The monolith that appears in the movie called “2001: A Space Odyssey” is the standard of human wisdom. The thoughts which have been woven and established as the history of our life journey is the individual human individual. The process of human history, in which the universal wisdom was given to monkeys as its origin, was described in this movie.

The Chinese character of “God (神)” consists of two parts: to show (示) and to tell (申). This is interpreted as “to tell something and show”. The part of 申 also means “monkeys,” so we can interpret this as “to show monkeys”: God’s will is given to monkeys so that they can live as the substitute of God. This is the origin of the letter for “God”.

From this viewpoint, the spirits that exist in the universe created the earth according to universal cosmophysics, and brought down the seeds of life. This leads to the flow of life’s evolution. Then, we, the three-dimensional life that lives on earth are compact expressions of the universal structure itself. This means humans are a microcosm. The fact that humans were created as a microcosm in this world is like humans creating an artificial brain to imitate themselves. We have taken a path of independent life as “divided beings of the Divine” when a sperm and an ovum (yin and yang) meet in a mother’s womb. The path is binary, so all the lives are divided into two, yin and yang. A life starts with the first cell, becomes complicated by repeatedly dividing into two, and develops various functions. The heart is created as the first organ, and plays the role of the sun in the solar system. Also, its center is the core of our human body. That is why, the heart is created first out of all of the organs. However, still at this stage, we are just a primitive life.

Just like in the process of evolution, we develop in our mother’s womb, first from fishes with gills to amphibians, reptiles with scales, and then to birds and mammals. Therefore, if a premature baby of 7 months is born, it would be hairy like a monkey. If so, when a baby is born in 10 months, it would be more hairy. However, the reality is its hair is gone and the baby is born as a human.

When I was analyzing the meanings of the 5th and 6th Katakamuna Songs with Mikako the other day, I realized that the system of the universal structure is exactly the same as the process of pregnancy. According to Katakamuna, 1 is called “HI” and HI also means the beginning. 10 is called “TO” and TO also means completion and integration. That is why, the meeting of a sperm and an ovum begins (HI) secretly, and after 10 months and 10 days (TO), we are ready to be born as humans (HITO). We are created in our mother’s body with the seed of our father as the origin. The seed of our father means that a vertical pillar comes down. Therefore, a pillar comes down from the divine (a spirit comes down from the divine) or a pillar stands from the earth to the divine (welcoming a divine spirit). That is, the father penetrates a pillar in the mother’s womb, sends a seed, and welcomes a spirit. And the mother creates life in the womb just like the earth does. This is the origin of life over 3.3 billion years out of the 4.6 billion year history of the earth. When humans are born, we go through 280 days compacted in our mother’s womb, and then we reach here.

Moreover, analyzing the history of life on earth, we became from proteins to amino acids in the beginning. From the universal viewpoint, it was brought by an extraordinarily miraculous change. However, it is not a life yet at this point. The amino acid became the first cell by some chance. It became a primitive life, evolved into a complicated one, and changed into microorganisms and planktons. Ocean (pronounced as Umi or Ama in Japanese) expresses a woman (pronounced as Ama in Japanese) and is the origin of life, playing the same role as a woman’s womb. The first life was born here, became fish and crawled up on the land as an amphibian, became a reptile, and divided into a bird or a mammal through evolution. Monkeys evolved from mammals.

In this manner, we were divided from monkeys into humans in the process of evolution. When we follow the evolution of life archaeologically, the theory of evolution can explain the process to the stage of monkeys. Biologically, monkeys and humans are almost the same. However, the theory of evolution cannot fill the gap from monkeys to humans. About 60 percent of Americans deny the theory of evolution, from the viewpoint of faith. However, most Japanese people consider humans to be the evolution of monkeys. Physically, humans exist as an evolutionary extension of monkeys, so there must be something to fill the gap between monkeys and humans.

In terms of DNA, there is a theory that the DNA of humans is 99 percent the same as monkeys. The life system of an amoeba is about the same as humans. There is an extreme difference between life and non-life. Therefore, the fact that a three-dimensional life emerged on earth, is an extraordinary miracle in a chain of non-life in the universe. In this meaning, all the lives of earth are friends!

The monolith that appears in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” was described as a physical pillar. I interpreted it as an invisible pillar inside each one of us. It is the universal pillar called “AMENO-MINAKANUSHI”. Its origin is the great universal wisdom called “AMANO-MINAKANUSHI”. According to the theory of evolution, the life of earth evolved to the stage of monkeys, and in fact, the universal will led that. The divine spirits were watching the earth from above. After the earth was created, they brought down the seeds of life and nurtured them. They nurtured life from the stage of 1 to 8 (HI FU MI YO I MU NA YA), brought it out in this world at the stage of 9 (KO), and were watching life evolution from above. Then, life evolved to the stage of monkeys. The divine spirits nurtured the receivers as themselves. When they looked at monkeys, they made monkeys their receivers on earth. That is how they started to walk on earth. The universal wisdom of humans entered monkeys and became with the theory of evolution. Once they touched the monolith, they started to pick up animal bones around them and show their will spontaneously. From there, they started to take the path of spreading their power using tools. This is all the beginning of egos. I interpreted the movie in this manner.


In this way, since the beginning of life’s history, an invisible pillar has been standing inside of us. Therefore, our history is not just what our brain can recognize within its current analytical ability. Something much older exists in our life’s memory of DNA. However, the modern people can only recognize themselves through the currently used part of the brain. It is said humans use only a part of their brain, which could be just 10 percent. Therefore, the rest of 90 percent is asleep. We can wake it up since it is just asleep. In order to do so, we need to utilize our patterns of thought.

Unless modern people utilize the unused part of their brain gradually, humans will miss the evolution of the era. People who try to protect themselves, and are trapped in their own thoughts, are already living in the past. They seek their own happiness in such a state. However, the more happiness they seek, the more they are trapped in themselves. Then, their ego just expands more and more and they continue to wear an armor of attachment. Even though they seek a comfortable environment to protect themselves, the armor will become even heavier. Also, they will crush the possibility of their life. The possibility will be open only by removing attachments.

Then, if we just talk about the final destination without explaining the steps in between as Toomasu does, people cannot understand it. As a result, we would feel lonely as he did. However, originally life does not have a state of solitude because the original figure of life continues to circulate and spiral in a mutual cooperation. This world needs every single existence to make it exist. All continue to circulate and spiral from the beginning of the universe (life) to the completion of it (life). Therefore, when you fall into loneliness in such a system, an awareness will be given to you that you have deviated from the original figure of life and created contradictions. This world operates like such a complicated fabric.


Considering ourselves in such a frame, there is nothing that specifies ourselves. Therefore, once we release ourselves from attachment, all of the ego that you have been trapped in becomes just an illusion. When we reset ourselves, everything is just illusion. The experience of being trapped is the reality that you have not reset yet. What Toomasu says is correct. However, if he only talks about it, those who are trapped in themselves cannot understand. Therefore, understanding such people’s feelings and leading them to integration is showing the path. Otherwise, the completed state inside of us will bring us solitude.

All of you are in uniquely trapped positions. It is easy to release your attachment. For example, when you look at someone and want to become like him/her, you reset yourself and become like them.


As I said in the beginning, when I woke up this morning, I wanted to die. Looking up at the divine in the air, I am very confident this path must be it. I can see such an absolute state without any specific reason. When I met the path of spiritual exploration, a Golden Buddha appeared overhead, and I cried for half a day. The reason why I cried so much is that I was very moved by its preciousness. However, I cannot express it with words or find the meaning within it. It was just precious. No reason. The figure of this world (the universe) is life. Life is light. Light is the beginning of life and precious. In this manner, I have such a conviction inside of myself, and have reached certainty which is beyond expression. I would like to share the joy of this certainty. Then, I founded a community at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and started this lifestyle with my company 22 years ago. However, the divine will guided us, instead of my will doing so. Therefore, my role is to spread such a certainty and lead people. Certainty is something firm. At the same time, certainty is also the will inside of each one of us.

Then, if humans come down on earth and get lost in the current society, their final destination will be to meet it with certainty. Therefore, wherever we live, once we become awakened, we will be able to reach the final destination.

(Pointing to each participant) You cannot make up your mind. You are at a quiet good stage, but still your thoughts are not deep enough in order to reach such certainty. You take a detour due to your distorted personality. You do not put up a ladder from the ground, and just think of the top of the shelf. You look at something very important, but you need to sort out your own attachment to get there. You care about your reputation from other people, rather than take your own path. You take a detour even though you have an ideal. You feel an ideal somewhere, but you have not organized your thoughts. Although you have an acute sensitivity, you do not live with the truth and are bombarded with your ego. Your ambivalence is expressing your life. You have an ability to see the truth, but you say you do not know and do not do it. You have a sharp analytical skill, but you are so stubborn and awkward that you cannot manifest it in yourself. In this way, each one of you is very unique and diverse. What a pain it would be to tell you the truth over a month in a sense. There are as many as 7 billion people on earth, so what a work!

While I was talking, I have just realized that I do not have to take all the responsibility by myself. The time has arrived when human consciousness reflects the shift of the era. Therefore, I am expressing myself in this manner, and at the same time I am beginning to feel easy. Since the era has shifted, a new thought comes up to each one of you. It is the will of the era and the divine. Then, when I feel responsible for everything by myself, I feel it is bothersome and feel like dying. Even if I have such a precious role and path to convey to people, if I am trapped as a human individual, it would be a bother and pain. However, if it is considered as a collaborative work with the divine, we can move forward with joy. The divine said to me, “You are given difficulty, so proceed with your determination.”

In a meaning, humans are at the top of all lives. However, current humans are at the highest point full of ego ironically. We can say that we are at the point where the human ego has reached its peak in the history of life on earth. Human values have become contradicted, and have become the same meaning. If I try to reset such a situation, reverse it all, lead people to a new value, a difficult path seems to continue infinitely.

Then, what I thought today is to return this path to each one of you. Your reset is in your hands. Then, each one of you will become awakened. Becoming awakened from now on means sleeping right now. Therefore, your current pain emerges because you are confining yourself with attachments. When you reset yourself, all of the pains become illusion and you can switch on a new life. Happiness is in the hands of each one of you, so if you do not switch it on, you should not make any complaint.

Then, I reset myself this morning. I do not think my role is a pain any more. As a result, I am sharing my reset with you immediately. The era has entered such a cycle. The values of this world will be changed completely in the future. Therefore, as its manifestation, many issues have come up to the surface. This is a divine arrangement. The time will come when each one of us blooms as an individual flower. If you reset the old you, all your life becomes illusion. Such a simple trick is hidden in this world. Your life as well as this world is a trick. In other words, once you analyze and understand it, you can transform yourself into whatever you like!

There is a conviction inside of me now. Looking up at the divine in the air, I am confident that this path must be it. You cannot understand it by thinking it over in your brain. This is the same as we cannot express preciousness with words. The door of the era has already opened when people can understand such a thing and live on earth.

This might be the first time when such a thing is told on earth. You might not believe this, thinking like “Oh! Am I really in such a precious place?” However, everything always begins secretly. There is always a probability that it is you. Those who can believe this can stand at the very beginning. Unless you do so, you can never stand there.

When I reset myself, thought I wanted to die this morning, and released my conventional interpretation, this story came down to me from the divine. The more we open the door of attachment, the more wisdom the divine gives us. Then, I open my mouth and talk. My talking means my gate is open. Because it is open, the wisdom comes inside of me. This is to live with the divine and live in the universe as those who have reached such a consciousness.

Today, you are going back to your original environment where your ego has been reflected and expressed in the past. When you return there, will you return to what you have been? Or, will you go toward a new direction? It is just up to you.

We are always with the divine, and all lives, as one life. Therefore, no one can be lonely. Will you recognize this and live in an abundant and harmonious world? Or, will you be trapped in your ego? It is up to you. However, as you have learned during the Truth School, when your path goes toward a reverse direction, the universe always gives you a pain. Both living in the universe and expressing the era show there is one direction of the universal law (the forward direction).

The divine gives humans freedom, but at the same time, asks us to exist within the law. Giving us egos as a proof of free will, the divine works to pull humans back to the law, when humans are trapped in their egos and deviate from the law. This is the divine will, guidance, and love to humans. And it is important for us to understand the value of our existence as humans. Therefore, if you still want to value your ego, please go to that direction. It is all up to you.

I went through a month, had the final party last night, and reset myself this morning. I am still Isadon, but I am the new Isadon! What will you do? I hope to see you again.